12/26/2003 Greenlee Gets A Message From Juan Pablo

"Tad follows Jamie to Jack's apartment. Jamie is there to hire Jack as his attorney to prove paternity of Babe's baby. Jack tries to get a grip on why Jamie thinks the baby is his. The noise wakes Reggie. Everyone tries to talk sense to Jamie, and Jamie and Tad end up arguing. Jack breaks up the brouhaha. Jack wants Jamie to try to talk to JR one more time before taking legal action. Over Tad's objections, Jack tells Jamie he will represent him in a paternity suit and compares the situation to himself, Mary, and Greenlee.

JR wakes to find Krystal beside him on the bed. First, she serves him a French Toast breakfast in bed, the "something sweet" she promised. Then Krystal talks to him about how much Babe loves him. JR promises to take the best care ever of Krystal's daughter and grandchild. They hug. Mary Smythe sticks her head in the door and asks, "I assume you want this shut?" Mary introduces herself and comes in. JR thanks Krystal for breakfast and goes to the shower. Mary and Krystal trade bling-bling barbs. Krystal makes fun of Mary for pronouncing "Smith" "Smythe" and wonders what Mary is doing there anyway. Mary explains Adam is a patron and she is an artist. Krystal says she is an artist too and prefers paint by numbers. Krystal digs into Mary about her own daughter disowning her and says that all she herself cares about is Babe's happiness. Krystal warns Mary to stay away from her son-in-law. Downstairs Mary tells Krystal that ingratiating herself with JR will not work. Mary does not believe Babe is good enough for JR. Adam enters the front door shouting for Winifred. Mary reminds him he gave the staff the day off.

Babe shows up to bail Adam out of jail but tells him first she wants to talk to him. Adam suspects she wants to wheel and deal but all Babe asks for is a week of peace for Jamie's sake. Later, back at Chandler mansion, Babe reveals to JR she used her platinum card to spring Adam from prison. Krystal enters. Krystal says what a sweetheart Babe is for springing Adam from jail. JR asks Adam what he thought about in jail and offers a few derogatory options. Adam tells JR he thought about the New Year and that it is going to be happy for both of them.

At Kendall's condo, Ryan and Kendall lay sleeping. A red-gloved hand pokes Ryan awake. It is Greenlee. She tells Ryan she needs him. Ryan responds with, "Please tell me I'm dreaming." Greenlee's pinch shows him she's quite real. Ryan wonders how she got in. Greenlee tells him Kendall gave her a key. "This better be important," Ryan says as he pulls the sheet around him and gets out of bed. In the living room, Greenlee tells Ryan it's about Leo, that she spoke to him about what to do with Juan Pablo. She shows Ryan the empty box Leo left for her and wants Ryan's interpretation of what it means. Kendall wakes up, walks in, and asks "What's up?" as Ryan reaches for Greenlee and drops his sheet. Kendall is going to throw Greenlee out for pulling Ryan from her bed. Ryan stands up for her telling Kendall it's about Pablo. Boyd shows up at the front door followed closely by Aidan. Kendall asks if this can't wait. Boyd responds that if it could he would not be there. Kendall, Aidan, and Boyd go into the bedroom leaving Ryan and Greenlee alone in the living room. After they leave, Greenlee tells Ryan to forget Kendall and concentrate on her. Meanwhile Kendall listens from the bedroom door more interested in Ryan and Greenlee's conversation than the one going on around her. Greenlee tells Ryan she doesn't know if she can stand to lose Juan Pablo. Ryan suggests she find out by letting go of him now before he gets her killed. A stranger knocks at the door and delivers a note for "the lady." It's a note for Greenlee supposedly from Juan Pablo asking her to meet him later in the day. Greenlee says she is going because the last time Pablo saw her she walked out on him. Ryan is afraid it is not safe. Ryan talks Greenlee into letting him take her to breakfast, but she leaves as Ryan is in the bedroom setting the Guinness world record for getting dressed. Greenlee digs for her keys in the parking lot. As she finds them and goes to open the car door, someone tosses a red blanket over her head and kidnaps her. It is Ryan. As Greenlee screams Ryan spanks her butt.

In the bedroom, Aidan wants Boyd to give up the location of the witnesses so he can relocate them. Kendall tells Boyd to do what Aidan wants because he has been so true to her. That is Boyd's point exactly and why he will not tell Aidan where they are. Aidan is true to Kendall, not Boyd, and if Boyd gives up their location he fears Aidan will hang him out for murder. Kendall swears to Aidan that Boyd did not kill Michael. Boyd tells Kendall that if she wants to trust Aidan, fine - but to leave him out of it.

JR and Babe sit arm and arm on the sofa. Krystal comes in the room. She found the wine cellar, which also held a bottle of cider for Babe. Adam refuses a toast and goes to answer the door. Coming back in the room, Adam suggests they might want to pour a glass for their guests, Jamie and Tad. Jamie is there for one last shot at getting Babe to take a DNA test without going to court. Babe is upset over Jamie's claims and runs upstairs crying. JR says, "Lawyer up, Jamie. There ain't going to be any test."

Krystal follows Babe upstairs. As Tad listens at the door, Krystal urges Babe to confess because she can't help her if she doesn't know the truth. Babe reveals to her mom that she was contemplating suicide when JR found her on the pier. The ocean looked like the only way out. Babe fears all that will come out in court and ruin her life. Krystal asks, "Is it true? Are you carrying Jamie's baby?""

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