12/09/2004 Bianca Falls

"Erica showed up just as Kendall was headed upstairs, via elevator, to see Bianca. She asked Kendall to tell her what part, if any, Kendall had had in the dangerous levels of antipsychotics that had been found in Greenlee's system. Initially hurt by the accusation, Kendall reverted to her old ways of being sarcastic to protect herself. She asked if she got any points for saving Greenlee from doing a swan dive off the roof of headquarters.

However, after Erica explained the situation back home some more, Kendall was honored to have Erica on her side. She realized, through Erica's words, that things were worse than she had imagined. Because of the volatile relationship between Greenlee and herself, she had landed on the top of everyone's suspect list. Erica said that she had to be thorough and asked her daughter to be honest with her. Since they didn't keep secrets from each other anymore, Erica wanted to know if Kendall had indeed had something to do with the drugging.

Erica tried to assuage her daughter by comparing the two to each other -- and telling her that the reason she loved her daughter so much was because they were so much alike. Kendall wasn't budging though -- she was not admitting to anything. Instead, she said that one person who wouldn't be caught in such a predicament was Erica's other daughter. She called the elevator and invited her mother to visit Bianca with her. As they stepped into the elevator, Erica said that a simple yes or no in response to her question would suffice. Kendall quipped that life was much too complicated for simple answers.

Jack and Ryan showed up at the hospital and ran into Maria in the waiting room. She asked them what kind of update they had, but sadly there wasn't much of one. They had taken the drugs found at David's cabin to a lab and had gotten them checked; none of them matched the medications in Greenlee's system. Shortly thereafter, Jonathan joined them, and he also had little to report. He had scoured Fusion, but had found nothing stronger than aspirin.

Maria was disheartened by the news, but Ryan found a ray of hope. He believed that they had confirmed that Greenlee hadn't been self-medicating. What he believed they needed to focus on was who had drugged her and why. Maria's expression didn't change, which prompted Ryan to ask her what she was not telling him. Maria finally confessed that the doctors all believed that Greenlee's system should have flushed the drugs out already, or the medications that they had given her to counteract the drugs already in her system should be working. However, Greenlee's delusions had not abated, and the medical staff was confused about the reasons behind it.

Maria informed Ryan, Jack, and Jonathan that the medical staff was investigating the possibility that the antipsychotics had awoken a latent mental problem in Greenlee that had previously gone unnoticed. Ryan was not willing to accept that as an option -- Greenlee had not been crazy before she was drugged, and she wouldn't stay that way. Maria, trying to calm him down, told him that she wanted to inform him of where the staff was with Greenlee's treatment and that they weren't giving up on her by any means.

Meanwhile, in her room, Greenlee saw a specter of Death. Still believing that Ryan was dead, she told Death that all she wanted was for her husband to be alive -- and she didn't care what she had to do to make that happen. Greenlee offered to let Death have his way with her, as long as she got Ryan back. Pausing momentarily, she tearfully asked how Death could turn her down. She had a revelation -- Death wanted an even trade: her life for Ryan's. She demanded that Death suck the life out of her, so long as Ryan was spared.

Back in the waiting area, Ryan made it clear that he was not going to give up trying to see Greenlee. His persistence finally put a chip in the stone wall, and Maria agreed to talk to Dr. Ashborne. If she got the okay, Ryan would be allowed to see his wife. She went off for the consultation, and when she did, Jonathan announced that he couldn't sit around waiting for the doctors to make a decision. He believed they should be out on the street, trying to find out who had done what.

Ryan noted that there was probably only one person on Jonathan's list -- and Jonathan confirmed it. He told Ryan that Kendall was the most likely culprit. Ryan tried to convince him not to go after her, but Jonathan thought Ryan still had a soft spot for Kendall.

Somewhat agreeing only with his eyes, Ryan simply reminded his little brother that subtlety was a good thing. Jonathan announced that as soon as Kendall got back from Florida, he was going after her. Jack interrupted Jonathan's tirade and asked that the witch-hunt for Kendall be put on hold for a moment. The focus needed to be on Greenlee and getting her better.

While Ryan, Jack, and Jonathan waited for Maria's return, Jonathan offered to go fetch some coffee. When he left, Jack reminisced about the day that Greenlee had gone off to marry Ryan. He recounted how he had tried to convince her that it was a bad idea and a sure road to heartache, because Ryan was in love with someone else. He told Ryan that his daughter, in colorful language, had told him that she and Ryan connected, and that they would protect each other and take care of each other. She had gone on to tell him that she believed that in time, they would grow to love each other. Jack told Ryan that he had never been so happy to be wrong in his life.

