01/09/2004 JR Finds Jamie's ID

"While Babe is sleeping peacefully, JR and Krystal walk in on her. JR seems concerned and asks Krystal if Babe is ok. Krystal explains that is she is fine, but just tired from her pregnancy. Krystal also explains that she has been stressed out-JR assumes the stress comes from Adam and Jamie and doesn't realize he is the one who stresses her out. Krystal bluntly asks him if he truly loves Babe and JR says yes, he does. Krystal bluntly tells him that Babe is also stressed out about her marriage; she is scared of losing JR. When JR reassures Krystal he isn't going to leave Babe, she believes him and asks him to tell Babe that as well. Babe wakes up to a smiling JR beside her. JR surprises her and tells her he has booked a belated honeymoon Caribbean cruise for them! JR even orders a special Caribbean lunch for them to celebrate! When Babe goes to freshen up in the restroom, JR finds Jamie's student ID on the floor. As soon as Babe comes out, he makes up a quick excuse, hides the ID in his shirt, and leaves.

Jamie makes a big announcement to Brooke and Tad at Tad's home. He tells them that he broke into Joe's office, looked up Babe's medical records, and can prove he may be the father of her child. Tad and Brooke get upset that Jamie broke into his grandfather's office. Jamie fires back at Tad, bringing up that he destroyed Babe's medical papers as well. Tad tells him he was trying to prevent Adam from stealing them and what he did is completely different that what Jamie did. Jamie says he needs all the information he can give Jackson to get the court ordered paternity test. Feeling defensive and alone, he tells his parents that if they don't support him, they can get out of his life forever! When Brooke tells him about the risks associated with the paternity test before the baby is born, Jamie seems concerned. Krystal barges in, blabs about Jamie's frequent visits, and threatens him if he interferes with Babe's life. Jamie leaves and of course, heads over to see Babe.

As soon as JR leaves, Jamie appears from the secret doorway. Babe tells him to get out, but Jamie insists on talking to her about the paternity test. Babe thinks that Jamie is there to bug her to take one and out of tiredness from fighting, she gives in. Jamie tells her he doesn't want her to take the test because it might hurt the baby. Babe is relieved, but gets angry when Jamie says he will get the test done, but only after the baby is born. He also tells Babe that he knows she lied about her due date because he saw the medical records. Babe gets upset and runs off, right as JR returns and another face-off between the two brothers begins!

Maria visits Edmund in his hospital room and becomes overwhelmed with emotion when she sees him. The doctor insists on operating on Edmund because of his weak pulse and the lodged bullet in his spine, but Maria protests. Maria tells them that she is concerned about his heart and it may kill him. Joe advises Maria to stop thinking like a wife and start thinking like a doctor. When Maria and Joe go outside the room, David arrives and Maria tells Joe that she wants David present in the OR. Joe is hesitant, but after Maria pleads with Joe, he pulls some strings and allows David to be present in the OR. David asks Maria if she really wants him to operate on Edmund, considering their past. Maria tells him that after what he did to her family, he owes her. If he saves Edmund, she will consider that debt paid in full. Maria says a heartfelt good-bye to Edmund before he goes to surgery and waits outside. Juan Pablo sees her and asks how Edmund is doing. At first, she explodes and then nicely tells him that Edmund is in critical condition. She apologizes to Juan Pablo for blaming Edmund's injury on him. She realizes that it is not Juan Pablo's fault Edmund got hurt; Edmund knew what he was getting himself into. Maria is more upset at her husband for going after another big story and putting his life on the line. When Brooke and Tad hear about Edmund from Joe, Brooke rushes to the hospital to offer her condolences to Maria. David walks out of the OR, Maria flashes back to her nightmare where she is alive and Edmund says, "I'm dead." When David gets closer, she whispers, "Edmund's dead?"

Krystal offers her sympathies about Edmund, but Tad is determined to keep her around. He grabs her purse and tells her she isn't going anywhere until she reveals the dirty little secret Babe is hiding.

Ryan meets Kendall at his new home. Kendall admits she was scared of losing Ryan at the shoot-out, and Ryan admits he was scared of not being able to help her. Bianca shows up for the meeting and Ryan gives both girls some promising news. Ryan says he has found a doctor who has agreed to perform the risky amino procedure and switch the results in Kendall's favor. Bianca is thrilled at the news, but when Ryan leaves, Kendall professes her doubts. Kendall thinks Ryan is trying to set her up. Bianca tells her that Ryan has helped them so much, there is no way he would trash that. Kendall tells Bianca about overhearing Greenlee trying to get Ryan to bring her down. Bianca doesn't think that Greenlee could ever get to Ryan so easily and assures Kendall that she has to open her heart and take a leap of faith. After all, Bianca took a leap of faith with David and Kendall; two people who came through for her and who she trusted. Ryan comes back and when the doctor arrives, Kendall asks her why she is helping them break the law. The doctor, Helen, simply says, "I am a rape survivor." Helen begins the procedure and when Bianca asks if the baby is a girl, Helen says she can't be sure yet, but sees no reason for the baby to be a boy. Helen runs into a problem and tells Bianca that because of the way the baby is positioned, it would be extremely risky and harmful to proceed any further. Kendall tells Helen not to proceed anymore, but Ryan and Bianca want to help Kendall. Kendall isn't risking Bianca's baby's life for her freedom and it doesn't matter if she goes to jail. Ryan promises that he will find another way to help her and then Helen says she has an idea!"

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