07/02/2004 Erica's Intervention

"Erica wakes up on her couch, still wearing the red dress and heels from the night before. She picks up her wine bottle, sitting on the table, and then sets it back down when she spies something on the carpet. She goes to the kitchen to get a towel and when she returns, she begins cleaning up a big red splash of the red wine on her rug. Someone persistently knocks at the door and before she answers it, she hides the red wine and glass under the table. When she answers the door, it's Jackson, who kindly lets himself in. He tells her he wants to talk, but she responds that unless things have changed from last night, there is nothing left to say. She asks how Lily is and he tells her that Lily is fine. Jackson also apologizes for yelling at her and adds that he loves her -- he wants her back in his life. Erica jokingly says they discuss it another time over drinks. Jackson says no and then he sees the wine spill on the rug. Erica says it is cranberry juice, and then is shocked when Opal, Myrtle, Kendall, and Bianca walk in. Erica realizes that everyone is there to do an intervention and tells them all to get out.

But no one budges. When Erica threatens to call security, Bianca reminds her that if she kicks them out today, they will just return every day after, until the intervention happens. Erica goes to her room and slams her door. Not sure what to do, Jackson tells everyone to wait patiently until Erica comes out of her room. Opal takes charge and starts talking to Erica outside of her door. She tells Erica all of the things she loves about her, such as her temper, which explodes when Erica throws a vase at the door. Opal also says she loves Erica's leather skin -- skin so tough that she won't let anyone in, skin so tough that it only shows courage. She asks Erica to come out of the room and be courageous, not to be a coward feeling sorry for herself. Erica promptly steps out and goes back to the living room, where is the first one to talk.

Jackson tells Erica how her drinking has affected his life. He tells her that if she continues to drink, he does not want to be around her and he won't allow her to be around Lily either. Erica acts as though not ever seeing him again is no big deal. Jackson recalls the first time he saw her drink again, which was after Kendall's trial. Erica tells him that she didn't shut him out after the trial because of alcohol; she shut him out because he lied her to about Bianca's pregnancy. Bianca tells Erica not to blame Jackson for that. She told him not to tell Erica and Kendall pipes in that they lied to protect her. Erica says they didn't protect her -- they wanted to control her, like they are doing with the intervention.

Kendall gets angry at Erica and instead of having the "lets show her we love her attitude," she just spills out everything she is feeling. She tells Erica that she is the reason Bianca lost Miranda. She is the one who told Bianca her child would be cursed with the stigma of rape and would bring misery to Pine Valley. Opal reminds Kendall they are there to help, and Kendall says she is helping Erica. Erica turns to Bianca and asks her if she blames her for Miranda's death. Bianca says no and Erica asks her why she said she was not her mother anymore then. Bianca adds that she was in pain, just lost her baby, and lied to Erica about the pregnancy to protect herself. She was in so much pain already that she didn't want to take on her mother's pain of being raped either. Bianca asks Erica to got to therapy with her but Erica says she doesn't need to sit around a bunch of people, hug, and spill her problems out. Kendall jumps in and says that Erica would just rather be miserable instead. She brings up the stormy night that she helped Erica get through recalling her rape and the connection they shared. Then Erica took it all away and began to feed of her pain. "The Queen of Pain," Kendall calls her, ranting on and on, until Erica slaps her across the face.

Bianca rushes to Kendall's side and guides her away. Erica picks up the wine and Myrtle is next to speak. She reminds Erica that when she was taking pills, she went and spook to Mona's grave, which helped her so much. Erica says Mona can't help her now. Myrtle reminds her that she once told her she would stand by Erica no matter what. Erica takes the wine and gleefully calls herself the "Queen of Pain." Upset and disappointed, Myrtle goes to rest in Erica's room, Opal following behind. After they leave, Erica proposes a toast to the success of the great intervention. "Jackson, I hope you find a woman who is worthy of your perfection. Kendall, I use my pain not as good as you do. Bianca, I am so sorry of so many things," she tearfully cheers. Erica's toast is interrupted when her brother, Mark, shows up at the door.

Erica rushes off to Mark and embraces him with a hug. She gets so excited that he is there, but then realizes Jackson called him to help with the intervention. Mark says hello to everyone and even hugs Kendall, praising her for being such a great sister to Bianca. "Is that why you're here Mark? To be a great brother?" Erica asks. Mark tells Erica he knows how she is feeling right now: angry, suspicious, cornered, and trapped. He adds that his intervention saved his life, but Erica argues that her situation is not the same. His drug problem led to the demise of so many things in his life and she has not lost anything yet. Mark tells her to face what is really bothering her, and Erica says that apparently, she loves pain. Mark brings up her father, which hits a nerve in Erica and he realizes that her father's death is her problem. He tells her not to be like him or she will end up all alone. Erica says she is nothing like her father and he deserved to be alone. Mark says she doesn't deserve that though and she should not cut the people who love her off. Erica suddenly gets shaky and gasps."

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