07/21/2005 Zach Hides Ryan

"Amanda is disappointed that Aidan fired her and looks to Tad for help, but he refuses to go against Aidan's word. Amanda tells Tad about how she tagged the pervert at the S.O.S., but Aidan says she is not a professional undercover agent. Tad asks Aidan if they could give her a chance, but Aidan still refuses. Tad interrogates Amanda about her experience in following people and she quickly comes up with a story about tailing her cousin. Tad notices that Aidan is being distant and leaves. Amanda asks him to forgive her for being mean to Lily, but that is not what is bothering him. Tad comes back in the room and begins to wonder why Sam has not returned yet. Amanda offers to track him down, but Tad refuses his offer. Tad leaves to find Sam as Amanda tries to seduce Aidan into giving her a job. She gives him a kiss before leaving and Aidan gets a call about Erin Lavery's case.

Lily tells Sam that she saw something move in the house and he says that he believes her. Sam rushes off to look around the house, although Lily wants to go with him and be a detective too. He tells her that if he does not return in 10 minutes to call the police. Sam comes back with his father's shirt in one hand. He says that the shirt was not there before he returned. Lily suggests that maybe his father is still alive, but Sam does not believe that his father's ghost is hanging around.

Danielle comes to see Reggie at his home, but he says that he is not ready to talk to her because of things that are going on with his family. Danielle tries to come clean about the reason she slept with Josh, but Reggie is not interested in what she has to say and asks her to leave. Danielle begs for his forgiveness and wants to get back together, but Ryan blocks her out. He even tells her to be with Josh since she could not have sex with him. Danielle tells him that she loves him, but Reggie does not return the feelings. Danielle counters that maybe Reggie didn't care about their relationship either if he can blow her off so easily. She leaves and he gets a call from Tad, asking if Lily is there. Tad goes to Wildwind and finds Sam and Lily. Lily tells Tad some of the new things that Sam taught her about rules and guidelines as Reggie walks in. Lily asks Reggie not to be upset because he breaks the rules too sometimes. Reggie takes Lily home so Tad can talk with Sam, who asks if he going to be spent to California. Tad says that he is disappointed Sam took advantage of Lily and he will not allow it to happen again. He adds that Sam reminds him of himself and although Lily is great, she is very protected because of her special condition. After the house is empty, someone picks up Edmund's shirt.

Back at Reggie's home, Reggie begins yelling at Lily for being a woman who wants to do whatever she feels like. His lets his emotions about Danielle cheating on him come out onto Lily. She gets upset and tells him that he can not run her life because she is not is father. She goes to her room as Reggie realizes how much he has hurt his sister.

Greenlee and the rest of her family ask Zach if he found Ryan, but he does not answer her directly. He tells her that the search is still going on, but no one has found Ryan. Greenlee still hopes that Ryan is alive and he is just faking her out, but she realizes that the rest of her family believes he is dead. Zach tells Greenlee that Ryan changed and his actions earlier that day proved it. Jackson asks what Zach is talking about, but Greenlee begins a tangent about how she could have saved Ryan, even if no one else thought so. Erica leaves so Jackson can tend to his daughter. Kendall tells Zach that after seeing Ryan nearly hit Greenlee, she is not sure if Greenlee could save him. On the other hand, she has never experienced the type of love that she has for Ryan, so perhaps, she could have saved him, Kendall says. Inside the room, Greenlee tells Jackson that she is not leaving the room that night. Jackson offers to stay with her as Greenlee asks him if he believed their child would have saved him. Jackson says that given time, she could have changed Ryan. Jackson leaves Greenlee to go tell his other children about Ryan's death. Greenlee finally get some sleep and dreams that Ryan has come back. When she wakes up, he is gone and she begins to cry.

Erica goes to the New Beginnings office, where she is startled by someone.

Ryan grabs anything that he can in the building to use as a tool to get out, but he stops making noise when he hears Simone and Ethan outside. Ryan overhears Simone describing how much pain Greenlee is in because of Ryan's death. Ethan tells Simone that she will pull through because she has her family to support her. Simone tells him that Ryan was just confused and that she is happy she helped Greenlee get pregnant. Ethan hears Ryan moving around inside the building and begins to call security. Zach shows up just as a security guard is about to open the door and ushers him away. Zach tells Simone and Ethan that they probably heard rats in the building getting caught in traps. After they leave, Zach walks into the building and Ryan grabs him by the throat. After he puts Zach down, Zach explains that he did not tell his wife that he was alive. He says that he would rather see her grieve over him for a few years than live another second as his wife. Zach starts to formulate a plan for Ryan to fake his death. Zach walks outside and locks the door as Kendall shows up.

Simone goes back to see Greenlee and spills to Kendall about hearing noises in the shed and Zach's reactions. Kendall tells Simone that she will find out what Zach is up to. Simone hears Greenlee sobbing and goes in to comfort her.

Jackson comes home and hears about Lily sneaking away to see Sam from Reggie. Jackson decides to deal with that later and tells Lily that he has some bad news."

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