04/08/2004 Krystal Asks David Out To Dinner

"Krystal and David kiss passionately. When they finally break, Krystal says that she just wanted to thank him for saving not only Babe's heart but also her own. Curious about what was behind David's end of the lip lock, she asks, and he tells her that he was just happy that he could save someone, after all that had been lost. Tad saw them kissing, and when David walks away, he starts trying to convince her that if she gets involved with David ­ she'll only get burned. Having a little fun, Krystal teases Tad a little bit and then tells him that she thinks he's jealous of David. Tad vehemently denies this, as there is no reason. He is simply concerned for her since they are now "family."

They part ways, and Krystal tracks David down. She thanks him again, which he says isn't necessary. Krystal quickly confesses that the real reason she tracked him down was to invite him to dinner. He accepts.

Aidan runs into Anita with a patient in the hospital elevator, and Anita is glowing. She admits that she thinks Bobby is turning over a new leaf. In direct opposition to that stated fact, she starts voicing all of her concerns about trusting him again, but speaks as if the questions were coming from Aidan ("I know what you're thinking...can I trust him again? There's a fool born every minute. Am I making the right choice?"). While she is prattling on, the elevator becomes stuck. Her patient, a young child, wakes up scared. Anita, unable to get around her ranting about Bobby, is unable to comfort the child. Aidan, however, keeps his wits about him and manages to do that very thing.

Aidan brushes off the gratitude with regard to calming the patient, and follows with an apology about not being able to be that helpful as far as Bobby is concerned. Anita says she just doesn't want to get hurt again. She apologizes for going on about her situation so much and about her odd behavior because of it (like thinking that he was hitting on her when they were boxing). At that moment, the elevator starts moving again.

In the hospital room, Babe has a flashback to giving birth while she's looking at "Bess" and admits that she thought that she had a boy. JR assures her that she had a girl ­ and then she hears Paul's voice in her head: "You had a girl." Babe starts to believe.

Babe still doesn't know that "Miranda" supposedly died in the crash, and she talks about having birthday parties together and how "Bess and Miranda" will be best friends, just like their mommies. She decides that she wants to go see Miranda, but when she stands up, she gets dizzy. JR convinces her that now is not the best time. Instead, they make plans to spoil "Bess." JR notes that he's going to spoil both of his girls.

Babe decides to try to rest and JR takes "Bess" back to the nursery. While he's gone, Babe has a flashback (in a dream) about Paul telling her that it was HER baby that was lost in the river. JR comes back just as she is starting to wake up and crying about the possibility of losing her baby. JR comforts her and promises her that he will protect "Bess" and make sure nothing happens to her.

Bianca continues to try to convince Greenlee that she heard Miranda crying. Greenlee tells Bianca that she believes her because when Leo died, she went to the falls because she thought she heard him there. That was the place where she lost him and she believed, for a while, that he would return to her there. In time, she learned that the voice she was hearing was coming from her heart, where she kept the best part of her life with him. Greenlee tries to help Bianca cope with her loss by giving her the "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" necklace that Leo gave to her. Bianca had expressed that she didn't want Miranda to be alone, and Greenlee told her that the necklace would serve to remind her that she never would be.

Kendall and Ryan are having a drink at the Valley Inn, and Kendall asks Ryan if she really hurt him that badly by believing that he conspired with Greenlee instead of believing what he said. It took him a couple of false starts, but he finally admitted that it hurt like hell and he couldn't deal. He had to get away. Pondering a moment, Kendall relays what Erica told her ­ that she gets all wrapped up in her pain and can't find her way out of it. She admits that Erica was right about her, and that she (Kendall) was wrong about Ryan.

Kendall's phone rings, and it's Lena calling from the hospital. She tells Kendall that Bianca is missing ­ that no one at the hospital knows where she is. Ryan and Kendall take off for the hospital and upon arrival, Lena tells them that security has been alerted. Moments later, Bianca and Greenlee return to the room. Bianca tells everyone where they were, and after a pause, Kendall just expresses her relief that she is okay and puts her to bed. She then asks Greenlee if she can talk to her in the hallway. Ryan follows, leaving Lena in the room with Bianca.

Kendall asks Greenlee why she would take Bianca to the crash site. Greenlee says she did so because Bianca asked her to. Kendall believes that Greenlee was trying to torture Bianca. Greenlee is silent while Kendall rages on. Soon, Ryan asks her to stop and give Greenlee a chance to explain. Greenlee said that Bianca had made up her mind that she needed to go to the crash site and that no one could have stopped her. Kendall asked her why she didn't call her, and Greenlee said that she did, and that she also left a note explaining where they were, and that they would be back. Kendall falls silent because she distinctly remembers getting the phone call from Greenlee and ignoring it. Greenlee says that she helped Bianca because she loves her and she was there. She continues and says that Bianca needed to go there to accept the fact that Miranda was gone.

After Greenlee leaves, Kendall admits that she understands that Greenlee still misses Leo, but she still thought that she was wrong for risking Bianca's health by taking her to the crash site. Ryan asks Kendall to let it all go, and immediately she goes on the defense, asking why he was still defending Greenlee. Ryan walks away.

In the room, Bianca explains the necklace to Lena as she helps to put it on. "My baby's not alone," Bianca says. She rests a little while as Lena looks on. Kendall looks on through the window. Ryan comes back but leaves again before Kendall sees him.

A little while later, Bianca wakes up and Lena tells her that she located Paul and made him promise to come see her. Bianca says that she doesn't want to see him anymore because there is nothing he can tell her that she doesn't already know.

Greenlee shows up at the Valley Inn and unloads on the bartender when he asks her what she wants. Someone who will love and forgive her is near the top of the list. Moments later, Kendall comes in and says that she wants to settle things with Greenlee.

Tad goes to have a drink. JR shows up by invitation, but it isn't long before they are joined by Aidan and Ryan."

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