02/01/2005 Jonathan Moves Out

"Maria and Maddie spend some time together ice skating at the lake. While Maria warms up in the boathouse, Maddie takes advantage of the extra 10 minutes her mother granted her before leaving by returning to the lake to skate. She is soon joined by Zach. Maria tries to convince Zach that she is happily reunited with Edmund and that they are planning a family ski vacation. Zach isn't convinced and tells her so. Their conversation is cut short when Maddie returns to the boathouse. Later, Anita shows up hoping to meet up with Maria and Maddie only to discover they had left from Zach who is still there. She asks him why he did it, referring to Bobby's beating but Zach deliberately misunderstands her and tells her that it turned out Bobby was not the man he thought he was so he fired him. Anita lets him know that she hopes Bobby is far away where nobody can find him and beat him up again. She then warns Zach to stay away from her and her family. Zach insists that he wants only the best for Maria but Anita doesn't buy into it. She makes it clear to him that Maria and Edmund are happy together and that she sees through his concern for Maria. She knows that Zach would like nothing better than to destroy Maria's marriage. Zach doesn't deny it.

At home, Edmund is frustrated when Derek tells him that Bobby left the hospital and hailed a cab of his own accord. Edmund insists that Zach is behind it but Derek isn't convinced. He tells Edmund that in all likelihood, Bobby was getting even with Zach by making false allegations and then left town. After Derek leaves, Edmund puts a call into one of his contacts and instructs him to keep a close eye on Bobby's Cayman account, convinced that Bobby will access it as soon as possible. When he does, Edmund intends to be prepared to bring him back to Pine Valley. Just as he ends the call, Maria and Maddie return. When Edmunds asks Maria if Anita had heard from Bobby yet, she reminds him that it's doubtful that Anita would since their divorce is final. Maria then tries to plan their ski trip but Edmund isn't receptive. He tells her that the timing isn't right for a vacation because he has work to do. Maria is a bit taken aback and questions him about his commitment to making their relationship work. Edmund assures her that he wants nothing more than to get their marriage back on track and that part of his work is to ensure just that. Maria is doubtful. She tells him that she feels his work isn't drawing them closer but pulling them further apart. When Edmund asks her to trust him, Maria reluctantly agrees before retiring to their bedroom.

Kendall is babysitting Miranda when Ethan arrives at Bianca's loft. She blurts out to Ethan that she's still in love with Ryan. To her surprise, Ethan takes the announcement in stride. He lifts up a gift that he brought for Miranda and begins talking about assembling it. Kendall questions how he can take her announcement about being in love with another man so easily but rather than answer her, Ethan gives her a kiss then proceeds to try to assemble Miranda's gift. Worried that she has wrecked their relationship with her bout of honesty, Kendall asks him if she did. Rather than answer her, Ethan asks her if that was her intention when she told him about her feelings for Ryan. Ethan is pleased when she tells him no. He directs his attention back on to the toddler activity bouncer he wants to put together but Kendall isn't satisfied with his reply. She continues to question Ethan about his reaction to her declaration about Ryan so he asks her when the revelation came to her. Was it when Ryan asked her to run away to the Caribbean with him so that he can obtain a quickie divorce and marry her? Kendall is quick to tell him that just the opposite is the case. That Ryan and Greenlee are happily married and intend on starting a family. Ethan smiles and then resumes putting the bouncer together. Kendall is dumbfounded. She is unable to understand how Ethan can be so blasé about such a serious matter. Ethan offers to talk to her about it all night if that would please her but that it's not necessary to do so for his benefit. Kendall smiles and relaxes for the first time. She tells him that he's unlike any man she's ever met which has Ethan confessing that she too is unlike any woman he's ever known. They share a tender kiss. Kendall tells Ethan that he makes her feel like anything is possible. He in turn confesses responds that the closer he got to Kendall the more he wanted her. They happily assemble the bouncer, a product of one of the subsidiary companies owned by Cambias Enterprises.

