12/08/2004 Jamie & Jr Fight

"After finally accepting Babe's claims that Miranda was her daughter, Bianca responded violently by slapping Babe across her face. Bianca was furious. She told Babe how she had suffered with nightmares and privately struggled with heartache, sorrow, and grief while believing that her daughter had died. She went on to tell Babe about how she had almost cut Kendall out of her life because of the passion with which Kendall had despised Babe.

Not understanding the degree of Kendall's hatred, Bianca said she had almost chosen her "soul sister" over her own flesh and blood sister. Bianca reflected that she wished she had listened to Kendall because Kendall had been right all along. She ended with, "I never hated anyone the way I hate you now."

Babe listened with tear-filled eyes and then tried to offer Bianca the opportunity to turn her in to the police, which would result in Babe losing her newfound son, but Bianca was unmoved by the gesture. Instead, she dared Babe to cry her guilt to Bianca's face after the awful things Babe had done. A knock at the door interrupted them. In the hallway, Krystal tried to get Babe to leave with James before JR discovered them, claiming she had a bad feeling. Babe instead told her to enter with James, which startled Krystal, who wasn't happy that Babe had confessed all to Bianca -- including the fact that James was Babe's son.

Once Krystal was in the hotel room, Bianca didn't mince words. She immediately let Krystal know that she hated Krystal, as well, for the lies and deceit. She understood Krystal's motivation, but she did not for a minute condone Krystal's actions. Krystal tried to defend Babe by claiming that she had pressured Babe into keeping quiet about Miranda, but Bianca couldn't care less. She accused Babe of only coming clean because she no longer had any use for Miranda. Bianca refused to give Babe the credit she craved for ripping Bianca's heart out and finally giving it back. She let Babe and Krystal know how much she despised both of them.

Babe received a call on her cell phone from Jamie, who told her that JR was freed from the warehouse and was on his way over. Babe tried to get Bianca to leave with Miranda, but Bianca refused. Babe reminded Bianca that JR had known the truth about Miranda since the letters and urged her not to let Miranda out of her sight. Babe picked up the picture of herself, Bianca, and the children, and she left. Bianca, alone with Miranda for the first time since learning that Miranda was her daughter, knelt down to eye level with Miranda and began talking to her.

Bianca called her baby "my sweet Miranda" then turned and found JR standing in the doorway, his expression unreadable. It was more a statement than a question when he said, "Babe was here." Bianca confirmed that Babe had been there and then began to talk about seeing JR in a whole new light. For the first time, Bianca understood what had changed JR. She empathized with him, realizing all the damage Babe's lies and deceit had inflicted.

Unfortunately, JR wasn't receptive. He instead behaved coldly toward Bianca when she told him that she knew the truth about Miranda. He accused her of believing Babe's pack of lies. Bianca tried to reason with him, but JR just turned ugly with her, accusing her of being crazy and suggesting that no one would believe her claims. He went on to tell her that he refused to believe that his beautiful child could be "the bastard spawn of a sicko rapist" then ordered her to "get the hell out" of his room.

Bianca wasn't about to leave without her daughter and told JR that she wouldn't. JR then bent down and picked up Miranda, intent on letting her know that he was not about to give her up. Bianca was just as determined. She demanded that he give Miranda back to her, vowing that she would not let anyone take Miranda from her again.

Kendall found the warehouse where Jamie was keeping JR against his will. When JR heard her call out to him, he let her know he was inside before Jamie could stop him. Kendall opened the door, and JR tried to escape. Jamie stopped him. They ended up throwing punches and struggling. Jamie was knocked to the ground, at which point JR picked up a wrench and hit him over the head.

Kendall stopped JR before he could administer a second blow to the unconscious Jamie. Kendall was horrified at JR's behavior. She asked him what was wrong with him, but JR had no excuse. Instead, when he learned that Babe was with Bianca, he raced out the door.

Left behind with Jamie, Kendall tried to help him. He woke up and grabbed the cell phone from her before she could call an ambulance. He called Babe to warn her that JR had escaped and was on his way to the hotel. He passed out shortly after the call. Kendall dropped to her knees to help him. When she pulled her hand away from his head, she found blood.

Kendall attempted to rouse Jamie from unconsciousness and was eventually successful. A short time later, Babe arrived and called David for help. Concerned for Bianca, Kendall left for the hotel room. While waiting for David, Babe told Jamie about her meeting with Bianca and that Bianca hated her. Jamie comforted her. When David arrived, he diagnosed Jamie with a mild concussion.

Tad caused a commotion while arguing with David, creating a disturbance loud enough for someone to knock at the door, demanding to know what was going on. David shoved a wad of tissues in Tad's mouth and left to do some damage control. When he returned, he discovered that Tad had freed one of his arms. He went to the bed to secure Tad once more but discovered that Tad had actually freed himself entirely. They wrestled until David's cell phone rang.

Tad and David stopped fighting, and David answered the phone. It was Babe calling him for help with an injured Jamie. David left without telling Tad why, but Tad followed him. David ran into Krystal, who was supposed to be keeping out of sight with James while Babe went to get Jamie out of the warehouse. He asked her what she was doing out where anyone could spot them, at which point she informed him that Babe had told Bianca about James. David was not happy to hear the news. He told her to go back to the motel and wait for them there while he went and took care of Babe.

Tad, following David, ran into Krystal, who was on her way to the motel. He seemed to ignore the baby, instead blasting Krystal for being in on David's scheme to keep him tied up and a prisoner in the kids' motel room. When Krystal tried to draw Tad's attention to James, Tad asked her if she was sick of it yet -- sick of using innocent children the way she had been. Krystal ignored the insult and instead introduced him to "Dixie's grandson, Thaddeus James Martin."

Tad was touched but suspicious, sensing Krystal was trying to play him by using the baby to manipulate him into going along with her and David's plans. Krystal told him that she wasn't. All they were trying to do was what Tad had done when JR had been a baby -- namely keep the baby out of the Chandler clutches and Adam's unhealthy influence. She pointed out how Adam had affected JR, despite how hard they had all worked to prevent it from happening, and asked if he wanted the same thing to happen to the baby.

When Tad entered the warehouse, Jamie told what had happened with JR. He said that had it not been for Kendall, JR would not have stopped at just one blow to the head with the wrench. He also confided that he had never before seen the look JR had had in his eyes while they had been in the warehouse. Jamie then asked if Tad still thought JR deserved to have a baby. Tad was clearly shaken by what had transpired between his sons."

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