01/30/2004 Greenlee Wants To See Kendall Naked

"In the hallway of the courthouse, Mia catches up with Aidan. She tells him his DNA cover was brilliant. Aidan insists he had nothing to do with it. Mia still insists he's a hero and wants to take him home and show him "how we treat heroes where I come from."

Still hanging around the court room, Kendall talks with Bianca. Kendall is concerned she's really gone too far this time and worries about how all this is hurting Erica. "The DNA proof almost killed Erica," Kendall says to Bianca. She asks Bianca to watch out for their mom and make sure she is okay. The two share a sisterly moment as Kendall feels Bianca's baby stirring. Bianca leaves as Aidan arrives to bring Kendall up to date on the Rev. Fred Lomax. As Mia looks on, Aidan fills Kendall in and says there is nothing to worry about. He assures her that Fred is in a place no one even knows exists. Kendall asks Aidan if there's anything he's not good at. "A few things," Aidan says wistfully as they hug.

Livia's arrival pulls Mia from the door. Livia thanks Aidan for whatever it is she doesn't want to know about. Livia tells Kendall they're in the lead and unless things change she's not calling any witnesses. Kendall begs Livia to let her take the stand so the jury will realize she's a nice woman. Livia puts Kendall on the stand to give her a taste of what it would be like if she testified. After a couple of minutes of character bashing, Livia tells her, "Get over yourself, Kendall. We do it my way or you can find another attorney." Livia asks Kendall why she's still hanging around the court room anyway. Kendall says she is waiting for someone and asks about Ryan. Kendall is crestfallen when Livia tells her Ryan left a long time ago.

Mia catches Aidan as he leaves the courtroom. Mia is ready for playtime but Aidan has "errands to run." Mia wants to help. Aidan insists she would be bored. Mia promises to wait at home for his call but follows him instead.

In the hallway of the courthouse, Greenlee again promises Ryan she is backing off Kendall. "I guess we can all relax now that we know Kendall isn't a liar," Greenlee says. Greenlee swears to Ryan the DNA evidence convinced her and she is a "true believer." Greenlee leaves saying she's off to find a new project. "Photography maybe," she tells Ryan. Greenlee goes to Kendall's condo and lets herself in with the key she still has. "Alright, Kendall. Say 'Cheese'," Greenlee says to herself as she survey's Kendall's shower. Greenlee makes herself comfortable sitting in Kendall's shower, camera in hand. She's surprised when a hand reaches through the curtain and turns the shower on. It's Ryan. He followed her from the courthouse. Greenlee and Ryan argue. The only thing they can agree on is that she is all wet. Ryan picks Greenlee up in a fireman's hold and physically carries her from Kendall's condo.

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee wears a flannel housecoat of his as she dries by the fire. Ryan lays her clothes out to dry. Greenlee is still trying to get him to see how Kendall is lying to him and all for money. "I don't care about the money," Ryan shouts. "Everyone cares about money," Greenlee smirks. Greenlee asks Ryan if he's seen Kendall naked lately. Ryan refuses to divulge his love life to Greenlee and hollers for her to leave his fiancé alone. The use of the word "fiancé" shocks Greenlee to reality for a moment, albeit a brief one. Ryan affirms that after Kendall is acquitted they are getting married. Greenlee asks Ryan why he accepted Kendall's proposal. "I love her," Ryan says yet again. Greenlee goes on about how she owes Ryan for all he's helped her. Greenlee wants to help him in return, of course by getting Kendall out of his life. Greenlee asks Ryan to prove his love for Kendall by making love to her, to Greenlee that is.

Erica visits Jackson in jail. "My daughter is pregnant by that horrible man!" Erica exclaims. Jack thinks Erica means Bianca and is glad the truth is out so they can deal with it. Erica asks Jackson if he knew all along. "Bianca told me," he says. Erica's puzzled reaction lets him know Erica is clueless as ever in time not to give up the secret. Erica fails to see how Bianca can be so supportive of Kendall with Kendall carrying the devil's spawn. Jackson suggests they might learn a lesson from them. Erica asks what lesson - "Forgiveness?" Erica refuses to forgive Kendall.

Jackson reminds Erica the child is innocent. Erica says Kendall still chose to have that rapist's child. Jackson says they must make room in their hearts and lives for the baby. Erica, of course, vehemently disagrees. Jackson doesn't back down. Erica asks Jackson, "Don't you understand that if my daughter has that baby it will separate us forever?" Unbeknownst to them, Bianca is arriving to visit her Uncle Jack and overhears them. "If Kendall has this child how can I speak to her again?" Erica goes on. Bianca, near tears, makes her presence known. "What if the baby weren't Kendall's?" Bianca asks her mom. "What if the child were mine?" Erica asks Bianca how she can even say those words. Bianca wants to know if Erica would cut her out too if it were her. Bianca presses for answers. In the heat of the moment Erica exclaims, "Of course not. I could never hate a baby," but still refuses to answer Bianca directly. Erica flashes back to Bianca's rape and declares she cannot have this conversation as she rushes from the jail.

Bianca wonders to Jackson if she's made the right decision, if her mom can handle it. Jackson states they'll tell Erica together as soon as he's out of jail. This doesn't comfort Bianca as much as Jackson thinks it should so he asks why she's not doing cartwheels. "Uncle Jack, who do you think they're going to arrest next?" Bianca asks. He doesn't know. Yes, it could likely be someone they know or are kin to. He thinks it just as likely, however, that the Cambias murder mystery could go unsolved. Bianca confesses to Jackson that Erica was not the only one who lost time that night, that she did also. Bianca tells him that though she doesn't remember everything yet, she thinks she saw the murder and that Erica is the killer.

Erica knocks on the door of Kendall's condo. As she waits for an answer, Erica sees an apparition of Michael Cambias in the condo's courtyard. Kendall opens the door. "You're the last person I expected to see here," she says and invites Erica inside. Erica beats around the bush about the reason for her visit offering Kendall advice on how to keep the yellow roses Palmer sent fresh longer. Concerned, Kendall asks Erica if she is okay. Instead of seeing Kendall asking, Erica sees Michael. No matter what Kendall does or says, Erica remains in her post-traumatic stress disorder flashback and sees it as being Michael Cambias talking to her. As Kendall goes to help Erica, Erica grabs a pair of scissors and swears, "If you touch me, I will kill you."

Fred is standing on his head as Aidan arrives with supplies. Outside, Mia watches from the bushes and wonders what kind of errand Aidan is on that takes him out in the middle of nowhere. Scenes of Kendall and Aidan inside making love dance through Mia's head. Aidan feeds Fred, leaves, locks up, and hides the key above the door as Mia looks on. As soon as Aidan is out of sight, Mia grabs the key and bursts through the door saying she knows what is going on and they're not getting away with it. Fred is shocked to see Mia. "Elohim! You are here! Have mercy upon me," Fred bows before Mia greeting the astral angel sent to save him. "Excuse me?" replies a puzzled Mia."

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