04/09/2004 Kendall Asks Greenlee Back To Fusion

"Ryan, Tad, Aidan, and JR make a toast to "Bess," but when David walks in with his nasty attitude, it dampens their spirits some. David makes smart comment about him dating Krystal and possibly even becoming the next member of JR's new family. Tad gets up to attack David, but Aidan and Ryan hold him back. David walks out the door, feeling that he has won the battle, but sneaks back in later to cause more trouble. While the men think David has left, they decide to stop talking about women and go on a mission!

While Bianca is sleeping, Lena is visiting with her and Anita walks in. Anita suggests that Lena go get something to eat while she watches over Bianca. Lena agrees and when Bianca wakes up, she has some chest pain. Anita explains that it is normal for her to have milk and that she can give her a shot to make it stop. Bianca protests to the injection and explains to Anita that if she makes the milk stop, then it is like she giving on Miranda being alive. Bianca doesn't want the image of Miranda to go away and by being able to nurse, it assures her that Miranda was real, even if for a moment in her life. Anita understands and tells Bianca that she can what she wants because it is her body and her heart. Bianca thanks Anita for being so protective of her and they reminisce about when they were younger, Anita would always protect Bianca from the mean housekeeper, Rosa at Wildwind. Anita smiles and is touched when Bianca tells her that she has always been able to cheer her up when she was down. Lena comes back in while Bianca is dreaming of the first time she held Miranda and the promises she made to always keep her safe and protected.

Krystal visits "Bess" and rocks her to sleep in the nursery. Krystal talks to Miranda, telling her how much she looks like Babe and how lucky she is. Anita walks in to visit also. Krystal tells her how pretty her kids will be and Anita says that she is not ready for children yet. Krystal adds that she isn't trying to pressure Anita, but if she decides to have kids, it will be one of the most joyful experiences of her life. The nursery nurse comes over and tells Krystal and Anita that visiting hours are over, so the women leave.

When Bianca wakes up from her dream, she hears "Bess" crying. She gets out of bed and goes inside the nursery where she finally gets a good look at Bess. She says, "Miranda, there you are."

Edmund and Brooke are working on a new magazine cover at Wildwind and Edmund jokingly says that when he recovers completely in June, he and Brooke can take a trip together to write more news stories. Maria overhears and tells Edmund that she thought he planned to take it easy before the surgery. Edmund bluntly says "No Maria, you planned that." Seeing the obvious tension, Brooke excuses herself to go use the telephone. Edmund tries get Maria to understand that he not the man he used to be, while Maria still thinks that nothing has changed, expect his use of this legs. Edmund says he doesn't want to be in a wheelchair anymore, and then Ryan, JR, Tad, and Aidan come over and interrupt the conversation. They tell Maria that they are there on a mission to kidnap Edmund. Edmund leaves with the men, where they head back to the bar, leaving Brooke and Maria alone. Brooke asks Maria to say whatever troubles are on her mind. Maria is hesitant at first, but then tells Brooke that if Edmund dies in her surgery, it will be her fault. Brooke says that she not responsible for Edmunds decisions, only giving him the research he wanted about the surgery Maria accuses Brooke of being responsible by not stopping Edmund or trying to change his mind. Brooke retorts that Edmund is strong while Maria says that she is the one with something to lose -- she will lose her husband and the father of her children. Brooke reminds her that Maria isn't the only one with something to lose. She loves Edmund too and he is her friend; yes, she wants him not to do the surgery and wants to scream no, but it is decision. "if you don't see that Maria, then you aren't as smart as I thought you were," Brooke adds. Brooke admits that she had hoped to work together with Maria on this issue, but Maria is silent, indicating that she does not feel the same way. Brooke leaves and Maria bursts into tears.

Once the men arrive back at the bar, David slithers over, but seems to keep his distance. Edmund suggests they play pool, but when he gets to the table, he realizes his wheelchair is too low. Seeing the problem, Ryan gets a chainsaw and bargains with the bar owner to let him chop it down. The bar owner is resistant at first, but once JR pays him $750 and threatens to go the authorities about the violations that the bar has, the bar owner changes his mind quickly. David even says that he impressed with the committed friendship the men have towards Edmund. Tad says that it is something David knows nothing about. Edmund wins the round of pool and then Tad and Aidan drag David out of the bar. Ryan tells Edmund he is always there for him but has to leave.

Kendall tells Greenlee that they need to talk because things have changed with her. She even says that she understands why Greenlee took Bianca to the crash site and that since she didn't answer her cell phone, Greenlee was the only one who could help her sister. Greenlee reminds Kendall that she didn't want Bianca to go to the crash site, but she would have gone herself if no one was there to help her. With that out in the open, Greenlee turns the tables on Kendall and tells her to be honest about her feelings with her relationship with Ryan. Greenlee tells her again that nothing happened with Ryan, they are just friends. She explains that the closest they ever got was sharing a leather seat on his motorcycle. Kendall seems to believer her and admits that she has been thinking about what Jackson's suggestion to finally come together as a family. Shocked by Kendall's request, she checks Kendall's bag for weapons. Kendall laughs and admits that she misses the days of the fabulous Fusion four. Greenlee says she also misses those days too. Kendall suggests that they try to work together again. Simone and Mia walk in and overhear Kendall's suggestion and immediately tell Greenlee to say yes. Greenlee says she might regret her decision in the morning, but agrees to start over and work together at Fusion. Simone and Mia are excited and they toast to their new reunion. Greenlee says they can all meet in their office tomorrow morning and then Kendall rushes off. Greenlee tells them that she still wonders if things can ever go back to the way they used to be. Can the girls really be the fabulous Fusion four again?

Ryan goes home and when he gets to the door, he gets a surprise visit by Kendall, who is holding a pack of beer."

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