05/24/2005 Jack & Erica's Wedding Reception

"In Boca Raton Florida, in a setting straight out of a travel brochure, the wedding of Erica Kane and Jackson Montgomery took place. Erica, in her beautiful yet simple white dress was greeted by Kendall, Bianca and Miranda while Jackson along with Reggie, Greenlee and Lily all came together. The daughters and granddaughter, were all dressed in lovely yellow long dresses, all a bit different, but all equally as wonderful. As Erica and Jack walked hand in hand, a string quartet was playing in the background and "All Their Children" followed. When the minister asked if anyone objected to the wedding, Greenlee raised her hand. Reggie and Kendall, thinking that history was about to repeat itself, told her there was no way she was going to object again! She told them to relax, her nose itched.

The minister spoke of the banyan tree and how new roots descend from its branches, pushing into the ground and forming new trunks. He compared the tree to the new family that was about to be created. Before they exchanged their vows, Reggie, Lily, Greenlee, Kendall and Bianca paid heartfelt tributes to the couple.

Reggie told the happy couple how much they meant to him. He spoke of how they were now his parents.

Lily told of her favorite time with Erica. She told of when she was stuck on the side of the road and all she saw was red and how Erica saved her. She then outstretched her arm and took Erica's hand.

Greenlee told them that she loved them. She told Erica that although they have never been friends, she thanked her for making Jack happy.

Kendall told Erica that she was so proud she was her mother. She told Jack that she was grateful he accepted her as his daughter. She said she never had a father she could love and trust but now she does.

Bianca spoke of being a kid and thinking she could never measure up. She told her that now that she is grown she found herself, part Erica part not. She told jack that he has always been there for her in every way that counts.

Erica and Jack, exchanging their vows spoke of all they had gone through to get to this moment. Jack said that Paris was a dream but reality got in the way. Erica told Jack that although they couldn't find their way to each other, it was always him. And even though it took so long, it was worth the wait. And with an exchange of rings and a kiss, they were married.

After the ceremony, they were greeted by the paparazzi asking lots of questions, like if Oprah was supposed to be her maid of honor and if the tenth time was really the charm. Jack took Erica back to their room and Reggie and Lily gave them their wedding present. It was a charcoal sketch of a banyan tree from the wedding. Lily told them that she liked the tree in the sketch, but she liked the tree at home better, because it made her feel safe.

Greenlee and Kendall immediately began the bantering. Greenlee demanded to know where Zach was and Kendall continued to deny that he was there. Greenlee told Kendall that she was about to make a huge mistake by marrying Zach, but Kendall told her to mind her own business. Kendall left saying that she was going to go visit the happy couple.

Jack proposed a toast to the woman he had waited for so long. He then took Erica's hand and they danced to the old Hoagy Carmichael hit, "The Nearness of You," sung by Rod Stuart, They cut the three tier lavish cake and the reception continued.

After the party, Jack and Erica asked "All Their Children" to join them on their honeymoon. When they all respectfully declined, Jack and Erica told them goodbye. Erica told Kendall not to make any life altering decisions while she was away. Lily hugged Jack goodbye in her own special way. Kendall told the couple to shove off already and Erica said she had one surprise left. They all went outside the hotel and Erica unveiled that she bought Jack the yacht they had been on and aptly named it "At Last."

With tears in her eyes Erica told Bianca and Miranda goodbye. The newlyweds then boarded the yacht bound for a honeymoon to remember."

- Soap Central