02/16/2004 Greenlee Tries To Contact Ryan

"Trapped in the mine shaft with no visible signs of escape, Greenlee starts to pray that Ryan will come to her rescue. As if being sent messages telepathically, Ryan starts to think of her. Uncertain why she disappeared, Ryan lashes out at Jack, saying that his abandonment of his daughter for Kendall is the reason for all her problems.

Jack is dismayed when Kendall tells him that Erica insisted she not take the plea bargain that was offered her. Erica, meanwhile, is haunted with thoughts of Michael. Both Bianca and Kendall worry about Erica's mental state and ask Reggie to keep an eye on her.

Tad finds a homeless woman named Prilly, who may know something about where Erica was the night Michael vanished. Prilly tells him what she saw from her angle and suggests that Erica might have been the woman she saw going into Michael's condo that fateful night. Erica worries that she blacked out the memory of killing Michael, but Tad tells her not to jump to any conclusions."

- Soap Central