03/28/2003 Joni & Laurie Make Up

"Liza informs an astonished Tad that she's divorcing Adam yet again. Meanwhile, Adam is saddened to overhear Colby asking a costumed performer at a birthday party if he can fix her broken family. Chris instructs his private investigator to hand over all the materials he gathered while tailing Erica. Jackson is flabbergasted when Erica entreats him to help her save her floundering engagement. At Fusion, Greenlee and Kendall trade horror stories about their crappy childhoods. Laurie promises to keep Adam informed if she hears from JR. Later, Joni tries to mend fences with her best friend by begging Laurie's forgiveness. Mary again urges an irked Greenlee to give up her silly little cosmetics company and to forget about her ridiculous crush on such an unsuitable man as Carlos. Laurie tells a disappointed Jamie they can't be anything more than friends because she still loves JR. Reggie watches in alarm as Luis accosts Joni and Maddie in the park. Kendall eyes Greenlee with new respect after witnessing her latest encounter with Mary."

- Soap Central