01/31/2005 Lily Looks For Clues

"After Greenlee tells Kendall that she and Ryan are trying to get pregnant, Kendall becomes upset and tries to leave. Erica meets up with them and senses that Kendall is upset and demands to know what Greenlee said to her. Greenlee is confused and tells Erica that she doesn't know what upset her and that she only mentioned that she and Ryan were trying to start a family. After exchanging barbs, Erica questions Greenlee on the timing of her announcement, knowing that Kendall still has feelings for Ryan.

Lily continues to put herself in danger as she tells Jonathan that she is working on a case and is looking to find drugs in his apartment. Jonathan is determined to know who "hired" her. As Lily tries to get away from him, Jonathan grabs her by the arm. Lily becomes upset and tells him about her Autism and how she can't be touched. Jonathan isn't phased whatsoever and still wants to know who she is working for.

Livia Frye gave Ethan the witness list that she was going to present at his trial. On that list was Ryan and Zach. Ethan refused to have them testify, telling Livia about holding a gun on Zach with Ryan witnessing. Livia couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Bianca finally persuades Ryan to go with her to Jonathan and Maggie's apartment. They walked in on Jonathan, Aidan and Lily discussing why Lily was looking for information on Jonathan. A shouting match among all of them left Lily upset. Lily accidentally told everyone that she was working on a case and a furious Jonathan demanded to know who hired Aidan. Ryan came to the conclusion that it was Kendall who hired Aidan. Ryan made Jonathan leave with him and brought him back to his place. Back at Ryan's, Ryan wanted Jonathan to tell him if he, indeed, hit Maggie. Reluctantly, Jonathan admitted that he hit her.

Back at Aidan's loft, Aidan discussed with Lily how dangerous his job is. Lily was confused since she thought they were a good team. Aidan comforted her by touching her arm. Lily is pleasantly surprise that his touch didn't hurt. Lily asked a hesitant Aidan to touch her again. Elated that they could now touch each other in similar ways to the way Dani and Reggie touch, Lily raced out of the loft to think about her future with her new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Bianca tried to get through to Maggie. She explained the signs of abuse that she read about. Maggie thought about what Bianca was telling her as she began to defend Jonathan's actions. Maggie then told Bianca that she wasn't lovable by anyone. Bianca told Maggie that she was smart, beautiful, funny and strong and was a rock when she needed her most. Bianca pulled a tearful Maggie closer to her and kissed her."

- Soap Central