04/20/2004 Bianca Returns "Bess"

"Greenlee stuck up for Reggie, blaming all of the trouble Reggie had gotten into on Danielle. Reggie told Derek that he had been "played" by Danielle and assured the police chief that he never wanted to see Danielle again. Art that moment, Danielle arrived on the scene and was upset that Reggie had sold her out. She claimed that she'd stopped by to help Reggie. Despite the pleas that Reggie hadn't done anything wrong, Derek pulled out his handcuffs and prepared to haul Reggie off to jail. Livia stunned her brother by saying that she would represent Reggie in court if he dared press charges against the boy. At the same time, Jack returned home.

Although it was a struggle, Bianca gave Bess back to Babe and apologized, explaining that she was sure she was her baby, Miranda. Adam remained furious and at one point had tried to snatch Bess away from Bianca. JR was likewise peeved, though he kept his anger hidden. Later, Adam appealed to his son, saying that he would not push to press charges against Bianca – but that he felt Bianca needed to be sent somewhere to get psychiatric help. Inside Babe's cubicle, Babe stunned Bianca by saying that she wanted to "share" her baby with her. Babe then announced plans to a reluctant Bianca that she would be her Godmother. Babe also wanted to change Bess's middle name to Miranda. JR was stunned when he returned to his wife's room and learned that Bianca would continue to have access to his daughter.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Tad returned to Joe's office and tried to explain why he had hacked into the hospital computer system. He told Joe that he wanted to have a DNA comparison conducted on Bianca, Babe, JR and Bess to see if it was possible that Bess was really Miranda.

Krystal, meanwhile, confronted Paul Cramer, who had arrived in Pine Valley to tend to a medical emergency. She demanded to know if it was possible that he had mixed up the babies following the crash. Paul dodged the questions at first, but then became enraged. He blasted Krystal for meddling in his affairs and for questioning his professionalism. Before leaving for Llanview, he warned her to stay out of his way."

- Soap Central