09/02/2005 Greenlee & Babe Talk

"Di covered in front of Del when he grilled her about who sent roses to her, but he remained skeptical. She insisted that he drop the subject of Kevin Sturgess — and not make mention of him in his book.... Tad treated "Dixie" to a romantic date in the same place Opal and Ruth trapped them alone together on the 4th of July. He then broke the news to Dixie that he needed to talk to an old friend: Di Kirby. "Dixie" swore that was just a fake name she'd made up, but Tad said he needed more info on Kevin.

At B.J.'s, Zach deflected Kendall's grilling about whether Ryan is alive. Slater warned his wife that if she pursues her suspicion, she'll end up hurting someone. Kendall pointed out that she would never deliberately hurt Greenlee. Zach's barbs became pointed, leading Kendall to nearly throw a fit and draw stares from the other customers. When she stalked out, Zach sighed, "Damn you, Ryan."

An emotional confrontation between the Lavery brothers led to a reconciliation between Jonathan and Ryan. Afterwards, Jon wisely decided against blowing himself and his siblings to bits. Ryan drew Jon into a tight hug. He and Erin both swore to Jonathan that they would never abandon him. Ryan and Erin were preparing to load Jonathan up and bring him to the hospital when Zach called. Erin answered but handed the phone to Ryan when Zach insisted. Ryan blanched when Zach reported that there's a rumor going around town that he's on the verge of being resurrected.

On the beach, Babe and Greenlee met up and talked about love and betrayal. Greens was worked up, reeling from the idea planted by Sam and Lily that Ryan faked his death. She returned to her home, where she was soon joined by Kendall. Greens cried out to Kendall that Ryan couldn't possibly have done something so cruel as to fake his own death... Right?

At Tad's, a jumpy Julia nearly struck Sam with a baseball bat, paranoid that the person entering the house was after her. Sam explained to Julia that he felt he needed to step up and help to protect his family." - Soap Central