02/04/2005 Jonathan Asks Maggie To Dinner

"JR crashes through the courtroom doors and tells Babe that he is going to take James away from her. When Brooke tries to defend Jamie, JR calls her a waste of space and Jamie tries to attack JR. Tad holds his son back as JR smirks and rants that Bianca will take the stand, tell the truth and seal the deal to get his son back. Jamie goes after him again, but the crowd restrains him. Tad tells him to cool down and they all step outside except for JR and Adam. Bianca asks to speak to JR alone and she states that he is awfully sure of what she will say on the stand. JR says that Bianca would never lie. Bianca says that when she woke up after her fall off the balcony, the doctors told her she might suffer from post-traumatic stress and not remember what happened. JR says, "You wouldn't." Bianca walks away and talks to Ethan. She confesses that she is not sure what she will say under oath, but is tired of being pushed around and used to get what other people want. She says that the truth can be tricky and that she can only do what she thinks is best for James, not anyone else.

Outside the courtroom, everyone is gathered in an office, with Krystal urging Babe to come clean about the DNA test and David protesting against it. The adults start arguing on what is best for their children, but Jamie yells and tells them to be quiet. He says that it is he and Babe's choice what they will do next and asks everyone to leave. The adults leave and David runs into Adam who tells him that time on his offer is running short. David says he would rather go to jail than hand over James to JR. As Brooke and Tad start to argue about Jamie's welfare, Krystal starts to have a panic attack. Tad rushes to her side and calms her down as David watches from behind.

Court comes back into session and Kelly Buchanan sneaks inside and sits in the back row. Bianca takes the stand and swears to tell the truth on the Bible. Bianca tells JR's lawyer that she was a friend of Babe's and met "Ace/James" two times. The lawyer asks, "Did Babe mention a paternity test to you?" Before Bianca can answer, Babe busts through the doors and says that she has a paternity test to prove she is Ace's mother. Bianca is dismissed and Babe takes the stand. Babe explains that she had took a swab of Ace's DNA one day when she was with Kelly Buchanan. Kevin says that Kelly would not allow that and Babe says that Kelly was distracted when she took the sample. After Babe's testimony, the judge rules in Adam and JR's favor and requests another supervised DNA test on Ace. David asks Adam for the tape and at first, Adam refuses since it was Babe who came forward and not him, but in the end, Adam hands him the tape. Bianca asks Babe why she did that and Babe said she did it for her and James. Ethan goes to visit the judge, tells her she made a wise choice and that the board will remember it. Babe turns and tells JR and Kevin that she will battle them both to get her child back.

Kendall starts ranting about Ryan, saying she hopes Greenlee has stretch marks that multiply and divide, when Zack comes over for a visit. Kendall says that Ethan is not there, but Zack says he is there to see her. Zack apologizes for using Kendall to get Ethan to try to leave town, but he was only trying to protect him from the Cambias' curse. Kendall tries to kick him out, but Zack stays and says that he needs a favor. Zack asks Kendall to make Ethan stop his claim to the Cambias' and save him from the curse. He says that Kendall knows how it feels to want the power and uses Erica as an example. He says that Erica rejected her more than once, but she still went after her stake. Kendall says that she will not help Zack put Ethan through anymore pain and then Ethan walks in.

Ryan holds the plane that Jonathan gave him in his arms when Greenlee walks in. Ryan asks her if Kendall will ever stop trying to tear them apart, but Greenlee comes clean and says that Kendall was covering for her. She says tried to stick to Ryan's word, but couldn't and paid Aidan to investigate Jonathan. She said that Kendall covered for her because she knew he would be mad. Greenlee asks Ryan to talk about Jonathan and try to make her understand him and what he has been through. Ryan says that his brother has problems, but isn't a monster that Kendall paints him out to be. Greenlee says that Ryan went through hard times too, but doesn't hit women. Ryan retorts that the only reason he wasn't tainted like Jonathan was because he ran away. Greenlee tells him not to blame himself for Jonathan's problems, but Ryan does not seem to listen. Ryan says that he needs to take a ride on his bike and get some air.

Jonathan goes to visit Maggie and she immediately embraces him when she answers the door. She leads him inside and tells him she has missed him. Jonathan says he missed her too, but wants to stop hating Bianca. Jonathan says that after talking with Ryan, he has learned he needs help with his anger and his hatred toward Bianca. Maggie and Jonathan share a kiss. Maggie tells him that when left, Bianca came over and said that she loved her. Maggie says that Bianca kissed her, but she pulled away, said she loved Jonathan and kicked Bianca out. Jonathan seems angry, but hugs Maggie and thanks her for "choosing him." He tells her they should go out to dinner and asks Maggie to wear a particular dress. He says he has to go take care of something and heads over to Bianca's apartment. When he knocks on the door, Marian answers and lets him in when he introduces himself as Ryan's brother. Her cell phone rings and she says that she has to go check on a gas leak and a house she is selling. Jonathan offers to watch Miranda, but says he understands if Marian turns him down. Marian agrees to let him watch her and when she leaves, he goes over to Miranda, pulls up a seat and looks on ominously at the baby."

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