Just as Ryan asked Jack to put that in writing, Maria returned. Ryan begged her to deliver good news. She told him that Dr. Ashborne had some reservations and that he believed Ryan's brand of shock therapy might very well send Greenlee over the edge. Luckily, Maria didn't take no for an answer any better than Ryan. She had told Dr. Ashborne that she completely supported and validated Ryan's feelings and had promised that she would take full responsibility if anything bad happened.

As Ryan hugged Maria in thanks, she told him that the one condition was that he take her with him on his visit. Willing to do anything, Ryan readily agreed. Jack asked Ryan to give his love to his daughter, and acknowledging that, Ryan and Maria took off for Greenlee's room.

Outside of Greenlee's room, Maria informed Ryan that there were things he needed to agree to before going in. She reminded him that their actions were on a very unorthodox course, and things could go completely awry. She also reminded him that Greenlee's delusions were more real to her than anything she saw in front of her face, so they had to be careful. She told him that he had to do what she said, when she said it -- including leaving the room. Ryan, just wanting to do something to make his wife better, agreed to everything. They finally walked into the room, and Ryan and Greenlee just stared at each other.

In the warehouse, Tad tried to offer his help to Jamie and Babe, but Jamie thought he had done enough already. Tad insisted that he wasn't just going to stand by and watch his son lose everything. He again tried to convince Jamie and Babe to stop running and to tell JR that his son was alive. Jamie grew frustrated because Tad not only didn't understand what they were doing, but he was not even trying. The decision had already been made, and there was no way to change those facts.

Babe thanked Tad for wanting to help and said that both she and Jamie were grateful. However, she reminded him that the person who really needed him was Bianca. She told him that she had sent Kendall up to the room so that she could help Bianca, but she didn't think they could provide enough of a front in the face of JR's anger. She told him that JR was nowhere near ready to accept that Miranda wasn't his, and Tad needed to be there to help him let the baby go.

Tad tried one more time to convince Jamie and Babe to change their minds. Jamie said that Tad was too afraid that things were going to blow up and they would get hurt -- but the reality was that Tad was going to be the one to detonate the situation if he didn't let them move along as planned. Babe urged Tad to go to Bianca, because JR was the one that needed saving. They wanted Tad to make sure that Bianca was okay. Everyone in the room had seen JR with "Bess," and they knew that JR wasn't going to give up the baby without a fight.

Tad finally acquiesced and told his son that he had grown up into the man his parents had always wanted him to be. He went on to say that even though he didn't agree with Jamie, he was proud of his son. Loving words were exchanged, and Tad left to do as he had been asked. Once he left, David, Babe, and Jamie also left and headed back to the hotel.

David, Jamie, and Babe finally returned to the hotel room, and Krystal, relieved, asked where they had been. Not wanting to relive it a second time, they summed it up by saying that they needed to leave. They filled her in that Bianca knew the entire truth -- including the part about JR's son being alive. They also told her that they had sent Tad to protect Bianca from JR and that if Bianca hadn't already told JR about James, Tad would.

David and Jamie started packing everything up quickly while Babe and Krystal said a tearful goodbye. Babe tried to tell her mother that it wouldn't be forever, but Krystal didn't want her to make promises she couldn't keep. She didn't want to get her hopes up that they would return soon because it would just break her heart if they didn't.

David tried to rush Babe and Jamie along, wanting them to get on the road, but Krystal asked for a minute. She turned to Jamie and said that she had initially thought that Babe would end up with similar bad luck with men. However, Jamie had ended that unlucky streak, and Krystal was more than thankful. She trusted that Jamie would take care of both of her babies, and Jamie gave her his word. She also told him that she had every faith that he would help Babe raise James to be a good man, as strong and as brave as Jamie had proven himself to be.

Before Babe and Jamie left, Babe asked if David wanted to hold the baby because he hadn't had an opportunity to bond with him yet. At first, he said no, but Krystal told him he should take the opportunity while he had it. Babe stood close to her father, holding her son, and David let words of adoration and love flow over his grandson. He assured James that he was overwhelmingly loved, as was evident by what everyone was willing to do for him. David placed a kiss on James's forehead and urged the new family to get on the road.

David, Krystal, Babe, James, and Jamie finally concluded their teary goodbyes, and as Jamie, Babe, and James got into the car, Krystal and David waved from the door of the hotel room.

