01/26/2004 Jack Testifies

"Jack incriminates himself on the witness stand, much to Erica, Kendall, Bianca and Reggie's horror. His actions make Erica worry that he's going destroy himself to save her. Bianca's curiosity is piqued and asks her mother what she did the night Michael was killed.

Greenlee searches through Kendall's condo for evidence that Kendall isn't pregnant but comes up empty handed. She did find a bottle of opened wine and a box from a "Miss Philly's" baby store, however, there was nothing damning. Kendall and Ryan's untimely return forces her to hide. From the shadows, Greenlee overhears their conversation in which Kendall suggests she and Ryan get married.

After Liza walks in on Tad and Krystal in bed together, Liza admits that she has wanted Tad all along and pulls him into a steamy kiss. Babe puts the screws to Paul, blackmailing him into helping her fake the results of her paternity test. Paul's blackmailing then gets financed, in a roundabout way, by Adam, who offers to pay him to convince JR that he shouldn't have married Babe."

- Soap Central