01/12/2004 JR Takes Babe To The Doctor

"Tad and Krystal continue to bicker over how much they love their children and will do anything to protect them. Tad tries to persuade Krystal to tell the truth about Babe's secret, but Krystal won't give in and adds that his taking her pocketbook isn't enough to keep her from leaving. Krystal tells Tad that Babe is just trying to hold her marriage together and Tad tries to use that to persuade her to work with him. She says no and Tad assumes that Krystal wants to protect the Chandler heir and the Chandler money. Krystal tells him she is not all about money and if she was, she would have found some old man who was close to croaking. She says money does not make happiness, love does.

JR calls Jamie a stalker and threatens to put a lock on the secret door so Jamie can't come in unannounced. Jamie says that he needed to speak to Babe. JR pulls out Jamie's school ID to prove that he knows about his numerous sneak-ins to visit Babe. Babe comes in and yells at JR to stop being so cruel to Jamie. Jamie tells JR about not making Babe take the paternity test until after the baby is born. Then he spills everything about finding her medical records and proving the baby could be his, not JR's. Babe tells JR that Jamie is lying because medical records are confidential. JR kicks Jamie out and tells Babe to dress in something formal; he has a surprise for her. They go to the hospital where JR has set up an appointment with Dr. Parker to make sure the baby is fine. When they go in the exam room, JR asks when Babe's due date is. Babe nods at Dr. Parker, as to say it is ok for him to be honest, and Dr. Parker admits he miscalculated the due date by four weeks! Babe tries to lie her way out of Dr. Parker's mistake, but JR tells her he may have chose her over Jamie, but he never believed her. He even says that Jamie won't have to ask for a paternity test after the baby is born; JR wants the test too!

Ryan is delighted with himself for finding a doctor to play along with Kendall's fake pregnancy. Kendall doesn't seem as happy that the police will end up looking like fools, while she will shine. Ryan can see Kendall's doubts and begins to reassure her that he isn't going to deceive her. She tells him that she overheard Greenlee trying to persuade him to bring her down at the ski lodge. Ryan tells Kendall that he did not accept Greenlee's proposal. Kendall won't accept what he says, just because he says it. After all he could be lying. Ryan gets frustrated and tells Kendall that he has done everything to help her, what else can he say' 'Do you want me to say I love you'' he asks her. Kendall asks him if he does, and he says, "Will it make any difference?" He even goes as far as to suggest they get married and make their own baby! Kendall thinks Ryan is crazy and Ryan tells Kendall she is always trying to test him. He says she doesn't trust him because of her, not him. He has not given her any reason since he has helped her with the baby to doubt him. Kendall asks him why he even sticks around if he is tired of being tested. He tells her that he won't walk away from her this time -- the ball is in her court. Kendall tells him she trusts him, they agree that their relationship is ok, but when she leaves, you can feel the unresolved tension in the air.

Greenlee tells Jackson that she loves Juan Pablo and can not accept a life without him yet. Jackson advises Greenlee to stay away from Juan Pablo, if she wants to live. Jackson leaves and asks Greenlee to stay the night with Erica. He and Erica share a passionate good-bye and Greenlee assumes he is back together with Erica. Erica suggests that Greenlee give Juan Pablo some space and back down. But Greenlee tells Erica she would never back down to get what she wanted. Erica's admits that is true, but she and Jackson had to separate for awhile to understand and forgive each other. Greenlee takes that chance to bring up Erica's lie about her paternity to Jackson. Erica admits that she always knew Jackson would forgive. Erica even tries to comfort Greenlee some more by suggesting she let go of Juan Pablo. When she does, Greenlee suggests bedding Ryan and saving him from Kendall. Erica tells Greenlee to leave Ryan alone and let him be with Kendall. Greenlee rushes off, feeling empowered after her talk with Erica, and goes to see Ryan. She tells him that she wants him to help her get over Juan Pablo. Erica receives a visitor... its Kendall, asking for her help.

David tells Maria that Edmund is alive and recovering. They were able to stop the bleeding, but had to shock him back to life two times, which could end up causing brain damage. Of course, David says they have to wait until Edmund wakes up to determine if there is any damage. Maria gets overwhelmed and faints. Everyone helps her get to a chair to relax, but she ends up freaking out instead. She starts yelling at everyone, letting all her anger out at David, Brooke, and Juan Pablo. Jackson comes over and tries to calm Maria, but it is no use. After she has insulted everyone, she cries and just breaks down. David goes over and tries to comfort her. After she has calmed down, she apologizes to everyone and asks Brooke to stay, while she takes care of things. She is scared of telling her kids about Edmund because she is not sure what to say.

Jamie goes home and tells Tad he went to see Babe. Krystal gets all fired up, Jamie tells them he is going to wait until after Babe has her baby to run a paternity test, and leaves. Krystal begins to tell Tad just how messed up his kids are and even goes as far as to insult Dixie, but Tad stops her. She backs down and they talk, with Krystal slipping out Babe's real name, 'Arabella.' After Krystal leaves and they come to a mutual understanding about protecting their kids, Tad begins a little research on Arabella Chandler."

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