04/13/2004 Bianca Takes Miranda To Erica's

"Tad and Aidan grilled Ryan over breakfast at BJ's about the night before. They discussed the lead about Erica possibly being in Las Vegas. Kendall called and told Ryan she needed him right away.

JR came to the hospital in time to hear Anita explain to Kendall that Bianca must have taken Bess out of the hospital after being allowed to hold her in the nursery. Dr Joe explained they were doing everything they can to find Bess and Kendall begged for time to find Bianca before calling the police. Later, Dr Joe told Anita he had to recommend disciplinary action against her for allowing this to happen. Anita called Maria to tell her about the problem and left a message for her to call back. Aidan saw her and was sympathetic, promising he and his friends would find Bianca and the baby. Kendall feared that Bianca had shattered and was mistaking Bess for Miranda, out of her mind with grief. Kendall thought Bianca might have left town already and Ryan reminded her she left in a nightgown and hadn't gone home for more clothes and he would find them both. Kendall tearfully told him she just couldn't let herself believe or trust or hope for the best, but she thanked him.

Krystal put makeup on Babe and brushed her hair. JR came in and told Babe about Bianca taking Bess out of the hospital. He also finally explained that Miranda did not survive the helicopter crash. Babe immediately recalled Paul telling her that her baby's incubator had fallen into the river. Babe told JR she refused to believe Miranda was dead. They both agreed Bianca would not hurt Bess. Babe wanted her baby found right away, but warned JR to not call the police.

Bianca arrived at Erica's and called out to her to meet Miranda. Bianca used a laundry basket as a bassinet and anxiously awaited Erica's return, sure that Erica would fall in love with the baby. Bianca got on the phone and had the baby goods she'd ordered earlier scheduled for delivery to Erica's. She told Miranda she looks like Erica and was showing her other family photos when the doorbell rang with the delivery. Bianca continued to talk to Miranda about mother's intuition and her knowing all along she was still alive and promised her nothing would ever keep them apart again. Bianca told the baby a fairy tale about a princess hiding in a safe place until her mother could rescue her and living happily ever after.

Greenlee knocked on Reggie's door only to have him slam it in her face. She kept knocking until Reggie let her in, complaining about Greenlee ruining his night with Danielle. When Danielle asked them to quiet down, Reggie warned Greenlee she wasn't the only diva in the house. Greenlee warned Reggie that he needed to know more information about her before trusting her and letting her in his life, since she is probably a runaway. Reggie told her to leave him alone and she left. Livia Frye arrived with lasagna, looking for Jackson. She offered help to Reggie just as Danielle came into the room. Reggie went apoplectic to learn that Danielle was Livia's niece and the daughter of the chief of police. Livia was furious and told Danielle to get dressed so she could take her home. Livia demanded an explanation from Reggie and accused him of harboring a fugitive while his father is away. Greenlee returned just as they were leaving. Reggie felt terrible about Greenlee being right. Kendall came over to look for Bianca.

Lena was in Bianca's hospital room, blaming herself for falling asleep and enabling Bianca's disappearance. Maggie came in and blamed her too. They both calmed down and fretted about Bianca.

Tad showed up at the hospital and told Krystal about Bianca and the baby being missing and promised he'd find her. Krystal worried about Bianca's grip on reality and that maybe she thinks the baby is really Miranda. Tad took Krystal's breath away by asking "what if it is?""

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