04/22/2004 Erica's Makeover

"Krystal tries to take pictures of Babe and JR with a digital camera and fails miserably. Adam says there is no need because he hired a well-known professional for the new addition to the family. Krystal sarcastically asks a barrage of questions, the sum totality being "How are you going to cut us out of the picture?" Adam promises that everyone will be in the pictures.

Moments later, Joe comes in with papers for Babe to sign so that they can take "Bess" home. Adam, in his usual facetious manner, notes that Bianca was able to walk out of the hospital with the baby without all the paperwork and wonders why "we can't just have nurse Anita turn a blind eye." As usual, everyone ignores him.

Once everything is in order, Babe gets wheeled out with everyone but Krystal in tow. Krystal says that she has her car there and that she is going to stay behind and pass out chocolates as thanks to all the staff who helped. Instead, she hunts down Tad.

JR and Babe arrive home with "Bess" to find that the place is dark. They walk into the living room and see that a puppet stage had been set up to welcome "Bess" home. After a quick show, Stuart and Marian pop out from behind the curtain and see Bess for the first time. While they cooed, JR admits that it feels like "some sort of cosmic foul up" to have Bess home. What he means is he thinks she got short-changed in the dad department. Everyone reassures him that it isn't true (of course) and that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. They just have to do the best they can. JR just wants "Bess" to be proud of her father.

Stuart and Marian leave, and Adam resurfaces a short time later. The photographer is there and impatient, so Adam wants to proceed. JR and Babe protest because Krystal isn't there, but Adam thought that if it were important enough, she would be there. They proceed without her.

Edmund is preparing to head off to the hospital for his surgery. Before he does, he has a heart to heart with Anita. He tells her that he heard about what happened with Bobby and he's sorry. She asks him if he ever forgot Maria's infidelity. He said that he didn't forget, but it stopped becoming a part of his every day. She asks him that if he could have foreseen it, would he have still married Maria. His answer? Absolutely.

The kids are having some spats, but they take a break to say goodbye to Edmund. The kids believe that he is just going in for more tests, so they say their farewells without much fanfare.

The kids leave for school, and the next time we see Edmund he is laying in a bed at PVH. Anita runs down a brief checklist to make sure he is checked in and ready for surgery. The doctor stops in and says the only option he is entertaining is that full mobility will be gained. The doctor steps out and Maria is at his bedside, assuring him that she is with him all the way on this.

As the drugs start to get to Edmund, they say their good-byes, kiss, and Maria and Anita wheel him out to surgery.

Erica is alone in her room in Vegas, haunted by the last words that Bianca said to her ("You're not my mother anymore"). To quiet the voices, she starts to pout a drink. While doing so, she hears a knock on the door. It's Bobby and he is worried about her - she hadn't been out of the room, hadn't ordered any food. Erica insists she is okay but Bobby brings in food anyway. After eating a little, he produces a wig to help her be incognito. Erica didn't feel that was enough, but Bobby has it covered. He tells her that she needs to get out and he knows the person to help. Erica starts to protest, but quiets soon when "Debbie" (not her real name) comes in with a rack of clothes.

Apparently, the key to Desiree is denim because Erica changes into a lot of it. She feels like a new woman. "Debbie" provides her with an additional outfit and leaves. Erica tells Bobby that he just did her a huge favor and wants to know what he would like in return. He promises that he doesn't want anything, but Erica doesn't believe him. Questioning his motives, she runs down a list of things he could possibly want: a sexual affair with her, money, trade secrets, and even suggests that he is a reporter out for his own personal gain. Completely incensed, Bobby tells her to enjoy the room and Las Vegas, and swears she won't see him again.

Back in the Valley, Opal and Jackson try to get information about Erica out of Palmer. Palmer refuses to talk about it, and continually changes the subject. Jackson admits that he knows Erica is in Las Vegas. Opal is inspired and thinks they need to hop on the next plane and go find her. When Jackson doesn't move to follow her, Opal lays into him. She thinks that Jackson has given up on Erica.

Opal and Palmer leave and Reggie walks out to confront Jack. He says that if Jack still loves Erica, he should be running off to Vegas to do whatever it took to help her. Jack explains that it's not as easy or simple as it sounds. He calls Erica twice a day and she has never returned the call. He says that he can't desert the other people he loves (Reggie, Bianca, Kendall, Greenlee...) just because the one person he wants to help has run off. Jack feels like he would be offering his help to someone who apparently doesn't want nor need it.

Joe and Tad talk in his Joe's office. Tad wants to know the results of the DNA tests but Joe says they won't be back for another hour. Tad opts to stay in the office while waiting. After Joe leaves, Tad contemplates what effect the tests will have on a number of lives should "Bess" turn out to be Miranda. While these thoughts go through his head, Simone comes in amidst her search for Kendall.

Tad vaguely refers to the test results that he's waiting for and Simone asks if this is something that she needs to be concerned about. Tad assures her that she has nothing to worry about. After knocking over and dropping a model heart (that Jake put together for Joe many years ago), Simone thinks that she needs to devise a way to distract Tad from waiting for the results. Krystal comes in and overhears Simone saying this, and says, "Oh Tad - you didn't!"

Tad escorts Simone out, saying that her distractions will have to wait because he and Krystal need to talk. After she is gone, Krystal unleashes on Tad (you're on a power trip, you're a heartless jerk, you had no right, etc.). Tad doesn't say much until she is done. When she runs out of steam, he announces that the only reason she is angry is because she is scared he might be right.

Out of frustration, Krystal picks up the selfsame model heart and hurls it at the door. At that precise moment, Joe walks in. Tad asks Joe if Babe is Bess' mother, or if Bianca is."

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