02/12/2004 Greenlee Gets Stuck In A Hellhole

"David carries Bianca into the ER. She fears her water is breaking. At the hospital for blood tests, Babe sees Bianca and asks what is wrong. "My baby! I can't lose my baby!" Bianca cries. With JR by her side, Babe brings much comfort to Bianca. Bianca makes David promise he won't let them take her baby. Tests reveal a break in the wall of the amniotic sack but it has resealed itself and there is no sign of infection. Bianca and baby will be fine. Thanks to this scare though, everyone in Pine Valley is learning Bianca is pregnant with Michael Cambias' offspring.

Boyd discovers Erica at her desk at Enchantment. Buried in work, she tells Boyd that's where she belongs and demands he bring some test results to her immediately. "Yes, Ma'am," Boyd replies and leaves. Jack wanders in as Erica continues working. Jack has been worried sick because he could not find her and because she hasn't returned any of his calls. "And why is that, Jack? Afraid I'd attack Bianca with these?" Erica retorts holding up a pair of scissors. Jack assures Erica he knows she would never hurt her daughters. No matter how hard Jack tries, Erica will not let him in. All Erica will do is work. Jack notices Erica's engagement ring missing from her finger. She says she took it off to put on hand lotion last night and must have left it laying on her nightstand by accident. The phone rings, and it is David calling from the hospital to let her know Bianca is there. Erica and Jack leave for the hospital.

Ryan tries to work things out with Kendall yet again. "You make us or you break us," he tells her. Kendall blames Ryan's "best friend" Greenlee for her predicament. Kendall refuses to trust and reconcile with Ryan. She returns his engagement ring and tells him goodbye. Kendall sees no way the jury can fail to convict her now and seriously considers accepting the DA's deal that would land her in Statesville for 10 years, which she says Livia is encouraging her to take.

Ryan goes to the bar at the Valley Inn and orders a double scotch. Mary Smythe finds him there. Mary tries to tell Ryan how he should be thanking her and Greenlee for all they've done for him. Ryan tells her to find another moneybag and leaves.

Greenlee falls through the boards her heel was stuck in and lands in an abandoned mine shaft. From her hole in the ground Greenlee bemoans her fate. Her cell is fully charged but no signal. She finds a match and lights an oil lamp on the mine wall. At one point she hallucinates Ryan has found her. Realizing it was not real, Greenlee begins calling Ryan's name.

Krystal asks Babe why she did not tell her about Bianca being pregnant. Babe tells her mom she didn't know. Babe, Krystal, and JR put their heads together and figure out Bianca's child is from the rape. Babe reminisces with JR how lucky they are to know their baby was conceived only in love. JR agrees but says it may have been with his brother and throws Jamie in Babe's face. Babe leaves to wait for news of Bianca in a friendlier place and to get Dr. Joe Martin to draw her blood for the test. Krystal jumps JR. She tells him if he clog dances on Babe's heart he's going to be dealing with the "mother of all mother-in-laws" and that he will lose Babe in the process so that by the time the test results show he is the father, she won't want anything to do with him. JR straightens up and treats Babe better when she comes back from having her blood drawn. JR leaves for the office after a while. Babe makes a beeline for Llanview.

Aidan visits Kendall at her condo. She tells him he can stick a fork in her and Ryan, that they are done. Aidan offers his shoulder to cry on. He does not want Kendall to quit fighting and take the deal. The jury hasn't convicted her yet. Aidan feels responsible because he brought the minister to Pine Valley but Kendall blames Greenlee and Mia, not Aidan.

Erica and Jack arrive at the hospital. Seeing Erica filling out the insurance papers for Bianca and watching how she is acting Krystal observes, "She is walking a tight rope that's about to snap." Erica finds out Bianca is not losing the baby and refuses to go in and see her even though Bianca's been asking for her. Erica tells Jack it's because she doesn't want to upset Bianca and tells him to give Bianca all her love. Kendall has heard of Bianca's pregnancy problem by this time and enters the hospital just in time to hear Erica say "what a blessing it would have been if Bianca had lost that baby.""

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