04/14/2004 Anita Quits

"Krystal and Tad argued about the possibility that it was Babe's baby that was lost in the helicopter crash. Krystal refused to even consider it. Tad said maybe Paul Kramer was confused after the crash and Krystal slapped him across the face. She said she never thought Tad would sink so low. Tad said she was the one who said Paul was a liar. Krystal insisted that a mother knows her own child. Tad said yes under normal circumstances but Babe delivered under extreme conditions. He said what if every instinct in Bianca is telling her that baby is Miranda. Krystal accused Tad of hating Babe and told him to leave it alone. Tad said he couldn't if there was even the slightest possibility this was true. He said if the situation was reversed Krystal would insist on getting the truth. Krystal replied "Babe's baby survived, Bianca's didn't!." Then she stopped and remembered Babe muttering in delirium "My baby, dead!." The look on Krystal's face made Tad ask what was wrong, but she said nothing and ran off. Meanwhile JR sat with Babe in her room. She said if Bess couldn't be in their arms the next best place was in Bianca's. JR talked about calling the police but Babe made him promise to wait. Outside in the hallway Ryan argued with Adam about calling the police. Adam was insisting that the police be involved with the "kidnapping." Joe Martin walked over and said they were honoring JR and Babe's wishes and not calling the police. Adam threatened a lawsuit and Ryan said he wasn't going to let Adam drag Bianca through another nightmare. He said if Adam called the cops they might arrest Bianca or put her in Oak Haven. JR came out of the room just as Adam said maybe Oak Haven was the best place for Bianca. JR asked "Like it was for my mother?? This is my child and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!." Adam snarled "The hell there isn't!." He told JR he couldn't shut him out of his grandchild's life. JR said he was the father and he said no police. Ryan saw that JR had things under control so he left to search for Bianca and the baby. Adam said they could tell the police that Bianca had a screw loose. JR said the baby was in no danger but Adam tried to convince him otherwise. JR said he would handle this his way and Adam seemed to back down. JR asked him to go reassure Babe that the police wouldn't be involved and that he was sure they'd find the baby. Adam asked incredulously "You want me to lie to her?." JR responded "Yeah, shouldn't be too big a stretch for you" and left. Adam went into Babe's room and told her it was just a matter of time until Bianca and the baby were found. He said he agreed not to call the police. Babe thanked him and said they couldn't blame Bianca, she just misses her little girl. Adam walked out of the room and picked up a telephone.

Tad ran into JR who was terribly worried. JR said he didn't know how he'd survive if he lost his little girl. He gushed over Bess and how much he loved her already. Tad reminisced about JR as a baby. JR said Dixie had told him once that children would put life in perspective and that he'd been thinking about his mom a lot. He said there had been a hole inside him since her death but that Bess has filled the empty space. JR was worried about Babe, and told Tad that while Babe was so feverish she cried out several times thinking that it was their baby that was lost. Tad asked what else she said but JR said it was just the fever talking. He said maybe subconsciously Babe knew that one of the babies didn't make it.

Krystal went into Babe's room and Babe could tell something was bothering her mother. Krystal said they didn't know anything yet but that they'd definitely get her baby back.

Kendall went to Jack's loft and told Reggie and Greenlee that Bianca had taken Bess. Greenlee was afraid it was her fault because she took Bianca to the crash site. Kendall was very kind and said she wasn't pointing fingers, and told them the police hadn't been called yet. Greenlee was glad to hear it and picked up the phone to call Jack. Kendall stopped her and said they shouldn't overload Jack. Greenlee agreed. Reggie said he'd go check out places at PVU. Greenlee offered to help and Kendall told her to keep her eyes and ears open and call if she thought of anything. Greenlee did say she knew that Bianca went to the boathouse a lot and said the last time she ran into her there was in September. Bianca had said she had an appointment to keep that day. Kendall realized it was the day Bianca was supposed to end the pregnancy. She said she'd go to the boathouse and left Greenlee to make phone calls. At the boathouse Kendall called out for Bianca when she heard footsteps, but it was Ryan. She told him she felt like she let Bianca down. Ryan told her she didn't let Bianca down and said they had to keep looking for her. Kendall said she couldn't do it without Ryan. She was worried that maybe Bianca really did think the baby was Miranda, "How do I tell her all over again that she lost her baby?" Ryan said he'd be there with her. Kendall said she actually thought of giving Bianca a ton of money, a jet and instructions to run with the baby. She told Ryan to go ahead and tell her what a terrible person she was. Ryan said she wasn't terrible and that he'd thought of the same thing but knows it's not possible. He told Kendall that she would do what was best for her sister no matter what it cost her. Kendall smiled up at him and said "I love you." Meanwhile Greenlee made some calls then answered a knock on the door. It was Danielle, looking for Reggie. Greenlee explained that Reggie worried about real people with real problems. Danielle guessed that it was his cousin that lost her baby. Greenlee said yes and told her a bit about Bianca, including who her mother is. Danielle said if Erica Kane was her mother she'd never leave home! Greenlee's eyes lit up at that statement.

Maria and Anita met in an office at the hospital. Anita told Maria what happened and expected Maria to yell at her but she just hugged her instead. While they talked Adam yelled at Joe in the hallway, demanding to know who let Bianca in the nursery. Joe refused to tell him. Anita came out of the office and she was the one. Adam demanded that she be fired. Joe and Maria argued but Anita agreed and said her resignation would be on Joe's desk in the morning and walked away.

Bianca talked and fussed over the baby. A knock on the door interrupted her and when she opened it she found a delivery man with all the baby furniture and equipment she had ordered. He brought it in for her and then admired the baby. Bianca talked to "Bob for a little while and he said he and his wife were expecting their 3rd child next month. Bianca told him about her friend that just had a baby girl, and how she had hoped for a boy. After he left Bianca looked at everything she bought and decided to put the stroller together and take Miranda for a walk. She tried for a little while to assemble it but finally gave up and started taking pictures of the baby. As she snapped photos she commented that Miranda was definitely related to Erica Kane. Bianca set the timer on the camera and took a picture of the two of them together"

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