08/24/2005 Erica Finds Greenlee's Syringe

"Kendall and Greenlee argue over who will administer the fertility shot Greenlee needs in order to produce more eggs, in the middle of their humorous argument Erica starts knocking on the door and the two stash the syringe in a Tempo Magazine. Kendall uses the awkward moment to take her leave and assures Greenlee that she will get info on administering the shot from Dr. Madden and help her out. Greenlee is left with Erica who is worried that her quick change from catatonic and upset to the old Greenlee is too good to be true. She apologizes for upsetting her over nothing, when Dr. Madden arrives. Greenlee plays it off as though she is meeting with him for help with the miscarriage. He takes her into the other room to talk and while they converse, Erica makes herself some tea; however when she goes to set down her cup she sets it on the magazine in which the syringe is stashed and Erica finds it. Dr. Madden and Greenlee come back in and he takes his leave. Erica goes with him and when they step outside she threatens to have his license pulled. She thinks that Dr. Madden is giving her drugs to help her. Greenlee busts in and tells Erica that it's not what she thinks. Erica tries to convince Greenlee that drugs will not help her with the loss of Ryan and the baby. She tells them that if they don't fess up to what is in the syringe she will have it analyzed and all of Pine Valley will know what is in the syringe. Greenlee agrees to tell Erica but tells her that she's going to ruin everything.

Sam and Lily enjoy a breakfast date and talk about their breakfast preferences as an ever-watchful Reggie stands guard. When Lily leaves in order to get more Belgian waffles, Sam calls Reggie out. He tries to convince Reggie that he is not out to hurt Lily, and that he needs something else to do with his free time. While talking about Lily, she sees that Reggie is there and is not very happy with it. Sam has Reggie sit down with them and Lily tells Reggie how angry she is with him for butting in on their date. She argues for a while and then goes to the bathroom to cool off. She returns feeling refreshed and cooled off. She makes another attempt at asking Reggie to leave. This time Reggie is more apt to the idea. He tells her that he'll leave her and Sam alone now and leaves.

Dani's mother comes in her room to wake her and when she touches her she touches Dani, she shoots up from an apparently bad dream. After she asks Dani about the dream, Garret walks in and Dani decides not to tell her mom the details. Mimi asks if she would like to go to meet Olivia for breakfast with her and Garret. Dani declines and informs her mother of the big product preview that she has in store for the day. She seems a bit shaken over Garret's presence but does not let her mother see it. She ends up late for the entire presentation; however Simone pulls the presentation off flawlessly. When Dani shows up she asks what is wrong and Dani asks her for advice on her situation with Garret, and he fears about him being a "player." She clues her in on her concern of the "kiss goodnight" from the night before and the weird vibe that she is getting from him. She is afraid to tell her mother because she is so happy and does not want to ruin it for her. Simone admits she has no idea what Dani should do. Dani decides not to do anything because she's afraid she may just be overreacting and does not want to ruin her mother's happiness over nothing.

At breakfast with Olivia Garret seems to charm Olivia easily by bringing up an old case of hers. He continues to woo her and after he leaves Olivia admits that she was wrong about Garret and that he may not be as bad as she thought. Mimi tells Olivia how happy she is with Garret and Olivia agrees that he is not that bad.

When Zach arrives at Kendall's he finds that the house is in disarray and the front door is standing wide open. She tells him that "the man" pulled a gun on her. He seems a bit weary of the story but goes along nonetheless. When he insists on taking her to the casino where it will be safe she interjects and insists that he leaves Julia alone. He thinks her concern resembles something of a wife's she brushes off the comment and when they leave he asks how the attacker got in and Kendall tells him he claimed to be checking the meter a line that Zach does not fall for at all. He walks her to the car and heads back to Wildwind.

Julia waits for her contact to arrive with information on the man who killed her husband when Zach shows up and scares her. He lets her know he's only there to fill her in on the status of his search. Kendall calls Zach and tells him that there is a man looking for Julia and then hangs up leaving Zach worried, when he leaves to check on the situation with Kendall, a man steps out of the bushes and approaches the house. It turns out to be Jimmy who is an old friend of Julia and Noah's and may have information that Julia wants. She asks him to tell her what he told Noah, and he tells her he doesn't want to tell her and he only wants her to find peace she then realizes something is a miss and as she puts everything together he pulls a gun out. She is absolutely devastated by this twist. She asks him how he could do it and he informs her that "he" has his hands in everything and that he had no choice but to kill Noah. This bit of information further hurts Julia. Just as it looks like Julia is done for Zach enters and acts as though the man in charge sent him to take over handling Julia. Jimmy insists on seeing it happen, so Zach asks him for the gun so that it will not be brought back on him and as Jimmy is about to hand it over Kendall bursts in and sees the scene and blows Zach's ploy. Zach lunges for the gun and he and Jimmy enter into a struggle. The two hit the ground as a shot is fired."

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