09/28/2005 Kendall Tells Derek Zach Was Protecting Julia

"Mimi questions Di about the Dragon, specifically his identity. Di refuses to cooperate despite Mimi telling her that Kevin and his girlfriend were murdered and Julia is now missing. Di insists that she doesn't have the information that Mimi is seeking.

Tad interrogates Zach who is in jail after being arrested for Jimmy's murder. Zach remains stubbornly silent, refusing to confide in Tad. Elsewhere in the police station, Derek is trying to get information from Kendall as he takes her to see Zach. Hoping to force her cooperation, Derek lets her know that he has information that Kendall was present when Jimmy was killed. Kendall is surprised but doesn't say anything to Derek. When he steps out of hearing range, Greenlee tries to reason with Kendall. She points out that Kendall could very well end up in jail if she remains married to Zach. Kendall reminds Greenlee that she is protected by spousal privilege and then follows Derek to Zach's cell. Zach is not happy to see Kendall and warns her to not say anything to the authorities. Later, when Derek brings Di down to Zach's cell, Kendall decides to defend her husband. She tells Derek that Zach did not murder Jimmy. Jimmy was going to kill Julia and Zach was only protecting her. She insists that Julia will back up her story. Derek decides to release Zach and let everyone go. Once they are out of hearing range he orders surveillance on all of them hoping that one of them will lead the police to the Dragon.

When Kendall, Greenlee and Zach arrive home, Kendall sends Greenlee out of the room so that she can talk to Zach. Zach asks her why Kendall came to his defense earlier, is it because she cares for him? Kendall admits that she does but then quickly adds that she's trying to protect her business partner. Kendall in turn asks him if he intends to continue endangering his life for Julia. Zach assures her that he has no intention of dying. He has too much to live for. As Zach prepares he mentions the surrogacy and wonders if Kendall still intends to go through with it. Zach is not happy to learn that Kendall already went through with her plans and may, at that moment, be pregnant.

Krystal and Babe talk about Krystal's marriage to Adam. Babe is not too happy when Krystal shares certain details about how the marriage came about. She is repulsed by the idea of her mother sleeping with Adam. Krystal is practical about the matter. She points out that she had more leverage with Adam if she consummated the marriage because it won't be easy for him to divorce her. Krystal explains that she thinks Babe's plan to woo JR back is crazy but she thinks it could work if Krystal uses her marriage to Adam to their advantage. When Babe asks Krystal about Tad, Krystal admits that she gave up on Tad a long time ago and that she feels there is no future for them.

JR is in a state of disbelief that Krystal managed to trick Adam into marriage. When Adam tries to defend himself, JR is repulsed by the intimate details Adam is sharing. David interrupts when he walks in and demands to see Babe immediately. As the three men trade insults, Adam threatens to toss Krystal out of the house as well as her daughter. JR cautions Adam not to act so hastily, suggesting that he seek legal council first. David is confused by the direction of the conversation and asks for one of the men to explain to him what is going on. Neither obliges David. It isn't until Krystal and Babe walk into the room and Krystal drops the bombshell that she is the new Mrs. Adam Chandler that David finally learns of the marriage. Shock turns to disbelief and then resignation as David realizes that Krystal did indeed marry Adam. Meanwhile, Babe pulls JR aside and tells him that she is just as unhappy about the marriage as he is. She assures him that she will do everything in her power to convince her mother to end the farce of a marriage. JR doesn't believe her. When it appears that David is going to confront Babe about her plans to seduce JR into marrying her, Krystal speaks up and offers to divorce Adam if he will agree to give her half of all of his assets and holdings. Adam makes it clear that he has no intention of agreeing to Krystal's outrageous terms. Just then Tad and Dixie arrive from the police station. David enjoys watching Tad learn of the wedding. Tad takes a moment to speak with Krystal privately. He is concerned that Krystal has gotten herself into a situation that will end with her getting hurt. Krystal assures Tad that she is not the one who is going to get hurt.

Later, David manages to speak to Babe alone. Babe makes it clear that David's concern is not appreciated and his interference is not welcomed. David is determined to save Babe from herself. He tells JR that Babe plans on marrying him much to Babe's dismay.

Di surprises Tad when she readily agrees to give him the letter which reveals everything that she knows including the identity of the Dragon.

Garret brings an unsuspecting Julia to his penthouse, pointing out all the security features. Julia is curious about why he would have such a secure penthouse. Garret gives her a story about being burned in business and needing a safe place which seems to appease her. When they begin to talk about Noah, Garret asks Julia what she plans to do when she finds the dragon. Julia tells him that she intends to stop him and prevent him from hurting other people. Later, after Julia freshens up, she joins Garret for a cup of coffee. Garret questions Julia about her plans after everything is over. Julia tells him that she hopes to go back into nursing and reclaiming her life. As Julia sets down her cup of coffee, she accidentally tips it and the contents splash onto Garret's shirt. He quickly takes off his shirt, turning his back on Julia. When Julia looks up she is shocked to see a dragon tattoo on his shoulder. Julia quickly realizes that Garret is in fact "The Dragon." She tries her best to remain calm as Garret goes into the other room to clean up and change. Once he's gone, Julia scrambles to get her purse where she has the gun hidden in it. As she desperately searches her purse, Garret comes back into the room and asks, "Are you looking for this?" Julia looks up to find Garret pointing her gun at her."

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