03/14/2005 Aidan Becomes Lily's Bodyguard

"Jonathan tried to frighten Kendall until Ryan showed up. Kendall threatened to call the police. Greenlee showed up and said it was her turn to lay down the law. They all argued and Ryan said Derek ran the prints on the scrapbook and they belonged to Braden. Jonathan was relieved that everyone believed him. Kendall was still furious. Greenlee tried to stop Ryan from trapping Braden himself and to call the police. Ryan tried to reassure her and Jonathan offered himself up as the bait to trap Braden. Ryan vowed to be the one to end their nightmare. Kendall and Greenlee left. Jonathan asked Ryan to reconsider involving the police and played the family card. Ryan told him the days of protecting the Laverys are over, forever. Jonathan wasn't happy and accused Ryan of turning his back on his brothers. Ryan said they aren't innocent kids anymore and it's time to face the truth. Ryan reminded him that Braden has likely raped other women in the five years since Ryan tried to protect him by pleading guilty himself. He asked Jonathan to choose which brother to run with. They shook hands.

In the bar, Kendall and Greenlee sipped martinis and discussed Ryan and Jonathan. Greenlee told her she doesn't get sympathy because she doesn't play vulnerable very well but admitted she knows how needy and sympathetic Kendall really is. Kendall gloated that Ethan shares all of his secrets with her. Greenlee was skeptical about Ethan being in love with Kendall. Kendall explained that Ethan saw his father kill Edmund.

Ethan explained to Maria that the DVD he had belongs to Zach, as proof her marriage was over. He warned her it would break her heart, but offered to play it for her. She stopped him, saying she needs no proof that Zach is a liar. Ethan said the DVD shows Edmund in his wheelchair at the casino, questioning the staff about Zach. Maria said the man she fell in love with could never have killed Edmund. Ethan said Zach is the man he hates and is only a lie. Maria asked Ethan to destroy the DVD. Instead, he took it home and watched Edmund walking, wondering what to do and what he really saw in the stables.

Erica went to see Zach in prison and assured him he'd never get out. Zach said he needed to show her a tabloid spread about Lily being a witness to murder. Erica wondered if Zach was threatening Lily. Zach was evasive, but asked her to promise to keep Lily safe, swearing he would never hurt her. Erica was suspicious and stormed out. Zach asked one of people to get the word out that no one is to harm Lily, thinking they were doing him a favor.

Aidan went to see Lily and tried to explain to Jack that she could be in real danger because of the headlines in paper. Derek arrived to question Lily. Jack offered to let him question Lily after Braden Lavery is arrested. Derek admitted he doesn't want to put Lily on the stand and said there was an APB out for Braden. Jack wasn't satisfied and Derek warned Jack about taking the law into his own hands. After Derek left, Aidan suggested Lily have a bodyguard. Jack was curious, especially when Erica walked in and said Zach also wants Lily protected. Jack was leery but Aidan promised Lily would never realize she was under surveillance.

Sam came home from France for his father's funeral. Maddie avoided him because he was with Maria."

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