04/06/2004 Kelly Wants To Know More About The Baby

"Greenlee asked Bobby for help finding Erica and the story of their trip to Philadelphia came out. Bobby protected Erica's right to privacy. Anita asked him to help Jack and Greenlee. Bobby admitted seeing her praying in the chapel and accused them of being the reason she's gone. Greenlee told Bobby to stay out of Jack's business and out of her way since he doesn't know about love. Anita thought Greenlee had his number and that Bobby never understood her and makes her feel invisible. Bobby remained confident they could still make it work but Anita was unconvinced.

Lena went to see Bianca who asked her to find out all the details of the helicopter crash, to fill in every minute of Miranda's life. Lena agreed the pilot is the only person who knows the answers and promised to help Bianca find the answers. She left and Reggie quietly entered. Bianca smiled and asked him not to cry. He sat on her bed and they hugged. Later, they laughed at Reggie's bad jokes and talked about family sticking together. Bianca's phone rang and she took a message for Jack, which Reggie promised to pass along. Bianca fell asleep and dreamt about Miranda. She got out of bed to go to her baby.

At the nursery, Kendall lamented to Ryan about not being able to find Miranda. Ryan insisted they had a miracle in finding Bianca and that he knows she's enough of a fighter to get out of the darkness she's in. Ryan still believed in a happy ending but Kendall couldn't see it. Ryan thought they'd all learn to forgive and to appreciate love and life more but Kendall couldn't imagine ever being happy again. Ryan warned her not to tell the babies that life can really suck...a lot. Ryan said the miracle might be that a tragedy like this doesn't rip people apart, but brings them closer together. Jack interrupted to talk about Erica and Ryan promised to help Tad search. Kendall told Jack she was sure "Bess" was Bianca's baby when she first saw her. Greenlee interrupted and Kendall asked her to leave. Greenlee reminded her she's still family and Kendall asked Jack to ask her to leave. Jack admitted he's forgiven Greenlee and asked Kendall to do the same. Reggie interrupted with the message and suggested Kendall lay off Greenlee. Kendall was aghast to hear that Reggie has also forgiven Greenlee. Kendall and Greenlee argued while Reggie trying to break it up until Jack came back and told them to stop. Jack reminded Kendall that Bianca and Erica need them all, as a family. He said he plans to marry Erica and if he can't get their blessings, he wants them to keep their mouths shut. Jack explained he had to leave to see Lily, who is in trouble. Jack suggested Kendall open up her heart and learn to forgive and find love.

JR comforted Babe, who was hallucinating about Paul and a secret. Krystal came in the room and took JR out, explaining Babe is tormented and knows her marriage to Paul was annulled. JR said he'd feel better if Paul would stop hanging around. Krystal asked him to stay positive for Babe and JR vowed to bring Babe and Bess home safely. Krystal went back in to talk to Babe about the ongoing secret annulment. Later, JR was alone with Babe and apologized for how badly he treated her and promised to make it up to her. Anita came in and told Krystal and JR that Babe's fever has broken and she will be OK.

Maggie and Jamie were at BJ's and thinking of Bianca. Jamie wished someone loved him as much as she loves Bianca and Maggie choked. Maggie was clearly nervous that Jamie thinks they are more than friends. Jamie admitted he no longer loves Babe, because of all the hurt it caused and that he must have been an idiot to think he'd fallen in love after one night. Jamie thought Babe's baby being with the wrong father would have been unforgivable and he's into being Uncle Jamie. Maggie said babies were chick magnets and reminded him he's one of the most eligible bachelors in town. They discussed being roommates while being kind of involved and were convinced it will be OK. Jamie started to think that his dad has lost his touch with women.

Tad caught Liza hiding in his house and she nervously tried to explain and finally kissed him. Tad still had questions and she said it was his fault for taking a hiatus and she missed him. She said she was embarrassed and Tad reminded her they'd had an agreement to not see each other. Tad sent her on her way. Ryan came over and Tad shared his information about finding Erica's car in long-term parking at the airport. Tad explained his lack of concern for rules when friends are in trouble. Ryan asked for advice, but Tad said he has none on lust, love, or romance. Ryan wondered who else could have the answers and whined that he has lots of money, but no luck in love. Tad wondered why he should feel sorry for Ryan when together they look like before and after pictures in comic books. Tad asked Ryan to call his contact at the airport and ask about charter flights and just to say that "Pookie" needs to know. Later, he admitted to Ryan he's lost his touch, but Ryan said not with three women on the line. Ryan found out Erica had been seen at the charter counter, but no one saw her get on a plane. Later, Tad learned Erica may have been a stowaway and he and Ryan left.

In Llanview, Paul and Kelly discussed how happy Kevin is about being a father. They admired Ace and Kelly again couldn't imagine about how a mother could give him up. She said she needed to know more about the biological parents, for medical reasons. Paul insisted she didn't need to know, but she pushed him.

Lena found Paul at the hospital and he was reluctant to answer any questions. Lena warned him to talk to Bianca or he'd be the "sorriest sonuvabitch" in two cities."

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