12/17/2003 Babe Asks Erica For Advice

"Babe sputtered as Erica walked in the front door of Stuart's house. Erica headed straight to Bianca and fussed at her for not staying at the hospital. Bianca told her to calm down and Babe told Bianca to let Erica in on "the secret." Bianca didn't know what Babe was talking about so Babe said she felt an instant connection with Bianca when they first met. Erica said that was nice and turned back to Bianca, then realized Babe is JR's wife. Babe asked Erica to keep things quiet about her and Bianca and Erica misunderstood. She told Bianca it wasn't wise to have an affair with JR's wife. Babe was very confused until Bianca explained that she's gay and her mother thinks they're "together." Babe giggled and said no, she just asked Bianca for advice on clothes and makeup. She started buttering Erica up with flattery and finally Erica offered to give Babe some tips. First thing Babe needed to do was change her hair color to a less brassy blonde, according to Erica. Babe was thrilled to be getting beauty advice from Erica Kane. Then she turned to Bianca and asked what kind of tips she'd give a pregnant girl. Erica asked why Babe would say such a thing and Babe said because she's pregnant with JR's baby. Babe went on and on about being pregnant and starting to show, how she couldn't wait to feel the baby move. Bianca touched her own stomach as Babe yakked. Erica finally told Babe to stop it and went to Bianca's side. Bianca said she was fine. Her mother offered to take her back to the penthouse but Bianca said she had plans with Babe. Finally Erica agreed to let Bianca stay there. As she started out the door she told Babe "Remember, you don't have to change yourself for anyone!." Bianca thanked Babe for helping her and Babe said she got her people skills from her own mama.

Meanwhile at Bianca's apartment Maggie and Lena worriedly looked for her. The two women kept arguing about who's fault it was that Bianca got hurt. Lena thought Maggie should be looking out for Bianca and Maggie said Lena was only thinking of herself. Lena finally admitted to Maggie that she tried to commit suicide after Bianca's rape and Maggie went off on her. Maggie got a phone call from Bianca, telling her where she was. The two women left together and showed up at the cottage. Babe let Maggie in and she rushed to Bianca's side. Lena walked in behind her and Bianca said she was glad she was there. Lena held out her hand and Bianca put her hand in Lena's. Maggie watched uneasily.

Krystal stood outside the motel door and said good bye to her trucker boyfriend. He handed her a gift and after he walked away she threw it in the trash. Tad came out of his hiding place and pretended that Krystal was a made for tv actress. Krystal was flattered and told Tad her name. He said his name was Thaddeus and she asked him into her room. She quickly made a space for him to sit and said she felt an instant connection with him. Tad said he used to host a tv show, The Cutting Edge. Krystal went nuts and said she loved that show and had written him a fan letter. Tad said the show was taped in his home town of Pine Valley and Krystal said her "baby doll" lives there now. Tad asked for more information and admits he's there to find out more about Babe. He told Krystal that Babe's husband is his step son and Krystal was thrilled. Tad explained that he loves his step son and doesn't want to see him hurt. Krystal said her daughter is the sweetest most genuine person she knows and that JR has nothing to worry about. Tad asked if she missed her daughter and Krystal said yes, especially at the holidays. Tad offered to take her back to Pine Valley.

Ryan and Kendall were in each other's arms and Greenlee saw them. As she backed away Ryan said to Kendall that something was happening between them and that they'd be stupid not to go with it. Kendall explained that her claim isn't about the money and Ryan said he understood, it was to protect Bianca. She said Bianca comes first, no matter what and Ryan agreed. Kendall was confused and Ryan asked her to believe in him. He took her by the hand and led her out the door. He took her to a brand new penthouse he had just bought. She thought it was beautiful and Ryan handed her the deed and keys. She misunderstood his motive and got angry but Ryan told her he was on her side. Ryan said this was a brand new place, no baggage. "Stay here with me, trust me!' he pleaded. Kendall stared at him and he kissed her. She noticed a bare Christmas tree and Ryan said the real estate agent gave it to him. Kendall said she had thought this was going to be a "Blue Christmas" but now........... Ryan pretended to be Santa and sat down on some steps, pulling Kendall onto his lap. He asked what she wanted for Christmas and she listed some little kid toys, like a hula hoop. Then she just leaned against his shoulder quietly. Later they returned from gathering pine cones outside. Ryan wondered what her obsession was with pine cones and she said it was where they first met. Ryan worked on starting a fire while Kendall decorated the tree with pine cones. When the fire was lit and the tree decorated they laid on the floor in front of the tree. Ryan said it was beginning to look alot like Christmas and Kendall smiled as she replied "It sure is Santa!." Kendall fell asleep with her head resting in Ryan's lap. He gently stroked her hair and face. But Kendall abruptly woke up from a nightmare. She dreamed that Michael Cambias returned and said to her "Guilty! Merry Christmas." Ryan held her and comforted her.

At Tempo, Juan Pablo told Edmund to put his face on the cover of the magazine and his story as the headliner. Aidan and Edmund both told him that was suicide and that risking his life wouldn't bring back Carlos. JP said he could bring dishonor to the mob family but the two men tried to talk him out of it. Greenlee showed up and Edmund and Aidan left her alone with JP for awhile. She asked him to just let the feud go but he said he couldn't look the other way. Greenlee got angry and said she deserved to love more than just the memory of someone. JP said that as long as they were out there, no one was safe. Greenlee said "Fine! Ride your white horse but if you don't come back I'll never forgive you!" Juan Pablo held her and whispered "I love you." Edmund and Aidan came back and JP told Greenlee he'd be in touch and promised that she wouldn't lose him. Greenlee sadly walked out of the office.

Erica stopped in at Jack and Reggie's loft. She wanted to make sure Reggie was ready for court the next day. He was and then told her he'd like a wedding invitation in his stocking for Christmas. Erica said she and Jack are working on things. Reggie went to bed and Erica found one of Jack's jackets. She put it on and sat down in the dark."

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