04/11/2005 Adam Tries To Console Brooke

"Babe wonders who would want Di dead after the released inmate narrowly misses becoming a hit-and-run victim. In the mineshaft, a flustered Jonathan tells Ryan why he had to use a gun to keep his prisoners under control. Aidan and Tad explain to Zach their theory that Braden Lavery and "Bill Smith" are one and the same. Insisting that the driver of the speeding car was probably just intoxicated, Di refuses to let Babe call the cops. With the deadline for the demolition of the mountain cabin drawing near, Erica presses David to give her the information Adam needs. Though Ryan attempts to calm his brother, Jonathan continues to rave about killing Greenlee and the other women in order to keep the Lavery boys safe. Later, Ryan is stunned when Jonathan reveals how he murdered Edmund. Babe confides to Jamie how tempted she's been to play along with Adam. Sam angrily confronts Zach, then is taken aback when Tad discloses that the hunt for Edmund's killer has actually led in a new direction. As Jonathan's rage intensifies, Ryan realizes with a shock that Braden was never in the picture after all. Brooke tearfully admits to a sympathetic Adam how deeply she yearned to be the only woman in Edmund's life. Erica offers to save David's home in exchange for Liza's address. Unwilling to destroy Sam's faith in his late father, Zach tells the boy Edmund died bravely. Brandishing his gun, Jonathan furiously reminds Ryan why he deserves to die. Jamie congratulates Babe on making the right decision. Meanwhile, Erica delivers her news to a delighted Adam."

- Soap Central