03/29/2004 Kendall Tells Bianca Her Baby Is Gone

"Unaware that the incubator had been found, Lena could not understand why no one was happy to learn that Bianca had awakened. As she turned around and saw the battered piece of medical equipment, Lena suddenly realized that there was no longer a chance of finding Bianca's baby alive. Kendall decided that she should be the one to tell Bianca that Miranda had died.

In the waiting area, an angry David told Erica that somehow she had gotten what she'd wished for -- Bianca's baby was dead. Ryan confronted David and told him to stop hurling accusations at Erica.

Somewhere in Llanview, Paul again assured Kelly that the woman who had "given up" her baby didn't want the little boy back. Kelly remained reluctant, but finally seemed to believe what her brother was saying. Paul again urged Kelly to accept the baby as her own – and never mention anything to the contrary again.

Reggie returned to Greenlee's loft and ordered Danielle to pack her bags and leave. A stunned Danielle bowed her head and tried to figure out what had suddenly turned Reggie against her. Reggie scathingly told the young woman to move along and find her next mark. As Danielle was preparing to leave, Reggie revealed the reason for his anger: Bianca's baby had died. A concerned Danielle walked to Reggie's side and tried to figure out a way to make his pain go away.

Back at the hospital, JR walked in Babe's room as Jamie was at Babe's bedside. Jamie feared that JR would lash out at him, and was quite surprised when JR said that he didn't mind his being there. Later, as JR held his baby girl, he apologized to Jamie for the cruel way that he had treated him. He also took back his comments that he and Jamie were not family. JR then said that he couldn't imagine what Bianca and her family were going through.

Bianca awoke and smiled meekly at her sister, Kendall. Bianca recalled the storm and giving birth to Miranda. She apologized for running out into the storm, but said that everything was okay now. Kendall informed Bianca that she had had to undergo emergency surgery, something Bianca had not known anything about. Bianca also knew nothing of the rescue Paul Cramer had mounted or the subsequent chopper crash. Bianca worried that her baby had been injured in the crash and asked to see her. Kendall quietly and painfully told Bianca that her baby was safe in Mona's arms and would never be hurt again. Bianca's face grew pale and was unable to fathom how her baby could be with Mona. That would mean that Miranda was... She was unable to say the word "dead." In the waiting area, Bianca's loved ones cringed and burst into tears as a horrific shriek echoed through the corridors. They knew that Bianca had been informed of Miranda's death. Bianca rolled onto her side, away from Kendall, and sobbed uncontrollably. Kendall crawled into bed next to her sister and held her tightly. The two women continued to cry as Erica slowly made her way into the room."

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