After sharing a kiss with Aidan at his apartment, Anita tells him that her divorce was official as of that day. Aidan is pleasantly surprised by the news but is interrupted when Greenlee walks in, upset that Jonathan knows about the investigation. At the mention of Jonathan's name, Anita makes a comment that has them both turning their attention to her. When they question her, Anita tells them about her and Bianca's suspicion that Jonathan had hit Maggie. Aidan isn't surprised. He informs the both of them that his investigation has revealed that Jonathan had been arrested before for assaulting a woman named Lorraine Rossiter. Greenlee wants to know why, if that's the case, he isn't in jail. Aidan explains to them that he was put on probation and was ordered to take anger management classes. Anita makes her excuses and leaves. Alone with Aidan, Greenlee lets him know just how upset she is with him. She is convinced that now that Jonathan knows he's being investigated he will make sure to cover his tracks which might keep them from ever proving that he was the person who was responsible for her poisoning. She goes on to remind Aidan that without concrete proof she will never be able to convince Ryan that Jonathan is guilty. Aidan assures her that if there's proof out there, he will find it. Greenlee isn't reassured. She's then begins sharing her concerns that Ryan won't be able to handle losing another brother the way that he did Braden. Aidan tells her that if Jonathan is cut from the same cloth as Braden then maybe Ryan would be better off. As Aidan and Greenlee discuss the situation, Greenlee is torn between instructing Aidan to drop the case entirely and going ahead with the investigation. As she talks things through with Aidan she realizes that she really doesn't have any choice but to find out if Jonathan is guilty of what they all suspect. She realizes that until they know definitively, she will always worry that he would try it again.

Ryan confronts Jonathan about abusing Maggie. When Jonathan brings up Greenlee's poisoning, inferring that Ryan suspects him of it, Ryan asks him if he did drug his wife. Greenlee walks in just at that moment and awaits an answer. Rather than saying one way or another if he did it, Jonathan turns on Greenlee accusing her of hiring Aidan to investigate him. Realizing that things are quickly spiraling out of control, Ryan asks Greenlee to leave so that he can talk to Jonathan in private. Greenlee is understanding and leaves the apartment to go see Aidan. Left alone, Ryan once again faces his brother. He tells Jonathan that he doesn't believe that Jonathan poisoned Greenlee but he did, by his own admission, hit Maggie and that needs to be addressed. Jonathan tries to explain what drove him to strike Maggie. He tells Ryan that he'd been upset that day because Ryan had given up Cambias Enterprises. He had gotten drunk and when Maggie came home, she started in on him. Ryan can't believe his ears. He asks Jonathan if he hears himself. If he realizes that he's trying to blame Maggie for what Jonathan did to her. Jonathan refuses to take responsibility and tries to leave but Ryan refuses to let him. He tells Jonathan that he won't let Jonathan be like his father or their brother, Braden. He goes on to tell Jonathan the truth about Braden, that he had raped a woman. Jonathan is enraged to be compared to his father and brother and once again attempts to leave. Ryan physically restrains Jonathan all the while telling him that he refuses to loose another brother and will do whatever is necessary to get Jonathan the help that he needs. As Jonathan reveals his true fear, that Ryan will leave him as he did when he was a kid, Ryan tells him over and over that he will never do that again until he convinces Jonathan. Jonathan finally believes him and tearfully embraces his brother.

After kissing Maggie, Bianca confesses to her that she thinks she's fallen in love with her. Maggie's reaction is clearly not what Bianca is expecting. She questions Bianca's sudden change of feelings and accuses her of trying to martyr herself, sacrificing her own happiness to save Maggie from Jonathan. Bianca tries to convince her that her feelings are genuine but Maggie doesn't want to hear it. Instead she tells Bianca that what she felt for her all those months ago was nothing but a crush. Bianca doesn't buy it. She reminds Maggie of her reaction when she found Bianca and Babe in bed together and how she ran from the room and practically straight into Jonathan's arms. Maggie tells her that she'd always been attracted to Jonathan. She goes on to tell Bianca in no uncertain terms that she isn't gay and that she loves Jonathan. Bianca lets the matter drop and instead tries to convince Maggie that regardless of her sexual preference she deserves to be safe with whomever she was involved with. Just then Ryan and Jonathan enter. Maggie rushes to Jonathan who holds her tightly. Maggie is distraught when he explains to her that they can't get married until he's worked though his problems in therapy. He then begins gathering his things which further upsets Maggie who fears he's leaving her for good. Both Jonathan and Ryan try to make her understand that for the time being, it's best that Jonathan stay at the room Ryan has reserved for Jonathan at the Valley Inn. Before leaving, Jonathan faces Bianca and apologizes to her for the way he's treated her. He knows now, thanks to Ryan, that she was only trying to help Maggie. Once Jonathan and Ryan leave Maggie's heartbreak turns to bitter anger. She asks Bianca if she's happy now that she ruined things between Maggie and Jonathan. She goes on to accuse her of intentionally trying to sabotage Maggie's relationship with Jonathan because Bianca's relationship with Lena didn't work out. Bianca is speechless. She tries to reason with Maggie but Maggie isn't receptive. She refuses to listen to her. Instead Maggie goes to the door and demands that Bianca leave her apartment and stay out of her life. Bianca reluctantly leaves."

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