01/06/2004 Bianca Decides To Tell Erica The Truth

"At the Lodge, Kendall opened the door to leave and a barrage of gunfire started from outside. Someone ordered them to throw all their weapons down and come out. Inside, they got into defensive positions and as Greenlee and Kendall argued about the pregnancy, Ryan suggested the three of them go upstairs to die with a smile. They pushed him away and Kendall realized Aidan had been hit. Juan Pablo offered to go outside and turn himself in. They all argued, with Ryan wanting him to go but the others fearing for their own safety even if Juan Pablo turned himself in. Edmund spelled out their options and they all agreed to wait inside behind the barricade until help arrived. Suddenly, the men outside told them they had a hostage and Edmund realized it was Maria. She apologized and said she'd come up to give him a message that there is a traitor inside with them. Jose started to run, but Aidan grabbed him and demanded to know where the bomb was. Greenlee told Juan Pablo that Ryan is right and no one is safe around him. Downstairs, Ryan found the timer with only five minutes left and Jose said it was too late to stop it. Under duress, Jose finally told Aidan to cut the red wire and it stopped the timer. Ryan knocked out Jose and tied him up. Upstairs, they realized Edmund was missing and Aidan and Ryan went outside to create a distraction. Kendall, Greenlee and Mia picked up what they could find for weapons for self-protection and listened to a big gunfight outside, with Edmund chasing after Maria. Inside, the gals successfully subdued one of the bad guys but then Jose came upstairs and held them at gunpoint. Edmund found Maria and a gun was fired just as they hugged. Maria caught Edmund as he fell to the floor.

Bianca and Lena went back to Bianca's apartment and were met by Maggie. Bianca asked for their support with her plan to tell the whole truth about her baby to Erica and everyone. Maggie expressed her concern that it was a bad idea, because it would become all about Erica instead of about Bianca and the baby. Lena said Bianca had to tell the truth to Erica because it's best for Bianca and the baby. Maggie reminded them about Kendall's trial and the publicity that will generate and the stress to Bianca. Bianca said she'll tell Erica first, in confidence, and then will discuss it with Kendall and how the truth affects her defense strategy. Bianca told them about her Christmas miracle and realization that she can't hate her baby, no matter what, and doesn't need to hide the truth from herself or anyone else. Maggie changed her mind and promised her support. Bianca left them to tell Erica about the baby alone. Lena stayed to wait for her return and asked Maggie if she was only upset because she won't be going away and having Bianca and the baby all to herself.

Jack was at the boathouse, looking for Greenlee and clearly worried about her. Erica showed up and they strolled down memory lane before she reminded him that Greenlee is probably having a romantic evening with Juan Pablo. She told him Greenlee is a grown woman and Jack needs lessons in how to read women, because they run on passion and instinct. Erica spoke of secrets kept and lies told to protect the ones you love, no matter the cost and Jack realized they were no longer talking about Greenlee. She then told Jack if he came home with her, she'd tell him about one more secret she's kept to keep him safe. At her penthouse, Erica talked about the night Michael disappeared and Jack assured her he never believed she had spent the night with David but was glad Derek did. She was worried about how Jack would feel about what she'd done, but went on to say she had no regrets about what she did that night...later, she assured Jack she'd told him everything and had kept it secret to protect him and his honor, in the name of love. They kissed passionately, professed their love and he was carrying her off to the bedroom when Bianca knocked at the door. She came in and said she had something to tell them."

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