10/18/2005 The Big Reveal

"Babe stopped Di from telling JR the truth and reminded JR he should be at the funeral for Kendall's sake. As soon as JR was gone, Babe looked Di in the eyes and told her she couldn't tell him that she wasn't Dixie. At first Di denied she was a fake, but eventually came clean. Krystal joined the party and also urged Di not to tell anyone who she was. Di busted their bubble when she announced Tad already knew and was demanding she tell the rest of the family. "I'm going to go smack some sense into Thaddeus Martin," Krystal announced and headed out the door. When she found Tad at the park, she begged him to let Di be Dixie.

In Canada, Jonathan and Erin discussed Greenlee and the possibility that Pine Valley might not be forgiving. "Will Greenlee forgive Ryan?" Jonathan wondered. Erin wasn't sure, but she was hopeful.

It took longer than he wanted, but Ryan pulled Greenlee's location out of Lily and jetted off to the park. When Lily put the final touches on her speech (it had to be changed since Ryan was now, you know, alive), she headed out, too. Meanwhile, at the park, Zach and Kendall were wisely able to talk Greenlee out of telling Jack about the baby. JR arrived just in time to hold Kendall's hand before the ceremony started. Greenlee made a poignant speech, but it was interrupted by Lily who wondered where Ryan was.

A few yards away, Zach had spotted Ryan and was pleading with him not to reveal himself for Greenlee's sake. Ryan was doing this for Greenlee, though, and there was no talking him out of it. He walked into his own memorial service and Greenlee, as well as all the other Pine Valley-ites, were stunned. (They must not watch soaps, because seriously, how many times has a character returned from the dead just in time to be a guest at their on funeral?!) And then, of course, Greenlee fainted in her not-so-dead husband's arms. When Erica asked Ryan to tell them how he survived and where he had been, everyone else chimed in, wondering themselves. Ryan promised he'd tell them all everything, but it would have to wait. He needed to be alone with Greenlee right now. So he did just that and took his wife home. "I have to tell you everything," he began, but she silenced him with a kiss."

- Soap Central