01/07/2004 Edmund Is Brought To The Hospital

"Babe came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and was surprised to find Jamie waiting for her. He said he waited for JR to leave and then used the tunnels to get to her room. Jamie said he was worried about her after hearing JR yell at her. Babe said she and JR were fine and that she picked that fight with him to get them out of the hotel room so Jamie wouldn't get caught. Jamie was still worried about how JR treated Babe and said he wasn't going to turn his back on her or the baby. Babe said it wasn't his responsibility and asked him to leave. He demanded to know what was going on with Paul Kramer. She denied knowing him until Jamie forced her to admit it. She told him that Adam had invited Paul to Pine Valley to make trouble for her but it didn't work. The door opened and in walked Krystal. She said "This sure don't look good!" and told Jamie he didn't belong there. Jamie said he was trying to take care of Babe and her mother said she'd do that just fine. Jamie said he wasn't going to "let JR raise my kid!." Krystal forced Jamie out of the room and sat down with Babe. She asked if there was anyway to talk Jamie out of this nonsense but Babe said she didn't think so. Krystal gave her a tip on how to get rid of a guy "You've got to want to rid of him. So do you?" Babe didn't answer.

JR went to the hospital to find Paul. He asked Paul if the marriage was his idea or Babe's. Paul laughed and said "You've finally caught on to what she's all about!" and proceeded to tell JR that it was all Babe's idea. "I was loaded, she said let's get married. Next thing I remember was waking up with a huge hangover and a marriage certificate." He told JR they got the marriage annulled the next day and then wished JR all the happiness in the world. But then he gave a warning, "Watch out, there's a lot more to Babe than she lets on." JR walked away and Paul went back to getting ready for a transport. Jamie strolled in and asked if he was Paul. When Paul answered yes, Jamie punched him and ordered him to stay away from Babe. From the ground Paul said "You guys are lunatics! She's not even worth it!" JR walked over and demanded to know what was going on. Jamie told him if he wasn't going to protect Babe, he would. JR argued that this was about the baby and Jamie told him to shove it.

In the lodge one of the gang members found Mia, Kendall and Greenlee. He threatened them with a gun if they didn't help him get out. They said they wouldn't make very good shields but he said he'd take his chances. Greenlee started throwing barbs at Kendall, who returned the put-downs. Mia got into the argument and they all started yelling at each other. The man got in the middle and Greenlee yelled "Charlie's Angel!." Mia called out, "I'm Cameron Diaz!" She pulled the rug out from under the guy and when he fell Greenlee grabbed the gun. Meanwhile Maria ran to a small cabin and Edmund followed. He was shot in the back and fell to the ground unconscious. Maria started screaming and begging him to hold on. Aidan heard the shot and found them. He helped Maria get Edmund in the cabin as Pablo and Ryan came in the front door. They rushed to Edmund and Maria told them she needed blankets and a board to transport Edmund, and her SUV which had her medical bag in it. Ryan ran to get the SUV and Aidan went to the lodge for the blankets and board. Pablo found an injured hit man and he bent down to him. Pablo said "This is how it ends. You kill my brother, I kill you." The man said he hoped Carlos died like the pig he was. Pablo stood up and shot the man dead. At the lodge Aidan came in and found the girls. He told them about Edmund and they went to get the blankets as he took a toboggan down from the wall. They went back to the cabin and Ryan brought up the SUV and took the medical bag in to Maria. He found her crying and performing CPR because Edmund's heart stopped. She got a syringe out of her bag and gave him a shot directly in the chest. Aidan kept up the CPR and Maria found a faint pulse. They put him on the toboggan and carried him to the SUV. He was rushed to the ER and taken into a cubicle. Maria tried to follow but the ER doctor wouldn't let her. She fell apart and Ryan held her up as she watched the medical team try to save Edmund.

At Erica's Bianca sat down to tell her mother the news. She was very nervous but finally began by saying she wasn't going to Europe. She said that she had a wake up call on Christmas Eve that made her face her life and who she was and will be. Jack said she'd been astonishing throughout this whole ordeal. Bianca said there was someone who needed her to stay in Pine Valley. Erica sat next to Bianca and asked who and then said she knew why she wasn't going to Europe..Erica thought Bianca and Lena were getting back together. Bianca said that wasn't the reason. Erica told her that maybe going away would be good for her, especially now that the trial was going to start. Bianca said she wanted to face the trial and everything that went along with it so she could put it all behind her. She finally said she was staying for the baby. Erica said Kendall's baby didn't really exist. Bianca said yes she did and she was an innocent child no matter how she was conceived. Erica said she was glad Bianca had terminated her pregnancy and went on and on about how horrible it would be to carry Michael Cambias's baby. Bianca asked "What about Kendall? Isn't she your daughter?." Erica said yes and that she hoped the baby was anyone's but Michael's. Bianca said "What if it is Michael's, what then?." Erica replied she would never speak to Kendall again. Bianca was visibly shaken when her mother said the thought of Michael Cambias's baby made her skin crawl. She asked her mother if maybe she was so adversely affected by her own pregnancy because she was only 14 when it happened. Bianca asked if this could be a fresh start for them as a family. She asked her mother to open her heart to the baby and Jack agreed. Erica said she'd do anything for Bianca but she won't accept Michael Cambias's child. Bianca sadly said she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to and walked out the door. Jack followed and asked if there was something else she wanted to say. Bianca fought back tears and thanked him for wanted to help but said her mother said everything she needed to hear. Jack went back inside the penthouse and Erica said there was something else going on with Bianca. She couldn't understand how Bianca could feel compassion for Kendall. A man at the door knocked and Jack opened it to find himself and Erica served with subpoenas for Kendall's trial. And they were to testify for the prosecution.

Maggie tried to study while Lena looked through a magazine, waiting for Bianca to return. They discussed Bianca's decision and argued about what was best for Bianca. Lena finally said Maggie seemed to feel more for Bianca than just friendship. Maggie denied this completely but Lena didn't believe her. Bianca returned in tears and told Maggie she had been right about her mother. She said Erica will be devastated if she finds out about the baby. Bianca went past Maggie and into Lena's arms, while Maggie watched."
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