04/23/2004 The DNA Results Are In

"Krystal continues to scold Tad for the DNA test and Tad says that he knows Joe won't change the results of the test. Joe comes in with the test and shows them to Tad. A somber Tad tells Krystal that Bess is the biological child of Babe. Krystal acts as though she isn't surprised about the results and hopes that Tad is happy. Joe goes to oversee Edmund's surgery. After he leaves, Krystal says that she hopes Tad is happy now. Tad sarcastically says sure, he is thrilled because he really wanted to tell JR that is baby is dead. Realizing the cruelty of her words, Krystal apologizes immediately. Tad reminds her that he can relate to losing a child and understands what Bianca is going through, something Krystal hasn't experienced. Tad leaves and Krystal realizes what Tad is saying. She takes a look at the results herself and then heads back to the Chandler mansion.

Greenlee runs into Kendall at the hospital and tells her that she is serious about working things out. When Kendall asks her how they can do that, Ryan walks over and asks what is going on. Greenlee explains that they are trying to work things out and Kendall agrees. Ryan reminds them about the meeting in the morning to discuss Fusion and Enchantment ideas. Greenlee is revved up and starts quoting numbers, while Kendall seems more tense, although she pretends to be excited when Ryan asks her how she feels about the idea. Jackson comes over and tells them that Bianca's shrink says she is suffering from post paradigm depression and post traumatic stress, but is confident that Bianca will work through it all. Ryan goes to check on Edmund and Kendall leaves for an appointment. Jackson tells Greenlee that the meeting should be interesting in the morning, especially since Kendall didn't look so thrilled. Greenlee says that Kendall is still upset with her for stripping her at the trial and thinks that she is trying to come between Ryan and Kendall. When Jackson asks her if she is, Greenlee assures him that those days of playing with love are over and the lovebirds can have each other. When Jackson asks Greenlee if she would want to be with Ryan minus Kendall in the picture, Greenlee admits that is only a breath away from falling in love with Ryan, but won't interfere with his relationship with Kendall. Jackson goes to visit Bianca and she immediately apologizes when she sees him. He tells her she has nothing to apologize for. Bianca says she likes her shrink and has to realize her baby is dead and let go.

As Maria waits for Edmund to come out of his surgery, David comes to see how she is doing. When she tells him that she is going to be observing during the procedure, David strongly advises not to. David tells her it is not her place to be there and to stay out of it. Maria doesn't agree and David begs her not to make the same mistake he did with Leora's surgery. He assures her he will be in the room for assistance and will do everything he can to keep Edmund alive. Maria agrees not to observe during the surgery and after David leaves, Ryan comes to see her. Ryan offers to get her a cup of latte and take a stroll in the park, but Maria turns him down. She begins asking him about his relationship with Kendall and Ryan is silent. Maria realizes he hasn't gotten back together with her and asks him why not.

Kendall seeks advice from Palmer at the Valley Inn, where she tells him that she loves Ryan with all her heart, but he is driving her crazy. Likewise, Ryan tells Maria the same thing. Ryan says that him and Kendall have already gone sour twice and he simply can't trust her. Kendall tells Palmer that she can't trust Ryan and possibly makes up these scenarios she doesn't get her heart broken. Ryan tells Maria that he wants to get married to Kendall and start a family, but their love might not be enough. Kendall tells Palmer that she needs to know if she is Ryan, he is with her not Greenlee and has set up a plan to test him. Of course, we don't hear what the plan is, but when she is done telling Palmer, Kendall admits she is worried she has gone too far. Palmer tells Kendall only she can make that choice and Kendall says she is going for the plan.

JR, Babe, Stuart, Marion, Mary and Adam make a toast to baby "Bess." Marion takes Bess away for a nap and asks to speak to Adam alone. Mary reluctantly leaves and once they are alone, Babe asks Adam what's up with the stare down he has been giving her. Adam says that since Bess was born, he has really seen Babe become a selfless mother. Babe admits that since she has become a mother, she understands why Adam went so far to protect JR. After all, she waltzed in on their life out of the blue with no money, so it was normal for Adam to think she wanted JR simply for his money and tried to get her to leave town. Babe even asks Adam to be the first one to sign Bess's baby book. Touched by her gesture, Adam writes a beautiful paragraph in the baby book. Marion comes back and signs the book. Adam and Mary huddle in the corner and congratulations Adam for his stellar performance. Then she immediately starts to ask him when they are going to kick Krystal and Babe out of their lives for good. After everyone is gone, Mary pounces on Adam for an answer. He tells Mary he wont' discuss anything now. Mary realizes that Adam's heart has gone soft and brings up his close relationship with Brooke. Adam says that he and broke had a nasty divorce, but still seem to draw to each other at times. He tells Mary to go paint something so he can spend time alone with Babe, JR, and Bess. She leaves and JR and Babe come downstairs. Adam tells him he wants to discuss Bess's trust fund, but Babe tells JR to discuss it without her because she is so tired. The men leave and as Babe is cleaning up, Krystal walks in. Babe gushes about the family photo and then hears Bess crying through the monitor. Krystal grabs her and hugs her and tells Babe that she has to do something. Babe tells Krystal she loves her and rushes off to Bess. Krystal grabs a stuffed lamb and flowers and goes to the crash site. When she gets to the site she asks God, "How could you take my grandchild?"

During Edmund's surgery, while the doctor tries to remove the bullet he encounters a serious problem."

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