04/05/2004 Liza Hides From Tad

"Jackson asked Tad to use his private eye skills to help track down Erica. Tad tried to convince Jack to allow Erica to have some down time to cope with the stress of everything that had transpired recently. Jack pressed on, however, and ultimately talked Tad into helping him out ­ with one big condition. Tad made Jack promise that if Erica still wanted to be alone after being tracked down, he would not force Erica to return to Pine Valley.

At BJ's, Liza pressed Mia for help in uncovering Krystal's secret. She explained that with any luck, once the secret was exposed it would lead to Krystal leaving Pine Valley. Mia, however, wanted no part of Liza's scheme and warned her that nothing good would come from her digging. Liza sneaked over to Tad's house. From outside, she called Tad's house phone to make sure that he wasn't home. Certain that the coast was clear, Liza helped herself to the spare key that Tad had hidden under a flowerpot and slipped inside. Mia's words of warning echoed in Liza's head, but Liza convinced herself that she had to do whatever it would take to get rid of Krystal. As Liza was tapping into Tad's computer, Tad returned home. Liza threw herself to the floor and hid behind the sofa. Tad looked around and sensed that someone had been in his home, but he quickly dismissed the notion. When Tad left the room, Liza quietly tiptoed to the front door and tried to sneak out. When she opened the door, Tad was standing on the other side waiting for her.

Greenlee urged Ryan to go after Kendall, saying that he understood if he had to choose his feelings for Kendall over his friendship for her. After Ryan left, Bobby, who had been watching from nearby, commented that it was quite clear that Ryan still had unresolved feelings for Kendall. Bobby relayed his story of a trouble relationship to Greenlee. Anita happened by and told her husband that she could not take him to the airport as promised. Bobby pressed her to try to find some time to drive him there, but Anita stood firmly by her decision to remain at the hospital. Bobby introduced Anita to Greenlee as his wife. Later, Greenlee correctly determined that Bobby had somehow done something to mess things up with Anita. Bobby tracked down Anita and again asked her to take him to the airport. Anita, however, had other things on her mind. She explained that Bobby's infidelity now made her question all of his relationships with other women. She then told Bobby that it was time for them to both "move on." Enraged by his wife's words, Bobby later flashed a fit of rage when he told an inquiring Jack that he would not tell him where Erica was even if he knew.

Bianca demanded that she be allowed to see Babe's baby, saying that Babe had asked her to take care of the baby if anything happened to her. Kendall tried to talk her out of it, but a headstrong Bianca wouldn't back down. On her way to the hospital nursery, Bianca broke down in tears and was unable to get anywhere near the baby. Later, Bianca called Joe Martin and asked for an update on her condition. Joe sensed that Bianca wanted something else from him. Bianca nodded affirmatively and said that she wanted to know how to contact the pilot of the helicopter that had crashed. Joe gave her the information and later Bianca placed an urgent call to Paul, telling him that she needed to speak to him as soon as possible."

- Soap Central