05/18/2005 Erica & Jack Arrive At Boca Raton

"Ryan waits impatiently to be scheduled for his procedure. After spending a blissful night together on the yacht, Jackson tells Erica they've docked in Boca Raton, Florida. Lily announces to Aidan that she has a new boyfriend. At Fusion, Simone pesters Kendall to pick from among the three hotties who are currently courting her so that her girlfriends can finally have the leftovers. Ryan surprises Greenlee with flowers and champagne for their anniversary, followed by the gift of an expensive necklace. Frustrated when Danielle insists she's still not ready to have sex, Reggie reminds his girlfriend how much he wants her. Aidan and Anita disagree about the wisdom of allowing Sam to get close to Lily. As Greenlee dazzles Simone by displaying her new jewelry, Ryan quietly instructs Kendall to keep mum about his surgical intentions. Enthralled by the sight of a banyan tree which seems symbolic of their combined families. Erica explains to Jack why they must hold their wedding right there in Boca Raton. Sam assures Lily that he understands she's not interested in making love just yet. After finding his sister "practicing" touching with her new beau, Reggie realizes he may have to have a little chat with Sam once he returns from Florida."

- Soap Central