04/07/2004 Bianca Returns To The Crash Site

"Greenlee and Kendall continued their heated argument in the hospital. Kendall stormed away after vowing to never forgive Greenlee for what she did.

In the Valley Inn bar Tad and Ryan tried to get Erica's whereabouts from Palmer, who refused to tell them anything. They said they knew she had taken his private jet and he finally admitted that yes, she did take his jet. But he denied knowing anything else. Kendall walked in and asked if he'd tell her where Erica was. Palmer sympathized with her but said he has no clue as to what Erica's final destination was to be. Tad said they could ask the pilot and Palmer said the pilot was going on an extended vacation at an undisclosed location so they couldn't find him. Tad said he'd go to the airport and check the flight plan that was filed and left the bar. Palmer laughed and told Ryan and Kendall that the flight plan says Erica is going to a Naval base in Greenland. Ryan got a little annoyed and said this was no time to abandon Erica. Palmer turned on Ryan and berated him for abandoning Kendall. Kendall asked him not to go there and Palmer finally said he was calling it a night and left. Kendall and Ryan sat at the table together. Ryan said Palmer was really something, the way he looks after all of the Kane women. Kendall said he was just a softie and that she shouldn't have pressed him. They discussed Erica and Kendall was extremely furious and bitter about her mother. Ryan tried to defend Erica's actions but Kendall said she was too angry with her to care. Ryan said "You can be really mad at someone and still love them", looking straight into Kendall's eyes. Ryan said he got why Erica ran and tried to explain it to Kendall. He said Erica was so hurt that she had to be alone to heal. Kendall thought about it and then asked if Ryan was talking about himself. She wondered if it had hurt him that bad when she turned on him. Ryan just looked at her.

Greenlee was near Bianca's hospital door when Bianca came out in a hurry. Greenlee asked what she was doing out of bed. Bianca said she had to go to the crash site. Greenlee got Bianca back into her room and asked if she had her doctor's permission to leave the hospital. Bianca told Greenlee to worry about her own life, then told her off for all the pain she had caused. Greenlee apologized and said she really wanted to help Bianca. She offered to call David but Bianca refused and said she could go alone. Greenlee reminded her that she was dressed in hospital garb with no coat and no car. She tried to call Kendall but only got voicemail. Bianca told Greenlee she could help her and to lend her coat to her and drive her to the crash site. Greenlee refused until Bianca said she still feels Miranda, still sees her in her dreams. She said Miranda was still alive to her and she needed to go to the crash site to make it all real. Greenlee said no one who cared about Bianca would let her do this. Bianca said "Leo would. He would want you to help me." Finally convinced, Greenlee wrote a note about where they were going and left it on the table. They walked out the door and the breeze knocked the note to the floor. Greenlee drove Bianca to the woods and they walked to the place the chopper went down. Bianca could barely hold herself together. She asked a few questions which Greenlee tried to answer. Then Bianca spotted something and ran to it. It was a small memorial Greenlee explained. Jack had left a teddy bear, Kendall left flowers and Greenlee had left a scroll that had a child's prayer on it. Bianca picked up the bear and hugged it to her while tears streamed down her face. Greenlee sadly tried to get Bianca to leave but Bianca stopped and listened. She told Greenlee she could hear Miranda crying.

Babe woke up and asked to see her baby. She also wanted to know what happened when the chopper went down. JR and Krystal tried to avoid discussing the accident. Babe talked about helping Bianca give birth to Miranda and how scared she was. She said afterwards Bianca "didn't look so hot" so she went out for help. While in David's cabin she was hit with a contraction. She headed back to Bianca and found her unconscious. Babe described being alone and in labor. JR told her he loved her and kissed her. Babe joked with Krystal that giving birth was like "pushing a hippo through a mail slot." David came in to check her out. He looked at her charts and said the antibiotics were working well. He congratulated Babe on her baby and headed towards the door. JR stopped him and thanked him for saving Babe. Krystal asked Babe what she wanted to eat and handed her a list she had started. Babe added a car to the list since hers "went to car heaven." Then she asked again about Miranda. JR and Krystal began to tell her she didn't need to worry about Bianca when Anita came in with the baby. JR handed the baby to Babe and she was thrilled. She started touching Bess's cheeks and said they were plumper than she remembered. Krystal said babies change every hour. She left JR and Babe to enjoy their baby. After a bit Babe noticed that Bess had "sprung a leak" and asked JR to get a fresh diaper. He brought the bassinet over and left the room. Babe began to undress Bess and remembers Paul delivering her baby and handing it to her saying "Your boy's here Babe." JR returned to find Babe looking very confused.

Bobby was at the airport waiting for his flight. He went over his last conversation with Anita. He turned to see a woman with long dark hair wearing a white jacket. He thought it was Anita and went to her. Simone turned around and was pleasantly surprised to find a good looking man grabbing her arm. Bobby apologized and Simone began begging him to sell her his Las Vegas ticket. She said she had an urgent business deal she had to get to and the flight was oversold and she was on the waitlist. Bobby refused and Simone started pouring on the charm. She begged, and offered to pay double the ticket cost plus throw in a free Fusion facial. Bobby asked if she ever gave up and she said no. Then Simone saw Tad come in and she put her arms around Bobby. Tad just watched from the side. Simone asked Bobby to pretend they were together so she could make "this guy" jealous. Tad came over and said hi to Bobby. Simone was surprised that they knew each other. Tad told her that Bobby has a very beautiful wife and that's he used to be bad news. Tad walked away and Bobby told Simone he wasn't giving her his ticket. She tried to make passes at him but Bobby told her his wife was his whole world and he didn't want anyone else. Simone stomped off. Bobby turned and found Anita smiling at him. She said she decided to come see him off and that she heard what he said to Simone. They told each other how much they would miss each other then kissed passionately as the final boarding call was announced.

Krystal found David and thanked him for saving Babe's life. She kissed him then they put their arms around each other and kissed deeply. Tad walked in just in time to see this."

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