02/27/2004 Kendall Suggests She & David Have An Affair

"After Ryan found Greenlee in the mineshaft, he took her to an abandoned cabin. While she dozed in and out of consciousness, she told him about her dreams and even suggested he leave her behind to return to his life in Pine Valley. She told him about her promise to God that if He let her live, she would be a nice, sweet girl. Ryan was beyond shocked to hear that she was thinking of someone other than herself, so he immediately called a doctor to check her. While they waited for the doctor, Greenlee asked if Kendall had been sentenced to the death penalty, and when Ryan told her Kendall was free, Greenlee seemed genuinely relieved and happy.

The doctor examined Greenlee and gave Ryan some medicine for her. Ryan told her that he had thrown the ring down the shaft and then sealed it with the rock but had had no idea she had been inside. Greenlee said that she had been calling him and asked if he had heard her. Ryan said that he had heard her because all the time she had been gone, she had continued to pop into his head. He told her he had been on his way out of town when he had realized she had been trapped in the shaft.

Kendall fell asleep at David's home with an empty bottle of gin next to her. When she woke up with a hangover, she immediately panicked, thinking that she and David had done something the night before. David reassured her that nothing had happened between them and that she had slept on the couch the entire night. She thanked David for taking care of her and then told him that her relationship with Ryan was over. David told Kendall that he was done with women and relationships. They briefly talked about his relationship with Erica, and when Kendall asked him if she and David could ever fall in love, David told her the only love they shared was their love for Bianca.

Jamie went to Joe Martin's office, where he ran into Anita. He assumed that Anita was Joe's new executive assistant and tried to persuade her to let him see the paternity test results, which he thought were in Joe's inbox on his desk. Anita told him that she had heard the rumors about Tad the Cad, and Jamie joked that someone should have warned her about him as well. Joe walked in and asked Jamie why he was so early for the appointment. When Jamie fumbled for an answer, Joe told him to return later.

Once Jamie was gone, Joe asked Anita if Jamie had tried to find out anything about the paternity test from her. She told him no and then handed him her application for a physician's assistant job. Joe told her he would contact Human Resources and set up an interview for her. Anita thanked him happily and left. She ran into Jamie, who was looking at the newborn babies. They talked about their interest in children.

That morning, Babe seemed cheerful, as JR wandered downstairs, and Adam lurked in the corner. She offered him a cup of coffee with "World's Best Dad" written on it, which immediately upset him. He thought it was another ploy to try to convince him he was the daddy of her baby. Babe ignored his nasty words and told him that when he saw the baby, all of his ugly Adam traits would diminish, and he would stop saying hateful things to her. JR was still skeptical and confirmed that he would be at Joe's office that morning to hear the results of the test.

JR handed her back the mug, making a remark that she might want to save it for Jamie. Babe got upset, threw the cup on the floor, and rushed out. Adam sneaked in when Babe left and verbally trashed her to JR. He also told JR that he would always support him, no matter what happened, and would always be grateful that JR had been there for him when Adam had faced going to prison. Adam and JR agreed to meet at Joe's office, and then JR imagined the perfect life with his son and wife.

Tad woke up and immediately tried to search for the sheet of paper tucked under Krystal's mattress. Krystal realized that he wasn't trying to be frisky and immediately got out of bed, throwing a fit. She threw the necklace back at him and told him that she was hurt. She had actually thought he had wanted to be with her, but all he'd really wanted had been to find out dirt on Babe. Tad admitted that he was looking for dirt on Babe and tried to seduce Krystal back into bed, but she pushed him away.

Krystal told Tad she would not be used by any man, and when she opened the door to leave, Simone was waiting. Krystal told Simone that she could have Tad and headed to Joe's office. Tad retrieved the paper under the mattress, only to find a betting pool for the Oscars. Simone confronted Tad about sleeping with Krystal. She asked him how it would help him with Jamie. Tad told her that whatever secret Babe had seemed to directly affect Jamie and JR somehow.

Seeing that Simone was upset, Tad suggested they end their relationship until things got sorted out with Krytal, but Simone said no. She told him that when he was done with his mission, he could return to her. Simone and Tad searched through Krystal's bedroom, searching for the dirt. Simone got angry and complained about Tad using her, and he told her that she had known the extent to their relationship when they had gotten involved. She threw a black vase at him, which managed to miss his head, but not the wall. When it broke, Tad found the annulment paper stashed inside.

When Babe got to the hospital, she ran into Paul and asked him about the results. He told her that he had flown them over to Pine Valley, but she would have to wait to find out the results when JR did. She went to Joe's office, where she ran into Jamie. He told her that if the baby were his, she didn't have to include him in the package and apologized for hurting her feelings. Babe was surprised by his caring attitude and even let him touch her belly when the baby kicked.

Krystal arrived and asked to speak to Babe alone. Krystal wanted to make sure Babe was okay, and shortly after, Adam and JR arrived. Joe walked in and pulled the results out of his jacket, ready to read them."

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