04/15/2004 Erica Blames Her Father For Everything

"Kendall tells Ryan that she loves him, and then, almost as if she is startled by her candid revelation, tries to talk her way out of discussing it (using Bianca as a convenient decoy). Before she could get too far, Ryan says, "I love you too." Kendall walks back in some sort of slow motion romantic moment, and they start to kiss. Just then, Greenlee shows up and interrupts. She says that she had a feeling that Bianca was pulling a kind of "hiding in plain sight" thing, someplace where no one would expect her to be - Erica's penthouse.

Ryan and Kendall don't think that is feasible, given the verbal altercation that Bianca and Erica had before Miranda was born. Greenlee apologizes for interrupting and takes her leave, somewhat hurt that they wouldn't even consider her idea.

Meanwhile, the star-crossed lovers talk more about how they feel. Kendall tries to explain what she said, to which Ryan responds, "I know what you said. It sounded a lot like what I said." They think back on when Ryan said that love wasn't enough and admit they still believe that. Kendall wonders aloud what chance any of them - friends, family, loved ones - have if love is not enough. "Are we all lost?" she says. Ryan hopes not.

Eventually they decide that they need to start searching again. Ryan offers to go with her, and after a moment of a few exchanged words. Kendall agrees.

Back at the hospital, Babe wants to get out of there and search for Bianca and the baby herself. Krystal convinces her that she has it covered, or so she thinks - and leaves. Immediately, Babe takes the out of her arm and tries to leave. Instead, she feels weak and collapses to the floor.

Jamie comes a callin' and finds Babe on the floor. He helps her up and assures her that Bianca and the baby will be found, and her new family will be back together. He adds that he will cheer them on, and notes that none of them ever thought he would get to that point.

A little later, JR and Maggie join Jamie in Babe's room. After a moment, Maggie asks if she could talk to Babe alone. When the boys leave, Maggie says that although she has no right to ask a favor of her now - she needs to. She asks that even after all that has happened, that Babe not be mad at Bianca.

In the hallway, JR is about reaching his breaking point with worry. He knows that he should cut Bianca a break, but he just wants "his" daughter back.

Krystal and Tad talk and she tells him that he "better not" tell anyone about his theory that the baby really is Bianca's. Tad said that at this point he is only concerned about finding Bianca. He walks off and overhears Adam reporting the kidnapping to the police against JR's wishes. Maria approaches and sees what is happening. Tad grabs a doctor's lab coat and walks up to the officers, identifying himself as a doctor from psychiatric and Adam as a patient.

With Maria's help, Tad convinces the cops that Adam is crazy and that it was a false report. JR shows up and is livid. Adam, unwilling to do nothing, threatens to decimate anyone who gets in his way and leaves.

The search party has a discussion about how to proceed - make sure to keep Adam from acting out again, JR needs to go comfort his wife, and they need to pick the search back up again. In the meantime, Brooke's job is to appease Adam. Before they split up, Brooke briefly checks in with JR to see how he's handling it. He admits he's getting closer to the edge.

Babe tells Maggie that she is trying to be patient with this whole situation because she knows how awful Bianca must feel - but Babe says that she is starting to understand that all too well.

Outside the room, JR tells Jamie he is afraid that he is starting to become his father because all of the things Adam has been doing are starting to make sense.

Adam comes up with the idea to put out an APB, and once again, Brooke tries to stop him. Adam is taken aback because he thought that she understood - but apparently not. Brooke tries to play on his strong devotion to the people he cares about to make him understand why he needs to be kinder with regard to Bianca.

In her trekking about the hospital, Krystal stops for a moment when she has flashbacks where, in her delirium, Babe said that her baby was dead. She also remembers the time that Babe looked confused while holding the baby, but couldn't tell what was wrong. Krystal is afraid that Tad might be right.

Erica finally resurfaces with a man who turns out to be an undertaker of sorts. He apologizes for her loss, and she asks to be left alone. The doors close and Erica walks up to a flower-covered casket and says, "So this is how it ends, Dad? I don't think so."

Filling us in, Erica rants at the casket, saying that he died 10 minutes before she got to his bedside. She blames him for the legacy that he left which has affected all of the Kane women. She blames him for how they have suffered: Kendall's insecurities about love and inability to trust; Bianca's problems stemming from the rape; and all of her personal emotional issues. She refers to it as a curse on the family.

She talks for a while longer, wanting her father to hear in death what he ignored in life - and she hopes that he has gone to hell as payment for his sins.

The undertaker makes his way back and asks if she needs anything, and Erica is ready to leave. He hopes that these last moments have brought her a measure of peace, but she looks at him incredulously and says, "Are you kidding?" She then turns and leaves.

She resurfaces at a bar and orders a drink. Not long after, Bobby shows up (confirming that Erica is indeed in Las Vegas). One of the servers calls him boss as he goes over to talk to Erica.

Back at Erica's penthouse, Bianca tells Miranda stories about her relationship with Erica and all of the horrible things that she said. She explains that they are staying there until Erica comes back so that She (Bianca) can tell her that she loves her and apologize. She tells her that it seems the more you love someone, the more you fight - but that forgiveness is the most important thing.

Reggie is out showing Bianca's picture around, asking if anyone has seen her, when Danielle shows up. She tries to apologize but he is unwilling to bend. She lied to him and he thinks that means that she wants something from him. She tries to convince him that she is just creative, but Reggie thinks that saying that she was an abused kid "for fun" is proof that there is something wrong with her. He feels she has done a disservice to all of the kids out there that really ARE abused. The best thing for her to do, Reggie says, is to forget him, because he already forgot about her and leaves.

After he leaves, we see Tad and Aidan talking to a source about finding Bianca. They instruct him to do nothing but contact them if he finds her. They want to minimize the chance of scaring her. When the source leaves, the private eye duo occupy a table, and Tad gives a vague "what if" scenario about his theory: if it was something that might crush a lot of people, should he reveal it?

Aidan convinces Tad that the best thing for him to do would be to try to verify his theory, check and recheck the facts, and then tell the truth. No one would be able to fault him if he verified the theory.

Anita and Maria talk about the repercussions of Anita's actions with regard to Bianca and the baby. Maria feels that she needs to call Bobby so that she can lean on him. Anita confesses that she doesn't think that she can count on Bobby for anything. Maria brings up adultery (so at some point, she either figured it out or Anita told her) and says that she has a different perspective. She admits that Anita might have been too young to remember when Maria cheated on Edmund.

Back at the restaurant, Tad gets a hit on Erica on his computer - or rather, Erica's tab: food, milk, and disposable diapers. He and Aidan take off running for the penthouse.

Greenlee has beaten them to the punch. She knocks on the door several times without an answer. She starts to walk away when Bianca opens the door and apologizes for not answering right away (she was in the back room). She invites Greenlee in as if nothing is wrong, and goes to kneel beside the baby. As Greenlee looks on wordlessly, Bianca tells Greenlee that she was wrong about Miranda being gone."

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