12/07/2004 Babe Tries To Convince Bianca

"In the Florida hotel room, Babe told Bianca that Bess was really Bianca's daughter Miranda, but to Babe's dismay, Bianca didn't believe her. Bianca was convinced that Babe was only making the claim in order to hurt JR for cutting Babe out of Bess's life. Babe denied it and began telling Bianca about the night Paul had crashed the helicopter and decided to save his hide by claiming it was Bianca's baby who had died in the crash instead of Babe's when JR and Adam had threatened him that nothing better have happened to the Chandler heir.

Babe's efforts were to no avail. Bianca simply couldn't believe that someone she had trusted, loved, and considered her best friend would keep such a thing from her. Each revelation Babe made was met with stubborn disbelief on Bianca's part.

Babe chronicled all of the events over the past months, hoping to convince Bianca of the truth. She told of waking up in the hospital, looking for her son, only to be told she'd had a daughter. She told about following Krystal one night to the crash site and discovering the truth about how Krystal had made sure the DNA tests Tad insisted on conducting revealed that the baby who had survived the crash was Babe and JR's, not Bianca's. She discussed the christening when she had referred to Bianca as Bess's mama, explaining that it had been a twisted attempt to tell the truth.

Babe went on to talk about her wedding to JR when she had made the conscious choice to choose the man she loved over her best friend by not telling them all the truth about Bess. Then Babe revealed that one night, completely disillusioned after having found out that JR was not the man she had thought he was and confronted with the knowledge that everything she had done had been for naught, she had gone to the chapel where she had commissioned a stained glass window for her son and prayed to God for guidance. That night, she had ended up in Llanview, where she had met with her son face-to-face for the first time.

Bianca was shocked when she realized the baby boy Babe was referring to was the kidnapped Buchanan baby and feared that Babe, in her grief over losing custody of Bess to JR, had gone off the deep end. Babe assured Bianca that such was not the case. Babe insisted she had DNA proof that he was indeed her son. Desperate to get through to Bianca, Babe showed her the picture of the two of them with James and Miranda in the park. Bianca studied the picture, seeing the truth that her mind had been unwilling to accept.

Standing over Miranda's playpen with Babe telling her that Miranda was her baby, Bianca finally realized that she was looking at her own daughter -- the daughter she had believed had perished in the helicopter crash.

At the warehouse, JR was furious to be locked in with Jamie. He was desperate to stop Babe from talking to Bianca and frustrated that they couldn't prevent her from telling Bianca that Bess was her daughter. He steadfastly insisted to Jamie, though, that Bess was his daughter and that nothing, including Babe's claims to the contrary, would convince him otherwise. Jamie wasn't impressed. He tried to get through to JR in the hopes of getting him to admit that given another chance, he would share custody of his child with Babe.

Jamie's efforts were to no avail. JR's animosity toward Babe remained as strong as ever. Realizing the futility of trying to get JR to do the decent thing with Babe and the custody of their child, Jamie made an attempt to point out how clinging to Bess, knowing that she wasn't his, hurt Bianca. JR insisted that Bess was his daughter.

Jamie didn't believe for a minute that JR truly thought that Bess was his daughter. They argued back and forth until it escalated and became physical. In the end, nothing was accomplished. JR still insisted that Bess was his daughter while Jamie realized that nothing would ever convince JR to let Babe be a part of her child's life."

- Soap Central