01/05/2004 Maria Tries To Contact Edmund

"Lying in bed at the Valley Inn, Krystal tells Tad she can't believe how hard he worked for "this" as she hands him a piece of paper she pulled from her shoe. Tad insists it wasn't "work" as he unfolds the paper and exclaims, "What the hell is this?" Tad refuses to believe that one of Krystal's overdrawn bank statements is the piece of paper Babe so feared would ruin her life. Tad doesn't buy the tale but admits it was his most memorable New Year's Eve in years. Krystal goes to the shower.

Downstairs Simone is still angling to find Tad and bribes a bellman to get his room number. Brooke tries to convince Simone not to rescue Tad, as does Liza, to no avail. The bellman comes back with the information Simone requested and slips her Tad's room number. Simone goes upstairs and bangs on the door. Tad does not answer it. While Simone is gone to try to talk the bellman out of a key, Tad hustles Krystal out of the room. When Simone knocks again after failing to get a key, Tad answers in a robe and tells her he was in the shower the first time she knocked and did not hear her at the door. Tad gets Simone to believe him, and they have their first "date" of 2004.

Back downstairs, Krystal insists on toasting with Liza before Liza leaves. Krystal pours the champagne and raises a toast "To men. You've just got to love them, the simple, trusting souls." Krystal tells Liza she was right about Tad with a capital "S" - as in "Sexy" and "Starting" to get over his late wife. Meanwhile, upstairs Tad has just finished amazing Simone - and himself as well. Simone wants more "amazing." Tad is not sure he's up for it but appears willing to give it the old college try.

Back at Chandler Mansion, JR wants to talk to Babe about what happened at the Valley Inn. Babe gives JR the silent treatment and turns a cold shoulder. JR talks himself in circles trying to justify his actions. Babe rolls over and asks what he wants her to say, that she was meeting someone else in their room? Then she admits, "Okay, I was." JR appears shocked. "What's wrong? Why aren't you celebrating?" she asks. "Isn't that what you wanted to hear?" JR tells her, "You know it's not." Babe talks about how much she loves JR and trusts him but that she cannot love and trust enough for two as she gets out of bed and throws on jeans and a jacket to leave. "Have a nice life," Babe tells JR as she heads for the door. JR pushes the bedroom door shut as she tries to leave. JR tells Babe he loves her as much as she loves him and that is why he is jealous. Babe sweet talks JR. They kiss and make up. As JR holds Babe close in bed he asks her, "No more lies, right?" Babe tells him, "I told you. We're cool from here on out."

Maggie tries to talk sense to Jamie about Babe. Jamie doesn't think he can ever capture the magic he and Babe shared with any other woman. He explains to Maggie that it was like he knew Babe before he even met her and asks if she ever felt that way about anyone. Somewhat wistfully, Maggie says she has but only as friends. They share New Year's resolutions. Maggie has already broken hers - which was to keep her nose out of other people's business. Jamie's resolution is not to give up on Babe regardless of what she throws at him. Having already broken her resolution, Maggie dispenses yet more unheeded advice to Jamie.

Asleep at Wildwind, Maria dreams in flashbacks of her wedding and the plane crash but in this nightmare it is Edmund who is dead. The phone jars her awake. The voice on the other end tells her that José Alejandro did a stretch in prison with a brother of Juan Pablo's enemy. Maria cannot reach Edmund or anyone by phone to warn them of the danger José poses. Mrs. Santos arrives to baby sit. After making a couple of more calls to answering machines where the message might reach him before she does, Maria leaves to try to find Edmund in person and warn him. Brooke shares the name of the lodge with Maria and shows her its location on a map. Brooke wants to change clothes and go with her but Maria won't wait. Maria gives Brooke the name and number of Edmund's FBI contact because they might be able to get there sooner than she can. Brooke promises to call the FBI and apprise them of the situation.

As José closes the tool box that contains a bomb, Juan Pablo asks him if everything is okay. José tells him it is, that he was just checking to make sure they have everything they need. After Edmund gets through security because José was not at the gate, Aidan makes the rounds to check on things. He runs across José setting the bomb but thinks he is working on the heating system. Aidan insists on a report for the people freezing upstairs. José says, "Tell them to be patient and soon they will have more heat than they can handle." Aidan goes back upstairs but still can't shake the feeling that something is wrong.

Angry at their current conquests, Ryan and Greenlee almost make love at the lodge. Ryan, however, throws the brakes on "before we do something we'll both regret," he says. Disagreeing Greenlee grabs Ryan for another kiss and tells him then they can do something that only he will regret. When her playful antics fail to get Ryan's attention, Greenlee realizes he is still in love with Kendall. Greenlee tells him if he is dumb enough to believe Kendall he can have her. Greenlee storms out. Ryan goes looking for Kendall.

Since Edmund made it in using his 4-wheel-drive vehicle, Kendall figures she can use it to get a ride away from the lodge. As she goes to get her stuff, Ryan sweeps her aside and into the room he was just in with Greenlee. Seeing the messy bed, Kendall assumes Ryan and Greenlee had sex in it. Ryan tries to convince her that is not the case and that he cares about Kendall but gives up when Kendall asks how long it's going to be before Greenlee is crawling under his blanket again. Ryan goes into the main room and asks Greenlee if she is ready to go.

Everyone who is leaving is ready to go but Greenlee wants to talk to Pablo first. They both go on about how they should have met in another place and time. Ready to gag on the syrupy sweet dialogue of Greenlee and Pablo, Kendall heads for the car. Aidan stops her at the door refusing to allow her to open it because he saw a flash of light on the other side. Kendall says it was probably one of Juan Pablo's goons lighting a cigarette and yanks the door open against Aidan's wishes. There is a flash as Kendall opens the door and quickly slams it back shut."

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