03/23/2004 Paul Lies To Babe

"JR, Ryan, David, and Tad continued the search for Babe and Bianca near the rushing flood waters, trying hard to remain optimistic.

Krystal and Erica were delighted to hear from David, with his news that the girls must have broken into his house and used his phone to call the Chandler's. David told them to get Adam's security team up to his house right away. Kendall told David she'd just heard a helicopter and maybe help was already there. Kendall called JR and the others with the news of the phone call from David's to Adam's. They rushed to David's. Kendall rushed out to search for Bianca alone. Jack called and joined the search. They all thought Babe and Bianca were together and that Babe had left the cabin to get back to help Bianca. David organized a search party while waiting for the rest of Adam's team. David and Ryan started arguing about Kendall and Greenlee and how David didn't trust Ryan or his hero act. David said Ryan has something to gain from Bianca's disappearance and Ryan was not amused.

At Chandler mansion, Adam insisted on looking for more searchers and that Erica and Krystal stay put. They agreed that David would not be lying about this. Krystal asked Erica what her mother's intuition said...Erica said they all have to be alright. Erica begged Adam to tell Bianca that she loves her and will be with her as soon as she can. Krystal wanted a shot of tequila, but decided to stay sober. She asked if Erica wanted a nip. Erica refused and stayed very quiet as Krystal continued to prattle on. Erica told her she is in a different situation, but Krystal reminded her they are the same, as mothers who love their girls. Erica confided her guilt about what she'd said to Bianca. Krystal told her that the children you love can make you madder than anything else. Erica complained about how everyone judges her, but Krystal told her she would never judge another mother. Krystal assured her that Bianca knows that Erica would never hurt her. Erica wept about what she'd said and the hurt in Bianca's eyes. Krystal told stories about how saying no is sometimes necessary. Erica continued to fret that she'd gone too far.

Kendall was in the woods, calling for Bianca and Greenlee stopped her to warn her about the mine shaft she was about to step in. Kendall didn't believe Greenlee's story about spending time in the hole and argued with her about Ryan. She refused to believe that Greenlee and Ryan weren't together. Ryan walked up and Greenlee walked away. Ryan refused to answer directly when Kendall wondered if he and Greenlee were together. He talked instead about blind faith and believing that Bianca and Babe were alright. Greenlee rushed up to them to ask if they saw it. She said she'd seen a helicopter about two miles up the river and they raced off to find it.

Jamie, Maggie, JR and Tad all bumped into each other, frantic about just running around in circles. Jamie apologized to JR for what he'd said and promised to do whatever it takes to make things right. Tad was pleased. JR prayed in the woods and asked to be taken instead of his wife and child.

In the cabin, Babe held her baby and talked to Bianca and Miranda. Outside, Paul talked to his sister Kelly in Llanview about finding a baby, a son, for her and that it was now or never for her, in order to keep her husband Kevin. Paul brought in portable incubators to carry the babies to the hospital. Babe reluctantly let him take her son.

Babe thanked Paul for helping her deliver the baby and begged him to help Bianca. As she told Paul about how Bianca had been raped and her own mother won't accept her baby, he gave her a shot, allegedly to keep her healthy. She asked him about the paternity test and he insisted she wanted the father to be JR and it is. Babe started feeling funny and he carried her outside. He came back in for Miranda and told baby Chandler that Uncle Paul had to leave, but his mother would be there soon. Outside, he staged an accident scene, with Bianca and Babe on the ground and parts of the helicopter scattered about. He ignored radio calls and Babe came to as he was smashing the radio. He told her there had been an accident and her baby's incubator had fallen into the river during the crash. Babe crawled on the ground to look for her baby and Paul assured her he'd go search. Paul went into the cabin and talked to Babe's baby about his new mother, Kelly.

Jamie and Maggie thought they saw a light and rushed into the cabin as Paul hid with the incubator and baby Chandler. They saw evidence of recent activity and Maggie found Bianca's sweater. They knew they were close and they ran outside to search some more nearby. Paul wondered where his sister was and Kelly finally came to the door and swore no one had seen her. Kelly was amazed to hold her the baby and hear Paul say he was all hers. She asked him how he did it."

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