02/02/2004 Erica Attacks Kendall

"Jack wondered why Bianca would think that Erica had killed Michael. Bianca explained her flashes of memory and seeing someone hiding in the bushes and a black jacket sleeve. Bianca was confused by her memories and Jack tried to convince her she was expressing fear, not memories. Bianca gasped with the realization that Jack thinks Erica is guilty. He denied that and said that Bianca needn't accuse Erica to save Kendall, since the trial was going so well.

Erica continued to lunge at Kendall with scissors, thinking she was actually attacking Michael. Aidan rushed in and pulled Erica off Kendall as she screamed that this time he had to stay dead, and she had been so sure he was dead last time. When Erica collapsed, Aidan wanted Kendall to call the police but she wouldn't. Aidan wanted the police to hear Erica's confession. Kendall called Bianca and told her about Erica's breakdown, asking her to come over right away with David. Bianca rushed out and left Jack screaming for a guard.

Erica came to and wondered why Kendall had drugged her and brought her there. Erica was leaving when David and Bianca came in. Erica was upset and said she'd blacked out, just like the night Michael died. Outside, Aidan accused Kendall of covering for Erica the whole time and she only thanked him for his help. He saw the ring and she told him about her engagement.

Jack came over then, saying he found a friendly judge and was able to post bail. They told him about Erica's breakdown and he rushed in to Erica's side. Aidan told Kendall about Reverend Lomax being safe and secure. He suggested Kendall stay away from Erica.

Erica told Jack that she'd blacked out and Jack reassured her she could not have done anything wrong. Erica said she was upset by the DNA results and the way Bianca is defending Kendall, upset enough to see visions of Michael. Bianca walked in just in time to hear Erica say that because of Kendall, Michael is still alive. Erica was upset to hear Bianca defend Kendall again and left with Jack. Bianca had another flashback and asked David if her mother had killed Michael. David said he thought Erica went home when he left her and that even Erica probably doesn't remember what happened. Bianca realized that Erica's breakdown was caused by her defense of Kendall and the pregnancy. Bianca became terrified of destroying Erica with the truth.

Ryan stammered his shock over Greenlee's suggestion that he sleep with her to prove his love for Kendall. Ryan was firm in his refusal, saying he could not hurt Kendall. Greenlee continued to press and told him she wants him. Ryan asked her to stop playing games and she told him how empty she's been without him and how she needs him. He flatly stated he could not help her, even though at one time he did want her too. She insisted he should sleep with her to get her out of his system, for his sake and Kendall's. They kissed and Ryan admitted he was tempted, now that she was someone he could talk to, but said he could not sleep with her. He promised to always be there for her and that he and Kendall would come to her aid anytime she needs it. He asked Greenlee to respect his decision and leave Kendall alone or their friendship would be over. She promised to not cause any trouble for him or Kendall. Greenlee and Ryan said goodbye at the door, with Kendall listening to them call each other their own secret weapons and Greenlee saying she'll keep her promise about Kendall. They kissed on the cheek and Greenlee left.

Mia was befuddled by Fred Lomax, who seemed to not be playing with a full deck. She tried to find out who he was and realized it was all about Kendall and assumed he was there to marry Aidan and Kendall. He blabbed that Kendall was already married...to Michael Cambias and he had performed the ceremony. He launched into one of his unearthly diatribes and Kendall realized that Aidan was protecting Kendall and she had probably married an imposter. He asked her some questions and she told him about her relationship with Aidan. As she whined, he went out the front door.

Back at the Pine Cone Motel, Mia started a search for Fred. When Aidan returned and she told him he would hate her when he found out what she'd done. Mia was working up the courage to tell him and was delighted to hear Aidan say he did not need to go to Kendall's rescue any more. She changed her mind about telling him and they hugged.

Meanwhile, Reverend Fred Lomax brought his tin foil to the courthouse and sat at the judge's bench, declaring that justice would be delivered by his hands."

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