01/07/2005 Bianca Asks Maggie About The Bruise

"JR asks Bianca what she wants. Bianca begins by saying that despite everything they have been through, parents belong with their children. JR says, "You've won" and as Bianca continues to try to tell him to listen to her, he simply knocks her down. He says he does not want to see Miranda ever again, which really shocks Bianca, considering he helped raise her. Bianca flashes back to the night on the balcony and remembers JR calling her a bitch as they got closer outside. When she asks him on the phone why he is so angry, JR just tells her to leave him alone and hangs up. Maggie walks in and gives Bianca a stuffed horse for Miranda. Anita walks in shortly and Maggie excuses herself to go to the rest room. Anita tells Bianca about the bruise she saw on Maggie's face and even suspects that Jonathan may have hit her. Anita says that battered woman have great stories for how the bruises get there and like Maggie, often say they are just clumsy. Bianca promises to talk to her, Maggie emerges and Anita goes to check on Miranda. Bianca brings up the bruise by asking Maggie why she has so much make-up on. Maggie begins to say she needed to cover her bruise, but stops and gets angry when she realizes Anita and Bianca were talking about her behind her back. Bianca tells her she is just worried and Maggie snaps that she is making Jonathan to be a bad guy when she just bumped into an open locker. Maggie retorts that Bianca has been keeping things from her, such as her break up with Lena. Bianca apologizes for that, but says she has not always been comfortable telling "people" that information. Maggie is appalled and says that now she is just "a person." When she asks Bianca to define what she wants her to be, Bianca says that she wants them to be friends. Maggie backs off, tells her Jonathan says hi and leaves.

Greenlee, Ryan and Danielle are working on financial reports at Fusion, when Danielle brings up the DNA issues. She tells them that she is worried about losing her job, but Greenlee assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Shortly, they begin talking about Ethan's DNA test when Jonathan walks in, not afraid to say that he completely disagrees with the test. Ryan tells him that they, along with Fusion employees, have every right to know who Ethan is and where they stand in their jobs. Jonathan tells him that even if Miranda inherits it all, Ryan can help from the sidelines until she is old enough to do it herself, but handing it over to Ethan is simply "nuts." Seeing that Jonathan is taking this DNA test the wrong way, Ryan tells him that it is not personal, but Ethan retorts that whoever put the DNA test idea in his mind probably is making it personal, perhaps even trying to drive a wedge in between them. Jonathan once again accuses Ethan as the shooter and tells Ryan he will be handing over the company to a killer. Ryan says that has not been proven and has nothing to do with what is right. He says that he has to honor Alexander Cambias last wishes. Jonathan brings up a promise his brother once made to him, saying he would take him with him when he left. Well, Ryan left all right, but left Jonathan behind. "Some promises are meant to be kept and some are made just to make people feel better," Jonathan says. Ryan says that he wanted to take him, but he was so young and couldn't, but he can keep his word now. Jonathan says Ryan never listens to him now, so his promises don't matter. Ryan walks off to handle legal business and Greenlee asks Jonathan if he blames her for the DNA test. Jonathan openly admits he does.

As Kendall and Ethan wait anxiously for the DNA results at her home, Kendall tries to cheer him up. When Ethan tries to leave, Kendall suggest that they pretend to be someone else until they get the results. Kendall pretends to be "Ashley" and Ethan is now "Ahab." They play a game of strip poker, which leaves Kendall barely unclothed and Ethan down to his boxers. When Ethan accuses her of cheating, she tells him to get dressed and that they will finish the game elsewhere. They go to a steam room, unclothe each other and make love on a bench.

JR rushes off before Adam can tell him Dorian Lord is arriving from Llanview. JR says he is going to visit Kelly Buchanan to get information on his son. When Dorian arrives, she immediately asks why she is there. Adam starts by congratulating her on her recent release from prison and Dorian says she did not kill Paul. Someone planted the murder weapon, a gun, in her office. In order to get Dorian to trust him, Adam hands her a martini with a side of a loaded gun. He tells her that it is a sign she can trust him. Adam tells Dorian about his idea—that Paul crashed the plane on purpose, switched babies and JR got Bianca's baby. He says that JR's child did not die in the crash and that Paul gave him to Kelly. Dorian does not seem surprised and when Adam asks her why, she says she is just in shock. Adam suggests they team up, but things go sour when Mary walks in, angry and upset that she has been left out of the loop. Dorian leaves and apologizes for not being able to help Adam. Mary tells Adam that they were supposed to be in plans together and that he had no right to leave her out. She says that she may not be rich now, but she still has her pride. Adam blows her off until Mar threatens to leave the house unless he apologizes. When Adam smiles and says nothing, Mary is shocked. Adam grabs her coat and purse, tells her to be happy with her pride and pushes her out the door. "Christmas came late this year, but it was worth it," he says.

JR finds Kelly in Llanview and introduces herself. She apologizes for his recent loss and says he must miss him. JR responds that he misses him as much as she probably does and adds that Babe told him to come speak to her. Kelly says she can't help him. JR says that her ex-husband won't be happy to know she helped the kidnappers, but that he can help her. Ace's nanny, Karen, walks over and asks Kelly if she has heard any news about Ace. Kelly tells her no and when Karen sees a picture of Babe on the table, she says that "Bella" must be so worried about Ace too. JR asks Karen how well she knew Babe and Karen says that Babe was a sweet woman who thought Ace was so adorable. When Karen leaves, JR tells her to come clean or she will regret messing with the Chandlers. Kelly says, "Pick a number," and walks away, not threatened by JR's words. Next, JR heads to Pine Valley, where he goes to visit Bianca right after Maggie storms out."

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