02/23/2004 Court Is Dismissed

"Mary sought Ryan out at court because it was Greenlee's birthday and she was still missing. Greenlee's hallucinations in the hole continued, and she swore she'd be a better person if she ever got out. Ryan kept getting psychic flashes. Still, no one except her mom was overly concerned about Greenlee's absence.

Erica, Bianca, and Kendall were gathered in the private room in the courthouse. As Bianca began to remember the whole truth, Kendall started to leave to have Livia change her plea to guilty. Erica stopped Kendall from leaving. As Erica and Kendall exchanged words, Bianca remembered pulling the trigger. "I did it, Mom. I murdered Michael," Bianca confessed. Bianca questioned how she could have failed to remember before that moment.

Bianca remembered Michael approaching her, laughing and telling her she would do whatever he said for the rest of her life before she pulled the trigger that forever silenced him. Erica thought Bianca was sacrificing for her, but the truth had to be revealed. "I don't really understand. Are we helping each other, or are we tearing each other apart?" Erica lamented. Kendall begged Bianca not to confess in court. Bianca realized Kendall had known the truth all along.

Tad interrupted with a waitress witness from the Golden Coach Diner. Alise Baylor had stayed late just to wait on Erica because she had recognized her. Alise could provide proof that Erica had entered the diner around 11:30 p.m. and had been there until 2:00 a.m. Alise's married boyfriend had been there too, so there was no doubt about Erica's unwanted alibi. Tad didn't understand why Erica was not more thrilled to hear she was off the hook. Erica told him to send a bill and asked him to leave, saying, "Please, Tad, I just need to speak with my daughters in private."

Reggie proclaimed Erica's innocence to Jack. Jack demanded to know how Reggie knew she was innocent and insisted that Reggie tell him what he was holding back. After Mary interrupted Jack while looking for Greenlee, and Tad told him about Erica being less than thrilled over the alibi he had found, Jack started to go to the room where Erica, Kendall, and Bianca were holed up.

Reggie stopped Jack. He had to tell Jack something first. "I need your help. We all do...Dad, she didn't mean to kill him. I swear, she didn't mean to do it," Reggie professed to Jack.

In the courtroom hallway, Opal overheard Adam telling Palmer that Erica had thought he was Michael when she had shot him in the shoulder. Opal realized Palmer and Adam had been working together to protect her best pal and thought there was hope for the Chandler-Courtland feud to finally be over. Adam and Palmer good-naturedly disagreed.

Anita took Maria to the bar where she and Edmund had shared their first dance. Anita convinced her she was an adult and got Maria to share her concerns. Maria asked Anita to discourage Edmund from the surgery if she got the chance.

As Edmund lay, unsuccessfully willing his legs to move, Brooke took him a foot-tall pile of research, most of which was not encouraging. Since Brooke could not dissuade Edmund from having the surgery, she shared the plus side of Marshall's pioneering techniques. There was a case study where the patient had beaten the odds and made an exceptional recovery.

After Tad left, Bianca said, "See, Mom. It wasn't you. And it wasn't Kendall, either." Bianca's flashbacks continued until she remembered everything. As Bianca recalled details of the murder scene, Kendall and Erica tried to convince her she could have gotten those ideas from the press or from previously being in the condo.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Bianca declared, "No, Kendall! I was there. I saw a woman with dark hair wearing a black jacket. She was in the shadows. She had a gun. She went into Michael's condo. She shot him. She killed him. All this time I thought I was seeing you, Mom. But I was wrong. I was seeing myself. It was me."

Going to Bianca, Erica lovingly straightened Bianca's hair as she tenderly and tearfully said, "Kendall, Michael Cambias stole time from Bianca and me...the pain is too deep to remember or relive. But you know what we've blocked, don't you? That's why you've done all you've done. Give us back those fragments that we've lost. We need to know what happened in them."

"Why? Why not just forget it and never think about it again?" Kendall asked. Erica reminded Kendall that she had tried that and stated how much Kendall wanted to be a part of the legacy of the Kane women. Erica pleaded, "Please, please, don't let us be a house divided by lies and secrets. Please, as much as we want to protect each other, now is the time for the truth to come out. It's our only hope for the future. The truth, Kendall. All of it. Now." Erica finished and steadied herself to hear the truths she could barely bear.

Shakily, Kendall started sharing the truth she had prayed would never be learned. "I love you, Bianca, and I think I would have killed for you, but I didn't," Kendall began. Kendall told about hearing the shots, running into the courtyard, and seeing the lady with the black jacket with a gun in her hand. "It was you, Bianca," Kendall confirmed, adding, "All I wanted to do was protect you."

Kendall told them Reggie knew, too, because he had run to Michael's when he had woken up that night, and Bianca had been gone. Reggie had helped Kendall clean up the blood and move the body. Since all Bianca had remembered the next morning had been ditching the gun, Reggie and Kendall had thought it best to leave it that way. Bianca begged Kendall's forgiveness because Kendall had taken all the blame even though she had known the truth from the start. As they embraced, Kendall assured her there was nothing to forgive.

Jack entered the room. "I did it, Uncle Jack. I did it," Bianca told him. "I know," was Jack's pained response. "What now?" Bianca asked him. Everyone was letting Bianca's confession sink in as Tad stuck his head in the door to let them know Judge Lampbert was ready to render her decision. Jack told Bianca not to do anything until they heard the ruling. A mistrial would change everything, Jack reminded them all.

Judge Lampbert declared a mistrial and dismissed court. Bianca hugged Kendall and said she had gotten her life back as Kendall glanced hopefully at Ryan sitting in the back row. Kendall told Bianca that all they had to do was walk away. Bianca wanted to know how it worked and if Kendall would be retried. Jack told Bianca that was not very likely. Unable to stand the deceit, Bianca stopped Judge Lampbert from leaving the courtroom. "Wait. I have to tell you. I did it, Your Honor. I killed Michael Cambias," Bianca confessed."

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