01/14/2004 Kendall Offers To Take A Paternity Test

"Kendall opened the door to Aidan's room and found Mia ready to come in. She asked where Aidan was and Kendall told her he had left, after giving her a big kiss. Mia told Kendall to leave Aidan alone, he wasn't interested in her anymore. Kendall argued and said she was in big trouble and Aidan wanted to help her. Mia said he just feels obligated to see the case through. Kendall blew her off and plopped down on the bed. She turned on the tv in time to see a news report saying there was a hearing about her case. Kendall grabbed her purse and ran out the door.

Bianca met up with Dr. Helen Lawson outside her door. She went in with Bianca and asked if she really wanted to go ahead with the test. Bianca said she wanted to help her sister, she had no second thoughts about it. Dr. Lawson asked Bianca who she thought killed Michael Cambias. Bianca said everyone who loved her hated him so it could've been anyone. Then she asked the doctor "Am I crazy for having his baby?." Dr. Lawson said all decisions are different paths on the road to recovery. Her cell phone rang and it was Kendall telling her about the court hearing. She said she'd be right there. Dr. Lawson prepared Bianca's arm for the blood test and Bianca asked "When does it stop haunting you?." As Dr. Lawson drew the blood she answered that it never stops, "there will always be 2 people in you, the woman you were before the rape and the woman you are after." She finished up the test and said she was taking it to the courthouse. Bianca stayed home.

Erica and Jack were talking in her loft when he got a call from Livia saying there was a hearing about the DNA test. Jack rushed off to court. Erica headed over to Bianca's. She found Bianca trying to put together a wooden rocking chair. The mother and daughter worked on the project together and laughed and chatted, having a great time. Erica said Bianca was growing up before her very eyes and that she inspired her. Erica tried to hug Bianca, who backed away quickly. Erica asked her not to put distance between them. Bianca changed the subject by telling her the best memory she has. She described Erica taking her to a Hollywood premier and how special she felt because Erica chose to take her instead of "a star." Erica said she would always choose her.

In the courtroom Livia sat up front getting papers together when Derek came in. She was happy to see her brother but he was less than thrilled that they were on opposite sides. The prosecuting team came in and Livia told them that their case was so weak it would never make it to a jury. Kendall arrived as Judge Lambert was announced. She muttered to Livia that she was the same judge that let Michael Cambias go for Bianca's rape, "I'm screwed." Allen Singer stated the prosecution's case against Kendall and said the wedding and pregnancy are at odds with the time of death of Michael Cambias. Livia said the amnio procedure was life threatening and asked the court to reconsider it. The judge said she was overturning the order for the test. Mr. Singer asked to postpone the trial until after the baby's birth so they could safely do a DNA test. Livia said Kendall wanted a speedy trial. Kendall stood up and said she'd take a test and prove she was carrying Michael's baby. Livia and Jack tried to stop her but she went on about Dr. Lawson's new test. The judge asked Dr. Lawson for more information, which she provided. She also said she had with her a vial of Kendall's blood, taken before witnesses, that could be tested immediately. When asked who the witnesses were, she answered, "Dr. David Hayward, Ryan Lavery and Bianca Montgomery." Jack raised his eyebrows and stared at Kendall. The judge asked the prosecution if this was acceptable. Mr. Singer said he wanted to research the test further and have Dr. Lawson take another blood sample with him as a witness. Judge Lambert refused his request and told the doctor to turn over the vial to the court. She adjourned and Kendall turned to Livia, very happy and exclaimed "Things finally went our way!" Livia gave her a nasty glare and told her if she ever did anything like that again she would get off the case.

At the bar JR sat alone drinking. David came in, sat at the bar and ordered a drink. JR started bad mouthing David, who tried to ignore him. Finally David said "I hear congratulations are in order, you got married and have a kid on the way." JR replied, "The best part is I didn't even have to drug her to get her to marry me!." JR kept picking at David, trying to get David to fight. He even brought up David's relationship with Dixie but David remained calm and tried to walk away. JR followed him and nearly got a punch in when Krystal got in between them. She told JR to back off or she'd open up "a can of whoop-ass" on him. David introduced himself and said Junior just needed to walk it off. Krystal took JR to a table and tried to talk sense into him. He told her that he knows Babe slept with Jamie and that the baby may not be his. Krystal was worried about Babe so she left. JR got up and ran into Jamie. They started their usual fight about Babe and the baby. Jamie asked if they couldn't put their differences aside for the baby's sake and for Babe. JR said "Sorry Jamie. I'm sorry I every called you my brother, I'm sorry my mom ever married your dad." Jamie sadly walked away and JR turned to the bartender and ordered another drink. The bartender refused to serve him and JR got belligerent, "Don't you know who I am?." David piped in "Nobody cares who you are." JR turned to David and punched him. The bartender took JR outside and told him to leave. The bartender came back inside and told David "That's one angry young man.." David replied, "He's got alot to be angry about."

In Babe's room she heard a knock on the secret tunnel door. She thought it was Jamie and opened it, only to find Tad. She grabbed a pillow and started to beat Tad with it. He fell into a corner and she pounded him repeatedly with the pillow. Finally Tad crawled under the bed and refused to come out until she put the pillow down. She agreed so he came out. Tad said he came to apologize to her and make sure she was alright. Babe was skeptical but Tad said he was sorry both his boys were making her miserable. Babe said it was kind of his fault. Tad was very comforting and said she would get through this and Babe started to cry. Tad hugged her and Babe pulled back saying , "Oh my God, are you trying to hit on me?" Tad was horrified and said he doesn't do mother/daughter acts anymore. Babe said JR was the one she loved. He said something had happened between her and Jamie though. Babe softened towards Tad and he offered some advice, saying "Give the truth, have faith and there's not much you can't work through." Babe smiled and said "You're ok Mr. Martin." Tad flinched at being called Mr. Martin and told her to call him Tad. She smiled again and said she felt like she could trust him and was going to tell him everything. As she started to speak Krystal came in and hit Tad over the head with a vase. She told Babe that Tad was the last person she should trust. Babe cried "What does it matter? It's all going to come out anyway!." Krystal and Babe rolled an unconscious Tad onto a blanket and pulled him into the secret tunnel. Then they shut the door and Krystal pushed a dresser in front of it. Then she got Babe to lie down in bed and they turned on the tv. They saw a report from the court house and Kendall was explaining the DNA test she was going to take. Krystal got excited and said that test was the answer to their prayers.

Erica got ready to leave Bianca's and gave her a hug. Shortly after Bianca shut the door Jack knocked on it. Bianca let him in and said he had just missed her mom. Jack said he saw Erica and she looked happy. "It's safe to assume you haven't told her the truth, " he said. Bianca asked what truth and Jack answered "That you're still pregnant " - Soap Central