02/24/2004 Bianca Explains What Happened

"Maria was not happy to see Brooke, and they argued outside Edmund's hospital room about Brooke's research help for Edmund. Maria warned Brooke to stay away from Edmund for good. Brooke tried to defend Edmund and his right to make his own choices, but Maria wouldn't hear it. Brooke's jaw dropped as Maria ordered hospital security to keep Brooke away from Edmund. Dr. Joe was concerned about Maria's actions, but Maria tried to tell him everything was under control. Joe was adamant that she take some time off for herself right away.

Anita went to see Edmund and stated that Maria was one of the best doctors, and Anita agreed that the surgery was a bad idea. Edmund asked Anita to tell Maria it wasn't a death wish; it was a chance to walk again. Anita said it was Maria's future, too, and she couldn't say anything. Anita said she was on family leave from work. Edmund asked about Bobby; Anita was vague, but Edmund guessed there might be trouble. When Anita left, Edmund called Dr. Marshall to schedule the surgery.

Greenlee saw a vision of herself as a happier and better person. The other Greenlee took out her old diary and read the long-term goals for a glamorous career and a romantic life, being a cool mom and gourmet chef, and throwing great parties. She told Greenlee there was a reason she had never gotten what she wanted, because she was a bitch. The other Greenlee reminded her she'd done something horrible, but for good reasons and to protect someone she loved. She said people only thought the worst of Greenlee because that was the only side they saw. She also said if Greenlee wanted to find true happiness, she shouldn't shut her better half out. Greenlee got mad and threw a rock at her alter ego, and the walls started to collapse around her.

The judge gently told Bianca she had a right against self-incrimination and urged her to leave with Jack and Livia. Bianca admitted again to the killing and insisted on staying, saying she had to be punished for what she had done. The judge continued to urge her to be quiet until she spoke with counsel. Bianca made a speech about truth and justice and told the packed courtroom about her fears and her gratitude for all their help and protection. She apologized to Kendall and especially thanked her for her love and support and asked for Erica's forgiveness.

Kendall hugged Bianca, and Bianca realized that Kendall would never have told the truth. Bianca then took off her coat, showing her pregnant self and admitting that she was the one carrying Michael's baby. Everyone listened raptly as Bianca told a tale of strength, love, courage, and wanting to raise her child to not be afraid. Erica stood stiff, and Reggie and Lena hugged Bianca. Bianca thanked David for saving her child more than once and thanked Ryan as well.

The judge offered guidance, and Jack, Erica, Reggie, Kendall, and Bianca followed her to meet with the prosecution. In chambers, Bianca told the judge that she'd found out she was pregnant the day Michael had been released. She explained it had been too hard to think about pressing charges again, and she had thought there was another way to get Michael out of town. When she had seen Reggie's gun, she had thought she could carry it in her purse and feel safe enough to go see Michael. She had gone to his condo and told him she was pregnant.

As Michael had laughed, Bianca had told him he had to leave town, or she'd re-file the rape charges, with proof. He had tried to touch her and had said both he and the baby would be rich, based on the codicil to his father's will. Michael had told her he'd tell the court it had been consensual sex, and the court would believe him because she had planned to keep the baby. He had been totally smarmy and had said he'd own the child too.

Bianca had tried to get away, but he had stopped her, pushed her down on the sofa, and started to undress, saying he'd repeat their first time. Bianca had pulled the gun out and threatened to shoot if he moved toward her. Michael had reached for the gun and told her she would do what she was told for the rest of her life. Bianca had pulled the trigger, Michael had gone down, and she had run out.

Livia said it had clearly been self-defense, and Alan Singer said it had clearly been premeditated murder. They argued all the legal points. Erica finally said that if Bianca were put on trial, Erica would continue to confess to the murder herself. The judge said she believed Bianca's story. Alan Singer said he'd issue a statement that no charges would be filed against Bianca, but warrants would fly for everyone else involved. Kendall, Bianca, and Reggie shared their happiness that it was finally over. Jack looked on, wondering where Erica had gone.

Bianca went back to the courtroom to tell everyone the good news, and they were all relieved for her. Kendall tried to talk to Ryan, but he saw Greenlee in her place.

Jack found Erica at home, staring out the window, drinking. She didn't respond when he talked to her."

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