In his hotel room, JR tried to take off with Miranda, but Bianca wouldn't back down. She told him that the only place he was going with her daughter was someplace where they could get a DNA test. JR insisted that he didn't need a test to know that the baby was his daughter. Bianca responded that a DNA test would prove once and for all that Paul Cramer had taken her baby from her the night of the flood and had given it to JR. Not willing to back down either, JR started to threaten her, but he didn't intimidate Bianca. She told him that he was going to have to kill her before she allowed her daughter to be taken from her again.

In a calm and soothing way, Bianca tried to convince JR to hand Miranda over. She told him that they were both victims of Paul Cramer and Babe: Paul had started the lie, and Babe had kept it alive. However, it was time to stop lying and make things right for everyone. Suddenly, the anger drained from JR's face, and he calmly said that he agreed -- maybe it was time to end "this." He put the baby back in the crib and asked her for five minutes, because they were old friends, so that he could say all that he needed to say.

JR lured Bianca out onto the balcony and started spinning a sob story about all of the things he had lost in his life: his mother had left and never returned; the baby Dixie was carrying -- his sister -- was gone; and Babe. He said that his reality had always been that he had been Bess's daddy -- from day one. To believe the words of a woman who had continuously lied to him, to think that the one good thing that had happened to him was not his to hold, was inconceivable.

JR went on to tell Bianca that he had a secret -- he really had loved Babe. He told Bianca that Babe's smile had made him forget all of the bad things going on and had reminded him of the wonderful future they'd had waiting for them. However, all of Babe's lies and transgressions had stomped all over those dreams.

JR suggested that he and Bianca take the Chandler jet, which was waiting on the runway, back to Pine Valley and square everything away there. Just then, Bianca heard Babe's voice in her head, telling her that JR could still hurt her, and to take her baby and get away from him. She had appeared, until that moment, to be reeled in by everything JR had said. On a dime, she essentially turned on him and asked if he even knew when he was lying.

JR was outraged that he had poured his heart out to Bianca, only for her to turn around and call him a liar. She told him that it was insane for him to expect her to get on a plane with her daughter for a DNA test when they could have one done in Florida. JR flipped out and was done talking to her. He told her that he was leaving with his daughter and tried to keep Bianca out on the balcony. They struggled because Bianca would not let him leave with her daughter. He shoved her forcefully, and she stumbled back toward the balcony. She hit it in such a way that the wood gave way.

Unbeknownst to JR, who was staring at the place where Bianca had been standing just a few moments earlier, Tad had heard the arguing from where he was standing in the courtyard below. He started to rush to the room but stopped when he saw Bianca tumble from the second story balcony and fall onto the grass below.

Outside the hotel room door, Kendall and Erica arrived on the floor, and they also heard the argument. They banged on the door, screaming for Bianca, unaware of what had happened to stop the fight.

Tad ran over to Bianca to check for vital signs as JR watched in shock from the balcony above. Snapping back into action when he tuned in to the yelling outside the door, he picked up Miranda, put a blanket over her head, and opened the door. Kendall and Erica rushed in, unaware of the baby's true identity, and demanded to know Bianca's whereabouts. He told them that she had fallen and that they needed to call an ambulance.

Stunned, Erica fumbled for her phone and called 9-1-1. Kendall freaked out and screamed at JR, demanding answers. He took off with Miranda without giving Kendall what she needed.

JR showed up by Tad and Bianca and asked if she was alive. Tad responded that she was but barely so. He asked JR what had happened and was told that nothing bad was supposed to have happened. Tad asked again what JR had done, but before he could get an answer, Kendall and Erica rushed onto the scene.

The ambulance arrived, and because Erica and Kendall were too frazzled, Tad dealt with the questions. He confirmed that Bianca had fallen from the second floor and had not regained consciousness or moved in any way. He also told them that none of the people on the scene had moved her either. Satisfied, the crew then immobilized her and got ready to take her to the hospital.

As the ambulance prepared to leave, Erica started to ask Tad about what had happened. He told her not to worry about it at that moment and to just accompany Kendall and Bianca to the hospital in the ambulance. He promised to follow behind them, and Erica did as instructed.

Tad then noticed that JR was trying to sneak away with Miranda. Tad stopped him by asking him where he was going. JR said that it was late, and he wanted to put the baby down. Tad, knowing his stepson well, asked if JR planned to do that in his hotel room or on the plane. Not waiting for an answer, Tad said that whatever plans JR had made had changed -- because he would be staying with Tad."

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