05/23/2005 Kane Women

"Reggie delivers some "fatherly" advice to Jackson as his wedding day dawns. Simone questions the motive for Ryan's extravagance in purchasing a first anniversary gift for his wife. Greenlee struggles to keep Kendall from discovering that she has Zach locked in the resort's linen closet. A major leak in their ceiling adds to Jamie's distaste for he and Babe's current living conditions. Amanda agrees to help JR exact revenge on his ex-wife and his brother---but for a price. Greenlee is startled to realize that her prisoner has flown the coop. Jackson explains to Reggie how Erica's volatile personality only adds to the joy and excitement of being her life partner. Bianca prods her sister to give Ethan another chance to redeem himself but admits that Kendall was right to give her former flame an ultimatum. Jackson promises a grateful Greenlee he's going to try harder to cut her husband some slack from now on. Babe reminds Jamie how much easier his life could be if he accepted the terms of Phoebe's will. Ryan icily informs Simone that he and Greenlee are no longer interested in starting a family. Jackson and Erica's wedding finally begins."

- Soap Central