03/04/2004 Jack Cleans Out His Office

"Alone in the cabin, Greenlee dreams of the box she found in the mine shaft, the box that Ryan told her held "the secret of love" in her earlier dream while she was still trapped. She wakes determined to find the box and goes back to the mine shaft. Ryan finds her and drags her back to camp. Once he has her safely back inside the cabin, Greenlee tells Ryan she must have the box. It's important. Ryan reaches behind a chair, picks up the box, and asks, "You mean this old thing?" Greenlee had been holding the box when Ryan found her so he saved it because he knew it must be important to her. Finally they get the box open. Greenlee is elated to find it empty, just like the box Leo once left for her. Greenlee's confusion lifts and things seem clear to her as she smiles at Ryan.

Kendall, Reggie, and Jackson meet with Alan Singer and Justin McCoy. Prior to the meeting, Jack tells Kendall he has a feeling Singer won't be happy until they are all three behind bars. Jack makes Reggie and Kendall promise to let him do all the talking. Singer and McCoy arrive. True to form, Singer rattles off more felonies and misdemeanors among the three than they can count. The only plea Singer offers involves two to five years jail time for each of them. Jack reminds him all the crimes were victimless because Cambias was killed in self-defense and that there were mitigating circumstances. The kids were only trying to save Bianca. Jack counter-offers pleading out Reggie and Kendall to the misdemeanors with probation and community service and for himself to plead guilty to the more serious counts and do whatever jail time the judge throws at him. "So what do you say, Alan?" Jackson asks. "When the doctors operated on you did they find a heart?" As Alan seems to consider Jackson's counter-offer, McCoy agitates for them all to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just as Alan is about to accept Jack's offer, a knock on the door announces the arrival of Peter Edgemont. Peter is a special assistant to Governor Brooks, who has been following the case closely and personally sent Peter with sentencing recommendations. Peter mentions to Singer that the governor would like to see his name on the ballot for Attorney General. In a quandary Singer likes the idea but states his platform is that he is tough on crime. Mr. Edgemont tells Singer there exists a huge public perception the office has screwed up royally with this case and reminds him the public will recognize a scapegoat for what it is if he tries to make one out of Jackson. Singer nods his understanding. McCoy pipes up and says if Singer doesn't prosecute all three of them that he will when Special Prosecutor Singer leaves because then he will be acting DA. Peter appreciates the reminder and gives Singer one last duty as special prosecutor - fire Justin McCoy. Jack will likely be disbarred. There's not much Singer can do about that. But they all three end up pleading to the misdemeanors for probation and community service.

Knowing McCoy will file for Jackson to be disbarred, Jack cleans out his office. As Reggie looks on he comments how Greenlee hasn't been there to support Jack during any of this trouble. With Kendall still in the room and listening, Jack tells Reggie that Ryan called this morning. He says Ryan told him he found Greenlee and that they are together and okay, which to Kendall only proves her suspicions that Ryan and Greenlee were conspiring against her all along.

Lena sweetly reads a love story to Bianca as they listen to romantic classical music. The baby kicks, and Bianca expresses how peaceful and happy she is now. While dreaming about her future with the baby, Bianca realizes she doesn't even have a car seat to bring baby home from the hospital in. Not thinking she will get such a practical gift at her shower, Bianca goes on an online shopping spree. As Bianca shops she and Lena discuss Erica's acceptance of the baby. Bianca, Lena, and baby (with a kick) all agree that Erica will learn to love the baby.

While playing a racing video game, Jamie and Maggie make small talk. Jamie notices how Maggie loses her concentration whenever he mentions Bianca's name and asks what is wrong. Maggie says she is worried about losing her roommate and that she won't be able to afford her apartment. Jamie loses his concentration when Maggie suggests he move in with her. It would solve her roommate problem and get Jamie away from his parents' "schizoid" antics, plus no curfew. A two-bedroom apartment is opening across the hall from the one Maggie and Bianca share. After a bit more discussion over pizza, Jamie agrees to become Maggie's roommate. Maggie rushes home and announces it to Bianca by asking for the landlord's number.

Anita bumps into Aidan as he is about to enter Edmund's hospital room. Anita tells him she doesn't want him going near Edmund and Maria - ever! Anita respects marriage vows, implying that Aidan doesn't. Aidan explains that he, Edmund, and Maria have made peace with the past but respects Anita's wishes and asks her to give Edmund and Maria his regards. Anita sits in a chair outside the room guarding the door while Edmund and Maria share a tender moment on the other side of the door. Aidan returns with a latté for Anita and asks if he can make peace with her the same way he has with her sister and brother-in-law.

Lying in his hospital bed, Edmund tells Marie he will never forgive himself if he doesn't have the surgery. Maria kisses Edmund and reminds him of the things he can still feel. Maria declares that what they have now is so much more than some people ever get. Maria says that is enough for her and tearfully pleads with Edmund, "Can it please be enough for you?" Maria continues and tells Edmund of the dream she had in which he was dead. Edmund comforts her and promises it was just a dream. Maria can't convince Edmund to give up on having the surgery so she asks instead if he will just come home for a little while and play with the kids and see what it is like before he gambles all they have by opting for the surgery that could cure or kill him."

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