04/19/2004 Ryan Convinces Bianca Miranda Is Bess

"Jackson arrives at the airport. When Reggie and Greenlee are only interesting in discussing Lily's new living arrangements, a suspicious Jack asks, "What's the bad news?" Greenlee brings him up to date on the Bianca and Bess situation. They all three vow to pull together as a family and support Bianca through this. Jack is proud of them for behaving like a real family. Greenlee tells Jack he can depend on them. She also rats on Reggie but only for the loud music. Later Reggie thanks her for not telling Jack everything. As they argue over Reggie's behavior sounding much like natural-born siblings, Greenlee tells Reggie what he better learn to do is hide from Derek Frye. Reggie isn't worried. After all, Derek is dealing with Reginald P. Montgomery, not some street punk.

JR and Babe are a nervous wreck waiting in Babe's hospital room for Bess' return. JR is at his breaking point and can't wait much longer he says, but Babe is still concerned about Bianca and gets him to keep waiting. As they pace and fidget, Anita comes in and apologizes for letting any of this happen. JR tells her she needs to accept responsibility and starts to go off on her. Babe asks JR to go get her some fresh ice water. With JR gone, Babe is very understanding with Anita, comforts her, and says it is her own fault that Bianca was in the nursery in the first place because she told Bianca she wanted her to be like a mother to Bess without knowing about Miranda's death. Babe tells Anita she was just being compassionate, and "Isn't that what doctors are supposed to be?"

Maggie talks with Jamie at the hospital. She empathizes with Bianca's plight and tries to understand what she must be feeling. Jamie assures Maggie that with friends like her Bianca will be okay. They continue talking about love and how some people never find it or don't know it when they do. During this conversation about romantic love, Maggie confesses how empty she felt when Bianca was missing. Looking at Maggie with a spark in his eye, Jamie tells her when the right one comes along we just have to hope we see it and places a comforting hand on Maggie's shoulder.

Dr. Joe returns Anita's letter of resignation telling her it's not necessary. The incident will be on her permanent record and she'll be on probation but it did not warrant dismissal he says. Joe invites Anita to remain on staff if she wants, which she does. Anita thanks Joe and he leaves for his office.

Outside Babe's room, Krystal is also pacing the floor. She argues with Tad about Bess' true parentage. Tad can't believe Krystal can ignore Bianca's grief and be willing to let Babe and JR raise a baby that may well not be theirs. Krystal accuses Tad of just being mad at her for screwing up his local love life and continues berating him telling him celibacy has scrambled his brain. Tad tells her she knows he could be right though and the only person's word they've got for whose baby Bess is is Paul Cramer's, a known liar.

David breaks up Krystal and Tad's sparring observing that finally there is a woman smart enough to spurn Tad. Tad leaves Krystal and David alone in the corridor. David asks Krystal if they're still on for dinner tonight, which causes Krystal to realize he doesn't know about Bess' "kidnapping." David had heard nothing but assures Krystal that Bianca would never hurt the baby. The though of losing a baby brings memories of David's own loss. He breaks into a soulful soliloquy about how no parent should ever have to bury their child.

Tad finds Joe's office empty and sits at his computer to run a blood-type comparison on Bess and the possible parents. Joe comes in and catches Tad playing his "match the blood types game." Joe boots him off the computer. Before Joe can further reprimand Tad, they are interrupted by news of a return downstairs.

Livia chews out Danielle for the grief she caused Derek by disappearing. Danielle tells her she's not her mother. Livia says they can both thank God for that. Dani asks if she can't just work it out with her father. On cue Derek arrives. Danielle runs into his arms shouting "Daddy!" She's glad her dad still loves her and tells him her mom had her convinced he didn't care about her any more. Dani apologizes to her dad for running away from the Washington DC field trip she was on with her class. Livia interjects, "Just wait until your father hears what you've been up to." Derek wants to know where she's been. Livia makes sure Derek knows she was with Reggie. On learning this Derek makes a beeline for Reggie's house and confronts him. "You want to tell me what the hell you've been doing with my daughter?" he demands.

When Kendall becomes so choked up she can't speak, Ryan steps in and tells Bianca the baby she brought home is Bess, not Miranda. Bianca can't believe him. She says the baby has her eyes, her nose, and a mother knows. As Kendall and Ryan stare in broken-hearted disbelief, Bianca asks Kendall to tell Ryan. "Tell him. This is my baby," she says. Ryan takes Bianca's hand and tells her Miranda is gone. At first Bianca tells him he is insane but then begins remembering the loss of Miranda. Still, she insists the baby with her is Miranda and swears no one will ever take the baby away from her. Kendall tells Bianca she'd do anything to spare her this but Miranda's gone. Kendall tearfully goes through telling Bianca about Miranda being lost in the crash all over again. Bianca insists Miranda is okay. "She's right here," Bianca declares. Then, seeing the looks on their faces, Bianca gasps, "Oh my God. You both think I've lost my mind, don't you?" No, they assure her. They just think she's confused. Ryan suggests that deep inside Bianca knows it's not her baby. "No. I don't," Bianca tells him. Ryan keeps talking and finally convinces Bianca he's telling the truth. The baby starts crying. Bianca looks toward the baby in the basket and calls her "Bess." As she kneels by the basket Bianca utters, "Oh my God. Miranda, Miranda." The painful recognition of Miranda being gone and what she's done sweeps over her. "Oh my God. What did I do?" Bianca asks herself. Then she asks if Babe knows. Kendall assures her Babe knows Bess is with her and safe. "But she's not even mine. I shouldn't have her. My baby is gone," Bianca realizes just as Jack gets there. "Uncle Jack, I did something awful," she says. As Bianca sobs on Jack's shoulder, JR comes in behind him. JR sees Bess lying in the basket and thinks she looks good. Bianca picks Bess up. JR asks Bianca if she is okay. Bianca apologizes and says she never meant to scare him or Babe or anyone. JR tells her, "When we knew you had Bess, we knew everything would be alright." Jack suggests Bianca let JR take Bess back to the hospital. Cradling Bess in her arms Bianca tells him, "No. I took Bess from the hospital, and I should be the one to take her back." True to her word, Bianca takes Bess back. As she comes off the elevator holding Bess, she walks quietly toward Babe while everyone else looks on."

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